– What’s up guys and welcome back. Today I am super excited to present to you the Lotus Puzzle. This puzzle is a level 10. This puzzle was originally
created in 1979 by Wil Strijbos and it has now been
readapted and re-engineered into this beautiful metal structure. There are a lot of steps in
order to open this puzzle and the secrets go deeper and deeper as you open every piece within. The box, when purchasing
this, does forewarn you that unless you can
explain why this puzzle is called the Lotus Puzzle, then you have not successfully solved it. Looking forward to it,
obviously very daunting as well. As with every level 10 puzzle, I’m not sure if I’m gonna get it. Hopefully, for you guys we’ll
be able to solve that today. So guys, before we get into the video please like this video,
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and we will begin solving the Lotus Puzzle, let’s go. Alright, let’s get the timer out. Not gonna forget today,
ladies and gentlemen. Before I begin, this
little box here reads, “To do this you remove
an aluminum circular disk “with a rod running through the center. “Until you understand
the reason for the name, “it can be said that you
have not solved the puzzle. “There are many, many
steps in this puzzle, “many small parts. “No banging, no tapping,
no external tools, “no force in any way,
just enjoy the puzzle “and find the secrets
of the Lotus Flower.” Sounds simple enough. So before we go, before we begin here. This is a really well crafted puzzle. This is like heavy, super heavy. I love these type of things. You notice here there’s
like a dovetail opening on either side. You also have this little pinhole with like a little thing here and then you have this nail
and the cylinder holding it. Now, at first this kind of reminds me of that old, sort of impossible object with the nail in the block of
wood impossibly put in there. First, so the first thing’s first is to get this out, this here. You can see the pin actually through here, through that hole. Trying to see if there’s any like markings on the pin or anything, anything strange. Nothing that I can see and obviously it doesn’t
fit through this hole here. So, let’s try just rotating
and turning that slowly. Maybe if I rub the nail
along this part here while I just rotate this. (contemporary jazzy music) There does seem to be some
hidden features in here. (small metal pieces clink) And you can tell, it’s kind of, there’s a lot of clinking
sounds and clunking sounds. A lot goin’ on in this little puzzle. You can actually, I don’t know
if you can see that on camera but if I tilt it down there’s a coin, you can’t see it here actually
but there’s a coin in here. You can briefly see that little coin. I’m guessing that’s part of
what’s making this sound. There seems to be more than
just that making the sound ’cause if I hold these two things tight (small metal pieces clink) seems to be more than one
thing jiggling around in there. So my guess is this piece unhinges, probably somehow held by this. I don’t know what this is for yet but this is probably holding this somehow. Right here I’m feeling like
a small bit of resistance. Like if I go like this, watch,
look, the nail gets stuck. So there’s some joint,
there’s something here, some notch or joint or
something holding this. I don’t always feel it. All this feels like it’s
magnetic right there. (small metal click) D’ya hear that? That little click, ya hear that? There, what if I line up
the circular thing with it. (metal clinks around) Yeah, there’s like honestly there’s no way this nail is coming out of that side. So unless there’s maybe
a notch in the cylinder that I gotta put the nail through. It’s turning but it’s not doing anything. If I unscrew it. See again, look. (tiny metal clicks) Do you hear that? There’s like a clicking
mechanism right here. The Lotus (laughs) this is the furthest thing from
a lotus flower, by the way. If you were to put two objects together that are like the most opposite would be a lotus flower and this puzzle. There’s no seams on here, like
if this part could come off that would be great. And I can’t use any tools. Like I see this little button here but I can’t use any
tools or push that down so that’s probably not. Something here and there’s this clicking. I always gotta look
closer with these things. Little details matter. Maybe the top of this nail unscrews. Maybe that’s it. That would be actually pretty smart if this top part unscrewed. (grunts) Nope, so I hear this like clicking. (tiny metal clicks) Ya hear it? And it’s around, it’s
around this part here. When I push up against the ring right here there’s a resistance. (metal clinks around) Oh, oh, oh hello. Hello little screw. So there’s two pieces. Oh, clever, clever but I figured you out. This was that clicking
noise I heard on the inside. Was this piece here, magnetized. Now that we’ve done that, this
bottom part has to come off. And the first instinct
I have is something, do you guys remember the
chess piece Hanayama puzzles? Well, on the pawn this piece here would have to screw back in and I’m thinking that fits perfectly. Why not try and screw that in here? Okay, doesn’t seem to do anything. This little pin here. (metal clinks when shakes the puzzle) Alright, like this is
the only logical thing that I see here. (metal clinks when moves puzzle) Trying a gravity thing like
an orientation thing here. Oh, oh, oh, oh! You sneaky son of a gun. You guys remember the lock puzzle and it had this little pin
that you would unscrew? Check this out, bam, bam,
we’ve got a little pin in here. Why is that pin there? I have no idea. Maybe this goes in here and maybe I then, maybe I then push it down with this piece. That’s gotta be it, it’s
gonna pry it open here. (metal clinks around) I guess not. I thought I had it for sure. (laughs) This is really interesting so far. I thought that for sure was it. I mean, I still that’s it. I still think that this has to be in there I just don’t, I’m not
aware of why that would be. If I go here it should push it down. I’m not feeling any resistance whatsoever. I’m guessing that pushes down a button which then unlocks this bottom piece but I guess I guessed wrong. What if there’s not enough
pushing that bottom piece. What if I need an extra piece
pushing at the bottom piece? What if like this goes in
there first and then this. That doesn’t seem to work. (exhales quizzically) (metal clinks around) Oh no, oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no. Why did I do that? Uh oh, okay few, woo. (laughs nervously) Alright, so I still firmly believe that this has to be pushed down using this or maybe using this. Oh there is like a button. Look at this, check this out. When I, this is interesting. When I push this in, look at that. So what if I use this and this, woops. So this first, I’m gonna put this back, and now what if I just push it through? No, that won’t work. Screw this in, now it gives
me a little bit extra, no it doesn’t. It doesn’t, absolutely not. Doesn’t give me anything extra. So, as I said, this piece bounces. Look at this, beep,
beep, it’s like a button. Let’s try using this and pushing this in. Come on now, and then
screwing this, there we go. (metal clinks around) still nothing. Huh, there is a button down there though. It’s got like a button thing, so. (exhales frustrated) (exhales quizzically) I still firmly believe that
this and this should happen. ‘Cause there is a button
mechanism in there and that has to be done. Now how to unlock this part? I thought pushing down on this
or screwing that in tightly would somehow unlock this, but
I do, do you guys hear this? (metal clinks around) What does that remind you of? Does that remind you of anything? This actually reminds
me of the spin puzzle. So here, I’ll give you an example. This is a puzzle box that had these nails and in order to open it
you had to use a spin move because right now it would be locked. (metal clinks on wood) It would come undone
because all of the nails. So this is my next guess
is either a spin move. So I’m hoping it’s not spin
like this but more like this. Let’s try it out. (metal clinks around) Doesn’t seem to work. It does seem like it’s
locked with pins like this. ‘Cause when I shake it
like this nothing happens, like this would make sense because it’s holding these
two top portions together. (metal clinks around) (makes frustrated growl) (metal clinks around) So spin move’s not working. It’s gotta be something else. (metal clinks around) Oh, hello, little move I just did, it’s come apart a little bit. Okay, so it’s like loose on both sides. Okay, those, look see. That little piece here,
seems to be that pin that was affected by the
gravity move, the spin move. And you have one on either side, now what? Oh no, it locked back in. (metal clinks around) No! What did I do last time? I just went like this. (makes frustrated exhale) Maybe move this, be a lot
easier to do on a flat surface. Oh, there we go. Woo, okay got it. Put this thing back on the mat. Try not to, try not to
mess it up at this point. Maybe (metal clicks) oh hello. Watch as I unscrew this,
watch what happens. I’m pushing on this right now, look. (metal clicks) No, I’ve locked it! I’m not sure why it worked before and now it’s like giving
me a hard time, like. (makes frustrated growl) Oh, there we go. So now what I’ve done is when I undo this and I apply pressure
here, watch what it does. (loud snap) Oh wow, that’s a lot
further than last time. (exhales excitedly) Lookey what I found. Oh, la, la, la, la, la, la. I’ve got the magical coin. Is that, by any chance a lotus flower? Is that how you find
out it’s a lotus flower? I can’t read Chinese. Maybe somebody can tell
me that says lotus. Is that it? I guess that’s it. Woo, okay, yeah, yeah! That’s the, that’s the
Lotus Flower puzzle. But it says unless you
figure out why it’s called the Lotus Flower puzzle you can’t, you’ve not truly solved it. Oh, look at this. Oh, it fits on there. Why is that? I don’t know. Why is this the Lotus Flower puzzle? Oh, I could even put that, oh I could even put that there, no. I could put the coin there. Stop this for a sec. I’ve had, I’ve not had this
much fun solving a puzzle since the lock puzzle with all
the little intricate pieces that would come apart and I like, I love that they incorporated
bunch of different things into one puzzle, making
it super difficult, which I really, really love. Only a half an hour to solve
it, which is pretty good. But it’s a half an hour
devoted directly to one thing, and that’s a lot of time
spent on a single thing when you think about it. I gotta say, I’m still a
little bit disappointed because I don’t, unless
that, to me I’m no expert but that does not look
like a lotus flower. So I’m not, I’m not entirely
satisfied with this puzzle until I find this lotus. I don’t know, I don’t know what this
has to do with anything. (contemporary jazzy music) I just had a really crazy idea. Okay, probably not even that crazy. So, here’s my theory. This is exciting, woo. Okay, the coin was here, this
is obviously not a lotus coin, well I mean not obviously,
but to me it isn’t. The coin was actually like this, it wasn’t buried under here. It would actually, it would
actually be like that. Do you remember in the
beginning I could shift, after I did that spin move I could shift this either side, right? But it only went to one side and the reason I think
it only went to one side is because this was stopping it. If I’m right, there may be
another opening to this puzzle. (contemporary jazzy music) (metal clicks) No, okay hold on. It’s supposed to open on the other side. (metal clinks around) There, okay, this side now. No wait, this side, see? Let’s apply a little pressure here. (metal clicks) (laughs excitedly) Ladies and gentlemen, the lotus flower. That is amazing. This is so amazing, god! I totally feel like Nick Cage in like National Treasure right now. This is unbelievable, and
I love how they give you like this crappy little
coin, this stupid little coin and they’re like here you go, you won, with a little flower on it. It’s very deceiving. God, I’m so happy I didn’t stop there ’cause this, look at that. That’s the real treasure, not this decoy. (laughs excitedly) I can’t explain to you how thrilled I am right now with myself. I’m super proud of you, Chris. This is (laughs excitedly) god that’s cool, this is
top three coolest puzzles I’ve ever done. Top three, easily maybe even top two. (makes relieved exhale) Okay, let’s put it back together. Binks, that goes there, binks,
that goes back in there. This piece comes in here. The Lotus Flower puzzle. And solved. I am feeling super elated right now. There’s no better feeling than figuring out a puzzle like this. Now, lots of puzzles, they
definitely give you that rush of when you figure out a certain
part or piece or something. This is amazing, and it’s an actual rush. This one, however, gave me the feeling, the same feeling that
the lock puzzle gave me, the Danlock B. The reason I think I
love this puzzle so much is because it incorporates
my love for puzzles. It has different, a bunch
of different things in it. It has that unscrew pin
thing from like the Dan B. It also has the spinning
centrifugal force. It also has some magnets in it. It has the dovetail. It has a hidden coin. It has another hidden coin and
it also has that nail puzzle which I showed you in that block of wood all incorporated into one puzzle. So for me, one of the best and one of the most perfect puzzles I’ve ever laid my hands on. So, super stocked. If you guys enjoyed this video by the way hit the like button. I do appreciate it. Subscribe for new here. I’ll try to leave the link below where you can find this
puzzle for yourself and thanks for watching. We’ll see ya on the
next video, peace, bye. (contemporary jazzy music)