I see red circles welcome to mikegolden
Games and welcome back to another GTA online episode in this one we’re gonna
be doing some of the cargo missions for the CEO enterprises how you guys doing
today we got Benedict Falcon and quantum for life wait we’re not playing wha
risks a Los Santos edition I sent this board up for nothing
yeah you set it up for nothing god damn it
unfortunate well my Oreo tastes stale so let’s get on with it
all right so we’re basically just gonna be picking up some cargo after I
purchase it on the interwebs and that’s about it we’re gonna go pick it up and
deliver to the lockup we just put my revolver away they’re more disappointing
in life than budding into a stale mm-hmm all right so you guys you know make
yourselves feel at home you know get all comfortable and whatnot have a few
drinks got some whiskey get some gin also I’ve seen a nice red wine over
there yeah all the way outside I’ll go summon the big boy Roger that
and then actually boy should be outside already special cargo warehouse map and
we’ve already got two crates in there we will do three crates cuz now we actually
pick up three yes because the slackers finally here animal materials nice we
could just get a helicopter if you want you’re looking good
I mean we could but at the same time we don’t know wha drive it back so I’ll get
the helicopter and then you can take the beast in me and mr. Quinn can take
wyneth paltrow and I could beast oh yeah boy come down the elevator I’m out front
yeah he’s in that copter with me oh well it’s just one last time iq helicopter I
mean you’re risking your life more with him than are with me
yeah I kind of lagged out and GTA crashed yeah and then all I would not
real slowly getting closer to the ground so anyways what we need to do is go pick
up this cargo I hope you guys do enjoy this episode it’s been like record time
since we’ve done GTA online make sure you hit that like button if you enjoyed
the episode and you know maybe kids are subscribing if you haven’t already a
third party got the pickup before us and seized the shipment their mobile
destination unknown you’ll need to move fast to get it back so is that other
players or is that a IAI okay I’m like hold on a second like no one else I
didn’t think anyone else was in this session but us for some reason I am
there’s some reason we’re the only ones in this server I guess all but I’m not
we’re not worried about that okay you said point yeah dig it out take it out
take it out take it out oh that’s not good Oh take it out you gonna take the
driver I’m not blowing up you do not want to blow it up
tensor maneuver quit nope quit quit do not use that goddamn thing okay got it
what are you getting the turret yeah like in got it yeah Michael quickly
drives oh we’re in Turkish we got zero vehicles I see red circles let’s uh pack us up
suck it in bring the others they got no health right now okay I gotta go I got
it I’m gonna die I’m gonna die if you don’t keep driving I delivery I’m trying
to keep driving okay flip around and I can take them out you blew on my
helicopter this Starbucks that’s all right it sure is all right hey guys oh
my gosh where are you I call you crash yeah you’ve got to be kidding me
quit huh all right hold on boss I’ll get us there at booting right now all right
it’s right there well ladies gentlemen for those who don’t know this is coin on
the regular whatever we need and something happens and he’s got the best Internet out of us
all yeah doesn’t have fiber yeah his fiber-optic oh I’m about to die
let me get some P’s and Q’s what is I like hurt you so much I don’t see any
bullets one shot okay I’ll take care of this one easy okay so you just follow me
in this truck yep the behemoth now that we shot it up or actually you shot it up
actually you both shattered well shot it up whoever did more damage probably cuz
he used the frickin Widowmaker I had to make a widow over all right so you just
clear the way for me thank you very much and this is why I hate the big bucks
very person I’m the other one you faked his court hasn’t done a mission with us
yet it’s true and he still has it oh that’s scream I hope you guys do
enjoyed this episode Susan if you do hit that like button that really does help
me out when you do that by the way what shouldn’t you you ready to play the
car out of my way to think of Auto correcting on to you
that truck is so badass though yeah especially when I’m going up a mountain
Jesus Christ I hit a car clear the intersection is badass
my mom oh you is really bad I just realized I was on the tracks like here
we go the only thing that can stop me I care
no man how was that you paid for this one I’m still on black screen yeah me so
I’ll figure out probably when we leave know how much I got paid for that
nothing yeah exactly we got paid in comedic
relief though so II hey I ranked up yeah I did too I wish I could rank up yeah
we’re not gonna sell the stock right now let’s try to actually get a good amount
first all right so we’re gonna move on go back to the CEO of an atomized seven
people any girl that was like well can’t pass this up also look the gang local
I’ve seen do enrage the local gang you’re not the church seat by the way
and we don’t need this urgency we’re just going back to the sea okay so I will see when we get back
there just for the city to do it jump cut Oh welcome back as we finally made
it back to the you shut up I’m trying to watch my shows over here I’m trying to
continue the video okay alternative TV just had three glasses of
wine just hold on I need another this is really good stuff
it’s like eight hundred dollars a bottle okay I can’t even walk right now I’m
stuck up there we go oh all right let me just pour this last and then I’ll buy
them info and then we’ll go and get the car go aha that is some good stuff
okay let’s oh you guys having a good time you get miss vaping in here oh yeah
oh yeah what do you guys think I’ve done to the office is pretty nice right yeah there’s a bed so like whenever I’m
hungover I can just sleep in it yeah I need more money for that it’s like 2
million to upgrade that like no joke yeah all right let’s get inside the
warehouse here and let’s go there and purchase ooh three crates of jewelry
nice definitely gonna be saving some of that for ourselves but I stopped at
jewel I thought you said three crap Bible Gimli heard three plates of jewel
I’m like hold on a second Oh a second we’re stealing vase are you guys ready
let’s rule that actually I’ll just get the helicopter for us come on the show
is just good I don’t sit around and watch TV this is just the two of us buy the
product no I’m gonna Misha story justice are under saw the hell covered
you want to take your car are you want me to pick you know I woke up are you up
top okay I’m coming back okay little tipsy so stay back from the hell
up very careful or use the up an atomizer on pit now we’re good don’t
worry this why don’t we run by becoming look what I had a question I hope flare
gunner so let’s use a rock a this and I fired flare gun off does it attract a
rocket don’t worry you have professional pilot
but you’re drunk I’m a professional pilot he’s a professional all right we’re doing good we’re doing
just in case you don’t trust them there is a neat seat equipped for you Ark one ejector seat or eat seat okay so how are
we gonna do this I’m gonna stay there’s multiple targets there’s multiple
targets God we’re gonna have to take him out
I’m going for this one okay I dragged the other 100 dead guys brought for the
other one oh I thought you were dead no that’s a great landing I I know I know
how to time the parachute okay I think the wine is wearing off yeah you guys go
for the other ones over after this one I can’t fly when I’m not drinking I guess
that car just hit me okay if I had a parachute the best part is right before
you said that oh say what be funny no no no damn it stop stop I found it I found
it he’s right over here I’m hit oh you found the right I found
it yeah I hadn’t even caught up to mine yet and all of a sudden I’m getting in a
Mercedes I’m stealing it all right well I’m on my way
I stole uh I stole a Honda Fit under Dandrea from my freaking uh pilot and
that my goodness you’re a pilot you have poor taste in cars you’re a pilot you
can afford like a Ferrari yeah I still Honda right this is it right here
all right I’m gonna go I’m gonna come steal a helicopter from over here to
catch up to you guys all right I’ll go in front of him and
try and stop him okay I’ll hit him from behind no he just
ran me out of the way that’s not good who ran the other way a day I the driver
yeah okay he’s ramming me he’s ramming me here
hold on Todd got him he’s down all right you have a second director I know he’s
by himself all right you get in there with you right we don’t seem far global
signal boys here we go good things with ourselves
yep yeah it is like not how I don’t know if it’s a total power we got that
fortunate earth well TTS best server system in the DNA so uh yeah I mean
eventually other players will probably join but at the moment we got to make it
with I’ll buddy not leveled up my spread stand about at all yet I’m a good spread
guys we just got to get this thing delivered and we’ll be good
well these days those need to like duct tape my controller in position with the
a button held down yeah sprint my cell phone I mean they have attack helicopter
not attack helicopter but I’m about to steal and well I mean I identify as one
is that does that work no please don’t why are where the helicopter so I’m like
at their spawn and they’re not not here there’s got to be there’s always one
we’re dry rock nice well that was useful I I jumped for the
wrong wander though I still jail for one all right what’s my problem gonna punch
you okay so we’re gonna need to do a few more of these so I’ll see you guys once
we have like a full lock up yeah okay guys welcome back holy crap so we just
got a random event for the business the cops yeah we were able to get this car
from the back of a semi we had to blow up the doors and it’s just like duck
birth it just shot out of the rear of the truck yeah I watched a semi give
birth I scarred for life now yeah it was pretty insane in man this car is freakin
sick oh my god yeah you’re down this road you
are see now you’re significantly faster to mean I’ve got a lot of candy this car
is quick but enemies keep coming after it so we gonna try to get this thing
back to the clock I’m coming man the minister is not very fast it only
goes 81 when it’s full throttle but off-road it also goes 81 that is
very nice it does not have any slowdown offroad I’m on my way far right now I got a car
behind me I’m gonna shout out in front of me Oh turbo will turn around this
full throttle spent too much time with this man damn we’re going just about a hundred Matt no
120 miles an hour I was reading there people who drive a car with a Honda
would yeah just watch the video of like the stupidest things I’ve seen on the
internet and there’s people putting wd-40 inside their car for a motor oil
yeah other than that video doesn’t exist but no there it was like a Nissan 350 or
whatever yeah 350 z3 badoosy yeah he was just gunning it and it was just spitting
flames but his entire exhaust turned red hot hey all right
– what I shoot are we delivered that was actually for the motorcycle club I think
what I don’t know well the cops are still on me so I’m just kind of driving
with you Lance okay well we delivered it doesn’t look
like we got any money from it though I got some babies cuz you disconnected I
don’t know I might have got money from it
cuz I’m up yeah now twenty two thousand five hundred twenty four thousand so I
did make some money alright so now we need to get back in why one more cargo
and then we’ll have a maximum of 16 cargo and we’ll be able to try to
deliver it that’ll be interesting so I’ll see you guys once we have that less
cargo acquired alright boys so we’re on the way back to the CEO headquarters and
it’s right down there and we were just notified that somebody’s attacking our
warehouse and the colony showed up we need to just jump out and go all
positive I didn’t realize I had 8,000 all day all right hurry up and they’ve
got stored in the bank we gotta get this story like Windows 10 did the thing will
work tab me out again that’s not good and my game slowly back in I want to be
jumping out in a second well okay I’m good all right jump out
let’s go man she’ll just fly fly to live to her time
yeah Raksha comes right down I’m a rock drop
shot trooper I’m coming in hot deployed come on then
okay are there bad guys down there oh shoot there are enemies everywhere all
right I hon I got once I land I’ll call the big guy
our alarm is going up I’m hit im hit Wow I’m gonna die I’m calling the big
guns where are they where are they I can’t see them movin can you guys either
oh what’s up I just got dented from a guy on the roof
come on I’m coming specific wait wait berrak shots miked around I can’t what
the bat I got the Batmobile oh yes rule that thing up shut up radio 80p go go go
go get it up get it out if they were they hold up hold up mom
Hardesty itís look I just what I’m sure yeah you Maya I got him I got him
you did you picked the wrong house pools got him
all right we defended the warehouse beautiful now what you do it we still
need to go and pick up one more crate that’s what they get for messing with
the minister yeah all right so now we got to go and
pick up this final crate and then we’ll pick up the episode hopefully Oh after
we pick it up where there’s a blood all over your bulletproof windshield good
alright guys so we finally have a full warehouse it’s 16 crates full or is it
18 I think it’s 16 and so we’re gonna go and try and deliver this whole load at
once and hopefully not gotta get to hopefully not get blown up out of the
sky exactly look at all the birds we got we’re gonna be selling so much merch
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thank you alright so we’re gonna do tests tests
import the exports two hundred and forty thousand dollars we’ll try it may
require two delivery vehicles yep we’re good with that yeah let’s go boys let’s
get it mean the boys bucket further communal
get the goods to the drop it’s not here alright so we gotta wait for him to get
his truck first I thought it was fought on me like it normally does
there’s some pretty badass trucks though easy
oh yeah all right it’s on its way how much am I paying you add a stupid
mechanic yeah 201 actually Wade Quinn are you go into a different drop-off
I’ve gone to the lunch straight ahead save us meat all right Bart boys you
roll out take the point all right where’s it at this way to the left here
yeah yep I’ll report I’m gonna mark make my white boy here on it all right all
right let’s go I see the interior looks like looks
decent I like it I like it Maya is on the road so you know these
guys operate before I said just shaking them okay I got guys on me yeah yep again I hope you guys are enjoying this
episode so far if I know joy I hit that like button you know let me know what
you guys think of the episode in the comments below
you know if you did over here you son of a gun let me know why you didn’t like it
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videos to go what are you doing alright back there yeah I think it’s referring
to the guy fighting for your lives we’ll keep moving up and trying to shoot me
with pistols inside of an armored tank you guys are a smart wait up for him I’m
right here I’m on coin he’s good I took the lines got another guy out I’m
keep moving quick oh my goodness go straight go straight across the grass I
like all my Raider I see one guy who uh but after I blow up the car so he’s just
on foot Oh Mike my windshields gone okay these guys kind of act like that
protection squad AE I now we’re good I’m in an armored tank with mich many guns
yeah yeah I don’t want to shoot that or we’ll lose a lot of money
and ain’t coming out of my face yes oh yeah I’m on my soui you’re gonna be
coming out of your face it going how far do we have to go we all need to
go half a mile that’s actually not too bad
Oh tell your son’s gonna take a left up here son oh there’s ice they died that
I’m too now this one’s yeah we’re good we’re going to the gas station up here
got him delivery will be able to do it no problem oh my gosh I see a wake of
carnage of cars you – Rams first way through
oh hi you got more babies I’m on my way a truck is delivered don’t hit me
alright two hundred and forty thousand dollars oh my gosh thousand that’s for
shooting me or attempting to say that’s saying you’re gonna blow me up how much did you get paid for that 10k
10k alright not bad alright sweet and you actually finally
delivered it load all right guys I’m gonna leave this episode here I hope you
guys into it let me know what you thought in the comments below maybe kids
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take it easy