Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today I will take on another speed challenge. First I will try to draw an elephant in 10
minutes, then in 1 minute, and finally in 10 seconds [laughter]. Let’s see how we do. Let’s program the timer to 10 minutes. Very good! Ready? Start! First I´ll block in the overall shape, to make sure I have the correct proportions,
so I´ll mark the top, and here the bottom. The bottom of the feet. Let’s draw two slanted lines for the sides …one here, that will mark the width of the
head, and go down to the side of the feet,
and the other one for the other side over here. Now, our elephant in theory,
should fit inside of this envelope. And the head should arrive about here. Alright! I am speeding up the video
a little bit, to make this 10 minutes shorter. Now that we have it all blocked in,
we can draw for real. The eyes, will be on this part over here
and from here will be the upper part and the beginning of the trunk. Which comes down and falls or curls
at the end. The ears will go a little bit beyond
the envelope that I did already. And I erased the eyes because they were,
way high, they should have been here a bit lower. And the trunk, coming down
like so. Now the tusks which turn a bit, I´ll correct that to make it smoother, and now for the 4 minutes that we have left, I´ll try to do some shading, some shading and some texture some elephant wrinkly texture [laughter]. We do this mainly by scribbling. Almost two minutes left…
oh my God! I need to hurry. I´ll darken a bit and try to define the ears
and other parts better, and let’s go in real time for the last 10 seconds. What should I do I haven’t even
look at it as a whole… the eyes should definitely be bigger
and the feet need some fixing and more shading. Oh no! Its over! the time is over, I wanted to shade
all this area but that’s fine, and the other foot that
is stepping up… looks terrible but that’s life. Let’s set the timer for 1 minute now like this… its ready! Now my strategy for 1 minute
will be to do a very fast envelope and then try to fit in there the main
shapes at least, of course I will not be doing detail or shading. Ready, set, go! The top and the bottom,
then the sides, ok we have the envelope. Let’s see the head will be here,
and so the ear and the other ear… oh one is huge! but that’s fine, the eyes and now let’s come down to the part that holds the trunk… which starts here
and comes all the day down. 35 seconds… his right leg and the left, his left foot stepping up,
and let’s define this a little bit better. Alright! the top of the head, I´ll redraw the shape of the ears. We have 15 seconds [laughter] oh dear, let’s define the forehead and I haven’t drawn the tusks let´s do that in these seconds left, one here, and the other one over here. Let´s draw the other foot quickly, oh no! it´s time, it´s over! and this was worse than what I imagined. Let´s place the timer on this side
to make space for the last drawing, let’s set it to cero minutes and 10 seconds oh my God! like that… I think I need a support team
to draw an elephant on 10 seconds. Now with this team of lefties
we can give it a shot, ready, set, go! the head, both ears at once
down here, the eyes… trunk, the legs, quickly quickly and the tusks. It´s over. [Laughter] maybe it wasn’t the greatest
elephant, but I think it was lots of fun! If you enjoyed it please,
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other challenges and I will see you on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo