hi yes I’m talking to you are you an idiot and have you ever purchased products or services outside the country if it means yes then you are the least number of trust where ecommerce consumer [Music] oh yes Indonesia has the lowest number of transactions for Prosperity commerce let’s find out ok now let’s see how the journey of Indonesian doing cross-border e-commerce Vida is in love with ethical brands she keeps searching processing breezers Islam unfortunately the brain isn’t sold yet in Indonesia therefore she needs to shop through the brands online platform which brick-and-mortar store is built in the u.s. after putting a blazer and cross it to the payment the blazing will have another long journey from the brands warehouse it chips through Indonesian sport and then gets customer clearance then drop at the warehouse in the destination country between Indonesia through in the last mile delivery the Blazer will be delivered to Modesto the Blazer journey that costs one hundred and seventy five dollar from the US will have different story the media is not recited in Indonesia for instance the media is leaving in Singapore the customer time many fleas are time than in Indonesia furthermore she only needs to pay 187.50 five US dollars because the Texas only 7% Phe in fact in living in Indonesia takes a longer time for customer clearance and the price climb up to 250 point 67 US dollar widest it happens because Indonesia has import duty dat and other additional tax as you can see the customer going through several activities to purchase the product but there were several main activities here where the challenges emerged for the cross-border e-commerce consumer its own firstly the brand website itself so when Indonesians searching for the International online store there are several issues emerge pre-sleep their language very little language barrier is one of the hurdles for Indonesia to understand the brand’s policy terms and also the payments out Indonesia in 39 out of 80 countries bet on EF report and the highest English level is achieved by Jakara it means like the other part of Indonesia has the lowest English Proficient those people outside Jakarta may have hardest time to understand the website itself secondly the trust so since the location is far away from Indonesia and hardly suggested by whether the store itself exists or not then the consumer may have a trust issue especially if the brand is not well known after talking about the website let’s talk about the pay minute well if your credit card penetration is only reached two percent while Redakai is one of the main purchasing method to make a payment especially for online sort second one is the exchange rate the exchange rate fluctuation we make on the Indonesian to purchase the product the higher exchange rate the more Indonesian soft pay for the products the more relaxed an Indonesian to purchase the product right away suddenly let’s talk about the custom clearance itself the days of the custom appearance in Indonesia including in Asia is one to four days to have a custom clearance feels like it affects on how long the product will be received made consumerism let us can work is expensive tax as aforementioned Indonesia has the highest text and compared to other as in six countries if Singapore only had to pay 7% of dat Indonesia has to pay for example like in Portuguese me 80 and additional tax and it may have different case according to the product that they stretch a system okay now let’s talk the last issue the shipping delivery including last mile delivery system in what I want to emphasize here is actually the unified structure Indonesia is the largest archipelago which will have more challenges than other countries in the world in terms of last mail delivery system itself however the Cardinal government is actually has been establishing supportive infrastructure to help the different mission given to the rural area alone so after understanding all of the challenges in Indonesia especially for the customer to cross-border e-commerce then watch an international brand juice to conquer Indonesian market let’s talk about this mirror next time so keep in touch and see you in the next video [Music]