Hello, welcome to the eBay Roadshow. I’m
your host Prime. Today we’ll be taking a look at Stan Lee
autographs on eBay. I’m gonna help you out if you’re buying or selling. What you
should be looking for, and also we’ll kind of talk about some of the prices,
and how to maybe spot some fake that are out there as well too. Based on what I’ve seen so far as far as
like the pricing goes for the most part I’ve seen if you have a comic it’s
usually increasing by about a hundred and fifty. If it’s signed by Stan Lee.
There are exceptions to that if you have a rare comic it’s gonna go for more, or
if you have a common comic it’s not as much. But those first appearances, number
one issues those kinds of things are going to sell for more if they have a
Stan Lee autograph on it. And specially if it’s one of the characters that he
created. People were getting all kinds of stuff signed by Stan Lee. Stuff that, characters
he didn’t design, or had nothing to do with. Just because it was Marvel. I don’t
get that but people did it. They showed up in lines at conventions to do it. So
for buying a comic signed by Stan Lee you may want to stick to
one the ones that he created. Oh this is kind of cool. eBay has a little “honoring
Stan Lee” celebrate work from the legend. I haven’t seen this before so this is
new to me. let’s take a look okay, it’s not as cool as I thought. They’re just
showing some of the stuff that we were gonna look at anyways. Now this is one of
the things that you want to kind of stay away from. Things like this I’ve seen a
lot of fake Stan Lee sign cards like this. If you look at Stan Lee’s autograph
this one just just isn’t it. If you compare it to some of the certified
ones. You can just tell it doesn’t look right. But I have seen a lot of
these selling, and you’re gonna notice too you get what you pay for. These are
the ones that are hitting like the $35 range. Now, one thing I always love doing
when I see something like that that’s questionable I go into their eBay store
and I see what else what other kind of autographs they’re selling, and sure enough
he’s got another index card signed by Stan Lee. look at
that man, this that’s not his signature that looks like a pile of garbage, you
know? that that’s not Stan lee’s autograph at all. It’s like really really pointy like
a sword or something that’s ridiculous! in the “E”s at the end they don’t look
right, and even this little part here where it kind of, tapers down. It
just it comes down, comes down too hard it doesn’t stretch out like it’s
supposed to. So this seller he’s got a couple of
Stan Lee autographs I would not touch those with a ten-foot pole. This one
looks a lot better but it’s still not right. So to kind of to kind of show you
what I mean by that let me pull up one that I do think is authentic. well somebody paid a lot of money for
this one, and guys if you don’t know comics.. This one’s the true believer copy.
Okay that means it’s a reprint, any time you see that “Marvel true believers” at
the top like this. That’s a reprint so it’s not really the
first appearance of spider-man but ones like this that had the yellow label on
the CGC that means they were signed in front of someone who works for the CGC
company so they’re saying “yep, I saw this person get this signed”. Playing with a
mouse? get dat mouse. So cgc stuff that side like
this is is great to pick up. It’s authentic, its encapsulated. You really
can’t go wrong with it. But this is a great example of Stan Lee’s
autograph. You can kind of see what I was saying again that the “T” on this one
it’s not perfectly straight there’s just a little bit of a hiccup at the front
the the “T” comes up it’s not at that sharp, kind of pointy angle that went off
I’m the last one like this the “E”s look great, and this this line at the bottom
it’s nice it’s parallel that’s a good-looking Stan Lee autograph. That’s
what you want to be looking for. This is another fake and a terrible one at that
it’s it’s so awful! So somebody said they sold a Stan Lee signed
Infinity Gauntlet. And I have seen a lot of Stan Lee signed Infinity Gauntlets. In
fact I was this close to buying on once I should have done, it kicking myself now.
But guys! This is this is not Stanley’s autograph this looks so terrible, and yes
I understand that he was signing well into his 90s. But his autograph never
looked like this! Somebody got hosed here for a hundred
and seventy two bucks! That sucks dude. These shields are really cool, we see a
lot of these signed by Stan Lee and I think that’s a really great item to have,
and Stan it’s signed right there in the front which is perfect. like it just
looks so good if you look at a lot of the like the posters that he’s signed…
and I when I met him and he signed my poster, he really took his time and there
was a giant line and he didn’t have to. He could have just breezed through all
of us but he took his time he made sure that he picked out exactly the right
color sharpie for the image that I had, and then he carefully looked it over and
he decided the best place for his signature. In my opinion it’s never the
perfect place for autographs you’re not going to see him
sign a spider-man poster like right here where it looks like he’s holding
the autographs but it’s always a well-placed area so be on the lookout
for a well-placed signed Stan Lee… doesn’t make sense..so be
so be on the lookout for a well-placed stanley autograph again it’s almost
never in the perfect spot except for on these shields! that’s when it’s perfect!
That looks so good on there now this one’s got a lot of good things going for
it. In addition to the JSA, PSA, BAS (beckett) there’s also ones like this that had the
stanley signature “excelsior approved”. I believe those to be authentic. If I was,
I’m not a hundred percent sure but I think these were the items that were
sold out of the now cancelled Stan Lee store. So if you see those, I feel
confident when I see those. Here’s another great example we got our “T”
here which isn’t perfect, and when the “T” comes up it’s got a nice angle to it.
It’s not off to the side it’s not too tall and easily get on this one and
again we’ve got this parallel line between the “T” and the the tail of the
“E”. What other kind of cool jet is out there signed by Stan Lee. lots of photos, iron
man masks, Funko pops that’s kind of cool. uh here’s here’s here’s another fake
Stan Lee autograph index card. Sold for 61 dollars. here’s the thing people when
Stanley was signing at conventions when he signed at my convention it was 60
bucks and at that time that was a lot of money for convention autographs. I think
I think he was at a hundred bucks when he stopped signing but you’re not gonna
find an authentic Stan Lee autograph for 61 bucks.
You’re just not. Yeah that’s part of the common sense of it. If the deal is that
good probably not real. Like my girlfriend in Canada.
so here’s another fake Stan Lee autograph, and it’s tough especially if you don’t
do autographs and I’ve been doing it for 12 years I see him every day it’s it’s
what I love looking at this one has a lot of the things I was talking about.
the “T” isn’t perfect to start at, this “T” when it comes up is a nice angle and
he’s got the “E” that are perfect but there’s just something off on this
autograph. if you compare it to the other ones it just doesn’t look the part. It’s
close, it’s very close but it’s not like see I like seeing stuff like this we’ve
got the Wolverine claws they’re signed by Stan Lee it’s got the Excelsior
approved sticker on it the problem is when it comes to these claws and gloves
and all these kinds of things it just just doesn’t look good when you sign on
it. And this is one of those cases you know? I know that that’s a Stan Lee
autograph but it doesn’t look good. there’s so much Stan Lee stuff selling
on eBay I haven’t listed my most recent that when I jump to the next page the
stuff I already looked at is like halfway through the page there’s a
there’s a metric ton of Stan Lee stuff that’s being pushed through the ebay
tubes right now. I’m also seeing a lot of signatures that have photos of Stan Lee
signing and on all these fake ones it’s never of him signing the right item it’s
just some random thing. Here’s the thing, when you go to convention to get
something signed especially by someone like Stan Lee. For the most part at the
conventions you can’t get a photograph of them signing your item in fact if you
get caught trying to take a photo they’ll kick you the fuck out like and
all the autograph places I’ve been like photos are not allowed and there’s
people actively there’s people in the staff after actively watching to make
sure that does happen so be really wary when you’re
seeing you know sign proof that it has him signing it unless it’s that specific
item and even then man even then you still need to do your research here’s a
signed Wolverine Stanley a guitar I’m not a fan of this item and it it’s not
because uh you know I have a problem with the signature in this one or
anything but because there’s no way Wolverine should be on an acoustic
guitar and that should always be a metal guitar like heavy metal shred your face
that’s some Wolverine not this acoustic campfire Wolverine it’s kind of just
what I was talking about so this seller has Stanley signed poster
spider-man number one poster with photo proof it has photo proof so know that
it’s real and the photo proof that we have shows Stanley signing a bunch of
posters you know but it doesn’t show that his his exact signature of the one
that he had taken I mean I’ll be honest this this Stanley autograph looks pretty
good but you can’t call that photo proof man unless unless you can see the
autograph in there he could be signing anything man I don’t know that this is
your poster you’re out five hundred bucks
listen how big is this poster twenty-seven by eighteen I’ve bought in
sixteen by twenty signed by Stanley I bought my own it around 100 to 150 I
seen now for about 250 so something that’s bigger than that’s gonna sell for
more that’s just how it works with the posters but 500 bucks
get out there’s buy-it-now ones that have authentication for two three
hundred bucks I saw some really great ones let me show you actually we’re
gonna find those right so some really great ones for 150 where
they show like the comic art and then like down in this little created white
space it’s a custom photo like they made it just for him to sign there’s this
white space where he’s signed and he looks an awesome Stanly 16 by 20 this this is exactly
what I’m talking about so there’s a lot of these that that are out there and
they look great I mean what didn’t what an incredible photo there you’ve got the
amazing fantasy 15 magazine cover on the back that’s the first appearance of
spider-man it’s got the certification they’re the Stan Lee excelsior his
signature looks great as its name it’s got a great photo of Stan the man this
is what you should be Mayan this is a hundred bucks and that other one was 500
so be on the lookout for things like this there are a lot better to pick up I
see a lot of these hold hands that are signed by Stan Lee the signature always
looks like good on them I’m sorry but it does it’s hard to write it on wrinkles
there’s a there’s tons of these I have a similar one mine is signed by Lou
Ferrigno who was an asshole by the way I met him at the convention and that guy’s
just a dick like he was just rude to me my very first convention first celebrity
ever talked to and he ruined the whole thing
but there was a lot of those signed out there there’s a lot of the Stan Lee’s my
advice to you is find one that has both signatures on it Lou Ferrigno is getting
up there in age 2 and even though he’s a dick it still looks really awesome on
there Stan Lee looks awesome now the Stan Lee
can’t sign anymore you’re not gonna be finding those ones with both signatures
Lou and stand on there those are the ones to buy they’re gonna cost you a
little bit more money but did get it done just get it done right the first
time this is a cool photo Stan Lee look at
that dude he’s a badass mother fighter mantas sidekick that’s the coolest photo
I’ve ever seen goddamn it no no oh that this is the worst oh god that’s
so terrible that looks it looks like he’s questioning how bad that signature
looks goddamn and somebody made a fake CoA for it those assholes those guys are
assholes there’s no way that that autograph is anywhere close to authentic
I’m gonna call you out Cobra Care Bear you’re an asshole you sold that for a
hundred and fifty bucks somebody bought that they think they get it out man
thanks for sick there are six thousand one hundred ninety nine sold results for
Stanley signed no that’s a lot yeah here’s another one of those really great
photos this one’s got the cover of Hulk number one on it like that just looks
that just looks great I love that this is almost what I was talking about
earlier except you you need to get them both signed on the same fist not not two
separate fists you wanted on one dual signatures on one item is always way
better than two signatures on two items that’s just–that’s autograph math so
there you have it folks we saw a lot of great stanley science stuff today
hopefully I taught you a thing or two about what to look for if you’re selling
or buying and also how to kind of spot some of those fakes out there and
they’re hard get to know them have a good one
we’ll see you next time take care bye bye okay kitty say goodbye