Hello I’m Joanne Robbins, Managing
Director of Spoton.net. We started the business in 2003 and launched the it’seeze franchise in 2008. We now have over 30 franchisees operating their businesses
throughout the UK and Ireland. In your role as a franchisee, predominantly
you’re out there getting to meet people. So meeting small to medium-sized businesses within your local area and find out a little bit more about them, what they do
and ultimately how you can help them with an it’seeze website, and once
you’ve secured the client you work with them to produce the design brief, which
then goes to our design team who will create their new professionally designed
website. Once their websites gone live you’ve got that ongoing relationship
with the customer where you’ve got the opportunity to offer them additional
services. Spoton.net and it’seeze itself stands for quality really, we strive to
create the best website we can. Every it’seeze website is fully responsive,
affordable and beautifully designed. We create all the websites here at Head
office, we work closely with all our franchisees all over the UK. They
basically brief us here at head office with all the information that we need to
create all of the thousands of websites that we’ve been creating for the last ten years.
It’s something that I am very pleased that I did, so it’seeze has worked
brilliantly for me. I’ve been doing it for the last seven years and I’ve never
regretted doing it. It’s a brilliant business, I enjoy the work that I do
and I love the flexibility that it gives me to live my life. Our franchisees have
a mix of qualities that have made them successful, entrepreneurial, commercially
aware, sales driven. Somebody who’s got the drive and enthusiasm to make things
work. Ideally you need to be a quick learner because there is a reasonable amount to
learn, but ultimately if you’ve got that drive and determination you’ll pick
things up fairly easily. Starting a new business is a big step, but starting a
franchise business is different because you’ve got the support of a whole team
here. So whether it’s finance, business support, marketing, whatever area you feel
you perhaps need more support with there’s somebody at head office who be
able to assist you with that. As well as a full week’s worth of training at spot.net you’ll have a day in the field with an experienced franchisee so you’d be
fully prepared. I’ll be there from your discovery day, through the training
week, right through to the first few months your franchise and the lifetime of
your franchise after that. The investment in the franchise is £14,000 and it
is an investment. It’s everything you need to get your business up and running
successfully in the first year of trading. Initially we’ll set you up with
a business plan that works for you and works for the franchise. You’ll earn
instant income from the sales that you make, but for every website that you sell
to a client, you will also get a residual income and that stays for the longevity
of the contract of the website. The top 20% of our franchisees are running in
excess of £50,000 in a year. The business is hugely important to me
because I’ve seen it grow, from a small number of staff to a large team. If
franchisees aren’t successful we’re not successful so it’s part of the
journey that you will be making with us. I think that if you want to become a
franchisee for anybody the best thing to do is your due diligence, so look into
the company, look at what we produce and then end up going down to one of the
discovery days and then I would then also talk to a few other franchisees to find out
a little bit more about the business. I think the the key thing is they’re a very
professional organisation and they give you all the support that you need to
really make a success of it. So if you like what you’ve seen in this video, do
get in touch with us, whether you pick up the phone or drop us an email, one of the
team will be back in touch with you in order to discuss more about the
franchise opportunity and potentially invite you down for a discovery day.