– Thought I heard you. You ready? Come on. What are you looking for your toys? Good morning. What is up guys, good morning
and welcome to the vlog. – Hi guys! – I just threw on like a
T-shirt and some gym shorts, Priscilla is all done up. Look at you, looking beautiful. – Thank you. – [Asa] Make a, oh you are a cheater! Look at this chicken
breast salad she is making. (chuckles) She’s got
some people coming over. – [Priscilla] Don’t be telling my secrets! – She’s got some people coming over. – [Priscilla] I don’t
normally do this, but yeah, it was very last minute. – It’s like okay gotta get something, so she got that, she got
these handmade croissants for some chicken salad sandwiches. Who is coming to our house right now? Cause I am technically in pajamas. – Well we have– – If you’re wearing gym
shorts, and a T-shirt, and you haven’t taken a
shower, those are pajamas, sis. – So it’s some of my Lime Life ladies, and one of them is bringing
her significant other. – Hmm. – Um, so she’s in town
for the Tennessee game, football game, so they’re all coming over to hang out and meet and chat. – Cool. – And all the things. – It is actually really good. Not as good as Priscilla’s, but ain’t nobody got time for that. We’re actually just shooting
Priscilla’s nine month weight loss update video. – Yup, I’m so excited. – [Asa] It’s exciting. – If you guys have not,
I’m gonna shout myself out. – [Asa] Okay. – I’m trying to get to 100,000, y’all. Can you help me out with that? Go over– – That’s a jump, babe. – [Priscilla] Right? – That’s like, what are you at 65? – Yeah, something like that. – [Asa] Aw, look at your ear. – I know. Yup. – [Asa] You were mauled
by a saber tooth tiger. – Or a cat. – [Asa] She didn’t like attack you though. – No, she didn’t. – [Asa] You were pulling
off your shoulder, right? And she like grabbed hold of your ear. – Yeah, she was like, “No no, grandma! “No!” Um, but yeah, head over, and like it’s not Pots,
Pans, & Priscilla anymore, it’s Scilla’s Stuff & Things, even though Facebook
won’t let me change it. Still. They denied it again. – Again they denied it? That’s dumb. – I said, “Can you please have
someone actually contact me “rather than give me these
generic automated responses?” – I’ll send a message to – [Priscilla] You’re person? – Our person. Our person. At Facebook, see if she can help us. They won’t let her change her name, they’re afraid that she’s
gonna like dupe the… Like the contents already changed, it’s not just cooking stuff anymore, it’s mom life, it’s
weight loss, it’s cooking, it’s house stuff, whatever. Like, we’re not duping
anybody by changing the name and they think they’re
watching something they’re not. (all laughing) She looked at me. Is it good, Ab? Do you approve? – [Priscilla] All right, let me know if y’all need anything else. – [Asa] Priscilla made that from scratch. – [Priscilla] I did not.
– [Asa] She didn’t make this. – She already told us the secret. – What’s the matter chick, are you ancy? – [Priscilla] She is. – [Asa] Huh, you know what, we’re going to Nanny’s house later. That’ll be fun. Not right now, not right now. We really need to teach
her what later means. Later, later. Tired babe? – Huh?
– [Asa] I said are you tired? – I am tired. – [Asa] Well you kinda been
going since first thing, so. Gotta a lot done though. – I need a pin. – You need a pin. Not that kind of vlog so. – Sorry. I’m just gonna sit here with
my shirt like this, my dress. – [Asa] Hey, can we turn
the heat on for a sec? – Yeah I turned the air on because we had more people in here. – [Asa] Oh.
– You had the heat on. – [Asa] I did not have the heat on, it might’ve been on previously, but I didn’t have it. – Yeah, and it’s 80 degrees outside. – [Asa] I’ll just turn the air off. Are you ready? You ready to go? Are you excited? Let’s go to Nanny’s. (exciting synth music) – [Nanny] Hi Abbie! Hi Asa. – [Asa] Hi. – [Nanny] Hi Abbie, you hungry? Dad’s got you, no we spilled some water. – [Asa] Go see what dad’s cooking. – [Nanny] Let’s go, yeah. – [Asa] What’s the matter? What’s wrong? (Abbie crying) – [Grandpa] What’s wrong Abbie? – [Asa] Oo. I’m hungry. – [Grandpa] We put the
corn in in a few minutes. – Summer you ever had frogmore stew? AKA, low country boil? AKA, a whole bunch of stuff in a pot? No swimming, it’s cold. – [Summer] She got a little close, a little too close for comfort. – [Asa] No swimming, chick. – [Nanny] Is the oven off now? – [Asa] Mm. Have you ever had this? It’s so good. – [Summer] I’m hungry, I’m excited. – [Asa] Abbie, you ready girl? Hey, come sit down, Ab. – [Priscilla] Go sit down, we’re gonna get your plate for ya. – [Asa] Have a seat. – [Grandpa] I’ll get mine
and I’ll eat at the bar. – [Asa] Come sit down. These chairs make her nervous. She doesn’t wanna sit. – [Grandpa] They make me nervous too. I’m waiting for it to snap in half. – [Asa] Come sit down. Aw man, it’s pouring rain. – If you were a sailor you’d love this. – [Grandpa] I was smart,
I was in the Air Force. – [Asa] Abbie you just gonna sit in it? – She’s like yeah, mom
keeps peeling shrimp for me. – [Asa] Ab don’t carry anything, okay? We got it. You stay in here, you don’t
need to go in the kitchen. Come on, back in here. No, Summer’s got that door, come on. Come on. – [Summer] We just walked
by you’re done, go ahead. – [Asa] Besides the bathroom is that way. I know, she’s trying to out run us, she’s over here sweating. It’s definitely a challenge
going to other people’s houses, even grandparents, you know. Cause it’s like their Nanny’s
trying to clean up from dinner and Abbie just wants to steal everything, she wants to go in there
and stick her hands in food. You had your own cake, you don’t have to take other people’s. Dad brought up a good point, he said he doesn’t like
the phrase “Stealing food.” And I understand that. (Abbie shouting) In that case it was– (Abbie shouting) It was someone else’s
cake, therefore not hers, therefore stealing. Abbie. But yeah, I understand that, like taking food that
doesn’t belong to someone is not stealing food, I agree with that. It’s just a term we use. – [Priscilla] You’re too
busy, girlfriend, too busy. Look it, Nanny’s brand new tree look, she’s got your ornament.
– [Asa] Ab, you’re gonna get in trouble again. Let’s not. Let’s not. Don’t get in trouble, come on. – Nanny’s got your ornament on here. – [Asa] Look. You find it?
– Look, remember this one? And look at this one up
here, remember these? This was a Pinterest ornament. Remember that? – [Asa] Oh yeah, we made those one year. – [Priscilla] There’s
last year’s ornament. – [Asa] That ones a pretty one. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Asa] I know a lot of people have those. It’s tradition, Isaiah comes over and helps put up the decorations and then take them down every year. He’s gonna come over
and help take them down. – [Priscilla] Did you even
say where Isaiah was tonight? Everybody’s probably wondering. – Uh, no I didn’t, Isaiah’s at a party. – [Priscilla] He does
have a life outside of us. – He does have a life, yup. Come on. Pop up. (Abbie mumbling) – [Asa] Go get it, over there, Ab. – [Grandpa] Abbie you got your shoes? – [Asa] She just put them on. Can you take your shoes off? Take your shoes off. Thank you my dear. – I like this finger one. – Yeah, the itsy bitsy spider thing? Yeah. Abbie hasn’t been sleeping
like much over Christmas break. She goes to bed super later. I think last night was
like what, one or so? – [Priscilla] Yeah, something like that. – Pretty much every night
has been like that it seems. Hey Ab, are you gonna got
to bed at a normal time? No? Okay. (upbeat synth music) Hey, we’re gonna go to bed
at a normal time, okay? Is that all right? Yeah, cause you’re tired, I can tell. Cause you get really hand
stimmy when you’re tired. Can you tell everybody
thank you for watching? Say thank you. Say bye to everyone. Say bye. (dial tone) – [Summer] Whoo. (laughing) Whoo! (girls laughing) High five! Where are you going? (Abbie chuckling) Where you going? – [Asa] What you ordering
shirts for, Scill? – A group of friends for a trip. – Oo. – [Asa] Matching shirts
to go on a trip somewhere? – [Priscilla] Yup. – [Asa] Wonder where that’s gonna be.