I’m going to try and steal something from the Amazon Go store. (music) (Gary V) Boom, I sold the $650,000 in used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. Reezy Resells, follow the hustle. (music) What’s up guy, just made it to downtown Seattle. I’m ready to go get a haircut get a nice clean shave get this beard lined up and then proceed on to do a bunch of cool stuff. Stay tuned we got an insane amount of stuff lined up. I’m going to do everything cool in Seattle in one day, stay tuned. So this is where we’re at right now. Far as beard and haircut, let’s see what it looks like after. Hmmm, much better when you’re in Seattle, got to come check out my boy, Stu the barber. What’s the address? [Stu] 2301 1st Ave, Seattle, Washington. Stu the Barber. Instagram, @studoeshair. [Reezy] Operation clean cut was a success. Now it’s time for some good coffee. The first Starbucks is actually really close to me and I might go check that out but I said good coffee so we’re not going there. We’re actually going to a spot called Victrola coffee which is like a 7 minute walk, nice little walk. This spot was recommended to me by my good friend Ian. His Instagram is @iansane, go check him out if you’re into insane pictures and crazy video stories. (music) Just about like a 5-7 minute walk away from Stu the barber is Victrola, some good coffee super excited finally get some coffee today. What a coincidence, Amazon has an office building here where Victrola coffee is pretty cool. (music) So here at Victrola if you get a spro and a Gibraltar, it’s $6.66. Don’t recommended but we’re just going to say it’s good luck for today. (music) Coffee was really good, super duper good, just as good as I would expect from a really nice cafe and now it’s time to get some food. I’m looking for the spot called Serious Pie, lunchtime. (music) Oh man that pizza was so good. You guys got to check out Serious Pie, if you’re in Seattle. They also have another location called Serious Pie & Biscuit and they serve some crazyish like some biscuits with gravy with fried chicken, I got to hit that up still. But right now, we’re on our way to the first Starbucks ever and I might get some coffee there, depending on how long the line is. And then it’s time to check in to the Airbnb finally so that I will no longer be homeless. What’s good yo, so we made it or I made it to Pike Place Market. That’s like behind me, in front of me a little bit, mostly behind me, all kinds of cool stuff food to eat it smells amazing. I actually just ate, so I’m only looking for that Starbucks to get that coffee. Let’s roll out, let’s go let’s go experience this. (music) What’s up guys, we’re outside the original Starbucks on Pike Place but guess what? This is not the original location. It was originally in a different location and they moved it here so yes first Starbucks but not original location but it’s as good as it gets, super duper busy. I don’t think I’m going to get a chance to get in and get a coffee but got to check it out. (music) I was told by many people that I need to come to the Piroshky Piroshky Bakery. Now I’m thoroughly stuffed already but I cannot bypass this treat, this delicacy and it’s also right by the original Starbucks, right by Serious Pie. I might as well get it in, against my better judgment, I’m going to eat the sweets right now. (music) Alright, so I’m here on Pike Street at the public market I just grabbed a snack from Piroshky Piroshky, I believe this is a Russian bakery. They got sweet treats and they got meat treats but what you see here is a rhubarb… sweet treat thing. I forgot the rest of it but it’s got rhubarb in it and I’ve never had rhubarb ever, so let’s see what rhubarb is like. Okay, okay, I see you rhubarb. Dude at the spot said it was like a cross between a strawberry and a raspberry. I’m definitely feeling the strawberry taste, the texture is more like apples, like as if it was an apple pie but it tastes nothing like apple pie. This is good, rhubarb is good it turns out. Piroshky Piroshky know about it. (music) So that’s pretty awesome. We’re looking for the gum wall, famous wall with gum, it’s around here somewhere. (music) And there it is. (music) What’s up guys, I’m standing over here right by the gum wall in Seattle. This place was named one of the germiest tourist attractions in 2009. The tradition started in 1993, the city tried to remove it two times, there was a lot of work. In 1999, the market officials deemed it a tourist attraction and ever since then the gum has stuck around. (music) Let’s see what I’ve done so far today. Got a good haircut. Went to Victrola coffee that was awesome. Went to Serious Pie, had some amazing pizza. Went to the original Starbucks location at Pike Place Market. Went to Piroshky Piroshky bakery. Then went and saw the gum wall. Then flew the drone. Now, I’ve checked in to my Airbnb. Let me show you what it looks like, little backyard unit nothing fancy but perfect for what I need. Got a TV that I will not turn on. Got a bed that I will definitely sleep in. Charging up drone, other things. A little bathroom. Currently waiting on my uber to come pick me up and I’m going to head over to the Amazon Go store. If you guys have been watching this vlog, you might have noticed this monstrosity, I apologise for that. I’ll just shoot every shot from this side, just like this. So far Seattle is so dope though. The temperature is really nice, a lot of people have been telling me I got pretty lucky with the temperature being this nice right now. The air is really really fresh, there’s a lot of trees. The food is amazing like the food, the smells man there’s so many good smells in Seattle. There’s so much food and I’m not going to have time to eat it all, sadly. And then also the beers. There’s so many cool bars, pubs, breweries, they’re everywhere. It’s super cool, I really like this area, it’s actually really really nice. It’s kind of like a chilled San Francisco, if that makes sense? Kind of like a chilled San Francisco that makes sense to me. Soon, I’ll be getting in an uber and heading to the Amazon Go store while I wear… where I will meet my good friend Zack Knickerbocker, who lives in New York City which you might remember from this video, the video where I got to meet Gary Vee and be on his show. I stayed with his acts during that time so that was pretty cool. So after the Amazon Go tour, we’re going out to dinner with like 25 plus people that you might know from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook that are killing it on merch by Amazon. Which is the reason why I’m here, to learn as much as possible from the conference that is going to happen in the next two days but I promise you the next two videos will be much more informational. It’ll just be me documenting my day a little bit at the conference and the majority of the videos will be me talking about what I learned each day, so there will be two videos that will summarise the merch by Amazon conference that I’m attending and I hope you guys enjoy. But it’s time for me to go get this uber. (music) Alright guys so we’re outside of the Amazon Go super duper futuristic back to the future store and we’re going to go in and see what it’s like. I got my QR code which you scan when you go in the store or something and then we’re going to grab some stuff. I’m going to try and steal something from the Amazon Go store, I don’t think it’s going to work but it’s not going to stop me from trying so we’re going to go in there we’re going to show you guys what it’s like. Whoa I almost killed myself, let’s go. So you need a code to get in and then you get to go in. [Zack] It’s wild.
[Reezy] This is wild as Wild West, we’re out here. (music) Where do I check out at? Just kidding, I’m just kidding. (laughs) So after you scan your app to come into the store, you just grab what you want and then you pretend to steal it by leaving the store, except for they actually charge you which is crazy but there’s not a lot of stuff here. There’s some pre-made meals. There’s sandwiches to go. There’s salads to go. There’s drinks so it’s basically like snacks and then small meals like salads or sandwiches and I think I saw some like family size ready to go like mule in a box over there but that’s about it. There’s some private label Amazon stuff. Check it out so we got these Amazon Go chocolate bars, those are pretty tight. We got this Amazon Go cup and then the Amazon Go water bottle. I wonder if there’s a listing on Amazon for the just walk out cup or for the Amazon Go water bottle and then I also wonder if there’s people selling it on eBay. Check it out, do you think there’s a listing on Amazon for this cup or for this bottle? It’s not that people are definitely selling them on eBay? [Zack] It’s cool [Reezy] This is what I’m going to get, an Amazon Go reusable bag and an Amazon Go chocolate bar and you? [Zack] Gum
[Reezy] Gum, keeping it 100. Alright, so now we just leave. Call it what?
[Zack] Jeff’s balls [Reezy] Oh, oh is this an Amazon office?
[Zack] This is Amazon’s HQ, yeah. [Reezy] Oh sh.. this is Amazon’s headquarters. I did not know that. Just out here, we’re kicking it with Jeff’s balls, you know what I mean. We’re pulling up at the restaurant. (music) [Rosa] …. In the building [Reezy] What up guys, out here at the business networking dinner with all the Merch by Amazon homies. I’m going to see if I can get some shots for you guys. This guy never stopped smiling, ever. Perma-smile, his cheeks should be bruised by now. He can’t even pretend to be mad bro. (music)