Hi! I am Svetlana, the designer of Storefront UI library the one of its kind. based on Vue Js and inspired by Google Retail Playbook. I have always been obsessed with building smooth online shopping experience. And the Storefront UI became my solution. Mobile has slowly overtaken desktop as users’ favored platform. So I’ve taken an entirely mobile-first approach, imagining I was designing for a native app, keeping in mind that there are some features which aren’t popular on desktop but can be a killer app on mobile – like drag and drop to the cart, dynamic menu bottom bar navigation and a whole lot more. With Storefront UI you can make stunning eCommerce shops
with 100% customizable components. I was following Atomic design methodology providing context-less
atoms that you can use in any way you want. So start easily changing any aspect of provided components and use them
to make highly conversational shops and not only! Storefront UI – the one of it is kind.