Hi everyone, I’m Sandeep with this week’s
Digital Marketing Moment. Today, I want to talk about Google or Bing’s
Shopping platform, and how they can help supercharge your e-commerce store sales today. When you go on Google or Bing, type in a certain
product, you may notice that you’ll see actual store listings show up on Google with a picture,
description and possibly a price associated with the product. This is because that e-commerce store has
setup a profile in the Google Merchant Centre or Bing’s Merchant Centre, and integrated
their e-commerce store with these search engine platforms. The beauty of this is you’re putting your
product front and centre right in front of the searcher, and if somebody is to click
on that link, which is usually a paid search link, they’re very likely to be in a purchasing
decision phase because you showed them the exact product they’re looking for, and they
clicked on your link to come and learn more about the product and potentially make a purchase
today. Setting up the integration between your e-commerce
platform, whether it’s Shopify, Drupal Commerce, Magento, Joomla, whatever it is, and Bing
or Google’s Merchant Centre is very easy. There are many plug-ins that exist out there
to help you connect the two, so you can leverage these 2 search engines and put your products
front and centre in front of everybody. These strategies are proven to dramatically
increase the sales of e-commerce stores, so it’s definetly a win-win for e-commerce site
owners to take some time, or the assistance of a digital agency to help you get your feeds
setup and your products front and centre in front of your customers today. I’m Sandeep with this week’s Digital Marketing
Moment. I hope you found this tip valuable, and if
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