To illustrate what you can do with
Synesty studio, here are a few practical examples.
Import of supplier data, this is one of the most important topics in
E-Commerce. Today Suppliers provide their data e.g. with URL, FTP or as
attachment in an e-mail. All these sources can be read
and edit with Synesty Studio
which means you can filter out data. You can recalculate prices
and assemble new text modules. The result itself can be put
again a target system like for example an online shop for disposal. In Synesty
Studio you can use the data for a data quality check according to your
specifications. That is in the the simplest case a completeness check,
to the point that you can check the syntax.
An example of this, assuming you have supplier data read in and
only want data in your online shop which are complete regarding ean
and an image URL. In this case you can use the imported data and check
these criteria and the data that do not pass in your criteria
correspond to filter and only data which are complete you can insert into the online shop. Would you like to add your article data to further sales channels like idealo or google shopping you have to make available data feeds
in the right format. You can not only generate them in Synesty you also
can build in some more logic. So for example,
Synesty can realize that you have articles that are under certain stock levels
and dont provide them in the datafeed furthermore it is also possible to
generate this data feed to merge multiple files.
So it would be conceivable that you could combine a file with article data and a
additional file with contentinformation. These files are merged
before you generate this data feed. before you generate this data feed.
A another important application example is the availability and stock comparison
between merchandise management and Webshop. So it would be possible among other things
to tie up a plentymarkets erp at a webshop like magento or shopware
orders in the webshop can then be sent to plentymarkets Likewise
current information about prices and stocks,
are transferred from the online erp system to the to the workshop. The integration of Synesty Studio into the diverse systems success over existing Add-Ons, for example there are Add-Ons
for Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Partner net, Amazon Vendor, as well as for the
various online shops like magento, shopify or shopware. All these systems
can be connected via these addons. The addons themselves contain
function modules for using these systems to read out data.
Or to read data into these systems.. In Synesty you connect
any systems that means if a Add-On shouldnt be present
Synesty herself has enough on-board resources to tie up web services systems such as
REST-API or SOAP over FTP or HTTP. Different formats like XML CSV or JSON can be imported, processed
and exported.