Hi guys, it’s Neil Waterhouse. Last week, I received an email from Terapeak with the subject line saying Competitor Research is Back! I’ll put up a screenshot of the page so you can see it When the email came in, I had a quick look at the video hoping to see Competitor Research back to where it used to be, however it isn’t as per the screenshot I’ll put up Terepeak was referring to another upgrade of Terapeak 2.0 But all is not lost though Terapeak they’ve just added a little bit of Competitor Research which does help It’s not as good as the old Terapeak Competitor Research but it’s definitely a step in the right direction and definitely an improvement to Terapeak 2.0. Let me show you For this exercises, let’s do a search on Terapeak 2.0 for the keyword solar panel To do this Get to Terapeak and select Product Research 2.0 Then do a search for solar panel When you get the Search results, select Sellers From the screenshot, you can see the competing sellers, however as you can see you can only see the first and the last character of the eBay seller’s name This is of course is no one near as good as Terapeak used to be, however it’s normally enough to find the seller on eBay. The next step is to go to eBay to find the seller, which is not normally very hard as normally the top sellers will normally be near the top of the search results So, for this example I go to eBay and search for the same keyword solar panel Then, I click on the first seller in the search results and bingo! It’s the same seller with the matching characters at the beginning and ending of their names. Now, what makes me want to do next is research the seller to find their best selling items To do this for any seller in eBay Click on the tiny link that says See other items Then the next step is to scroll down the left and click on Sold Listings Now eBay will be showing you all the Sold Listings from that seller for the last 90 days If you’re a dropship seller, you might want to sort these items with the highest price first That’s all for this week. Please leave a comment for me below. And let me know what do you think of the last Terapeak upgrade. Until next week List More Sell More This is Neil Waterhouse