Hi, it’s Neil Waterhouse. Today I want to do a quick demonstration of how to use Terapeak to do keyword research. Terapeak has changed so much over the years, and there’s been so many ways you can start it. Cutting it now, today, best way we’re using it is just click on SEO, then type in your keyword and in this example, let’s say “solar” Now Terapeak comes back And it shows us here in two different colors as a blue color and the green color The top keyword after the word solar is “panel” then it goes down from there now the green is a top Google keyword and it’s also one of the top keywords for eBay. The difference with eBay and Google is with eBay, Terapeak uses data in the titles. So it looks in like is it says here’s sample titles It sampled 98 listings and it’s taken out the keywords out of a title. But of course who wrote the titles and that be the sellers not buyers So you’re kind of like doing seller research. Whereas with Google, it’s the people searching for things that are entering the search term, so it’s two different ways of collecting with the data. And of course you know in might miss keywords so it’s great to get the keywords from both channels, from Google where it’s actually people searching for things and with the data from eBay, it’s the sellers that wrote those. We can also drill down further and you can get down you can change sites And we can also prove this too because if you go like solar and panel is the top keyword If we go to eBay, and just go to the auto suggestion tool or the search box up here and type the word “solar”, you’ll see here as well it comes up as panel as being the top number one keyword after solar. So that’s just a great way of proving that it works. There’s other buttons here You can change different layers, but I’m not gonna bother showing it because we don’t use it This is just what we use, a simple effective, and it’s a graphical interface. So just a quick video this week Please scroll on down leave me a comment. Until next week, list more some more. This is Neil Waterhouse