it and let’s sue we got here and can even tell Tutsi test one to test one to an array so this is just an
intro am trying to test and having lots of promise with
Obie as over the past week ever
since an updated and I’m getting
pixel a Shannon delays and all streaming tomorrow it to fully of this this all works
out taking a look just to see the
looks like its streaming decent
talents on an an eight and testing out the
stream of them in so many
problems with the PO be as over
the past week and I’m hoping that I can get
this thing together so look OK and just setup for the live
stream tomorrow and then going
through and every time Mobius updates it
drives me crazy and I need to get a new computer
I think that’s the end of the
day need a computer with a much
better graphics card and that
see and the stream rates good on a
decreased of it the a mound of a
CPU that it’s using and trying to get it set up so
that it actually works decent one I think the mod at the point
now I’m just gonna get a
different computers to want to
stream on to is insane and I am glad you
guys are no lag bullets am glad
to add is no lag on that and and Sony also this a topic to
getting ready for the topic
tomorrow and it’s late Norman and bed
getting up to 530 to a and morning so on and an assist on air and Tom Adams
led all you guys jumped on and it’s awesome help me out
here little bit and on big news tonight no
collusion that that was
absolutely expected of but it’s awesome in
on this Sunday so happy that it
that it finally came out you
know absolutely no pollution and
Ow two years a waste of money two
years of based in time and I
just I just can’t believe it so what now you know finally
there’s a little better
resolution there two plus years exactly to 02 guys get that pick
solution while you will like 10
seconds as like a 10 second delay 7 to
10 second save right there when epic
solution would say are these great to get it and
it’s running a CPU is taxing the
CPU alike 20% had another setting was up to
let almost 70% of the CPU usage
and I got that down on streaming
at 30 frames per second teaser
re of dropped frames to oh, what that’s all about and wasting all sorts of
taxpayers’ money time to get to a not to get the
political on and and how to test ring of the
other part is is Teatro callers
and the true nature of the Ide
democrat party and Whittier and
f with the democrat party but and
the democrat party is going so
far to the left it sits meddling
in a fit into those other Russian
hackers that air and you just
mentioned to stop on lead but it did just
it just kills me absolutely no and right now you
see there some really dangerous
things that are going on that in
this country and you know thank god for the
digital asset space in a thank
god for the community that’s of
being built over here and elder law really better the
economy and and put things on
the right track you know but I
look at what the democrats are
tryi and over and and and enriching
themselves and I really focused
on you know why they got elected in
the first place and a Natchez Alltel and you
know they forget about that
topic anything on here all rebel
excerpt be bringing peace to the
Middl tie the topic tomorrow a visit as string of four
tomorrow but and dawn of type two things of
two things while while we’re on
here and and were and were
focused on this topic of no
pollution of our constitutional Republic
and anyone out there says it
does a democracy with a live in
a democracy on we live in a
constitu on hand and of those who wrote
the constitution of knew what
would happen the the potential
of what would happen when you
tried you know what we’re seeing all
with wave of the info tray shun
of a view league goals into this
country and I just gave a speech on the house focused on
terminology and this is
dangerous and an AMA put it out
there right now are again
because of the one to and terminology is everything on
an if we lose the war on
terminology and there is a war
going on right now all regarding terminology on at first it’s it’s
nationalism on their up lying of
nationalism is something that’s
negative and negative
connotation to being proud of your country or somebody from Italy is proud
of being from Italy why in the
world can to be proud of being
from the United States it
doesn’t and especially right now you
have given the fact that we have the most amazing
technology of its that’s been
presented to us that we can do
amazing things within that
crosses al on and we’ve allowed these
elected officials to run amok
and on and create this one love
that trump talked about and in
the swam and now you have this whole
segment on that are so anti tron
that they’re doing things that are anti to this country on and in that
that’s wrong the from every
level anyway you look at it if
it’s wrong and right now you see
the y on and that that’s a huge
mistake if if we want mob rule if you want majority rule on the NEA rid of the electoral
college with bad that means is
you only have a majority rule of
that means if up and a fifth six to support a minority class where in essence what they’re
doing is empowering a majority
whether whether you agree with
them or not but that majorities
goin and united and again you you
can’t you can’t dispute facts so
if you want a look at terminology and as the speech I
gave a week ago on terminology of those or illegally entering
this country are not immigrants
of those were illegally entering
this country are you leave all o and is soon as you adopt of the
act of terminology of immigrants
to those who’ve come here
illegally and you call them
immigrant the mass numbers of people that
come here whether from India a
range of work or elsewhere and
they come over here for
education they have to leave the country
on and that’s it so mention of
the visa to get hired in but
hiring somebody and up in giving
them digital assets and black chain
because a same government is chasing all
of these cuts the companies out
of the country on right now
because of the lack of of of
regula by the government so lot of
these of companies are saying
you know what we can stay in the
in the U.S. on because of the
fact th of there are many people that
have come here of that we would
like to hire because on it’s actually easier to set
up shop someplace else some of
that’s my 2¢ a tense and that’s my 2¢ for this
of this test Ramon which on it
for as a moderate and I look
completely pixilated so not sure
ho to make it keeps to link its
paws and the look of U.S. troop
quick and its strong it wrong signal and what’s crazy
is that the join live chat isn’t
working again and Obie S alicia’s another
ominous there’s another solution and something else and a excerpt the minute you so
long on it I am going to be of
working of your day I’d than as
lot of the of the twitter fee
tha on so that way again over to
only be out most of the day the through where it for a little
watt said zero watching and
there are people of posting the
comments in the chat of Eli wanted to do if they get chase people way
when I start talking the
politics of not sure I did not go in and if teen year
and a check, check out the a and says live everybody, but see
here hopefully demand and a second time there ago and actually looks pretty clear it’s looking pretty clear on my
phone and little bit of a delay of the
delays action playing doubles of the title the play that fitting
shoes on my a Thai computer that
makes no sense and deftly looks
pretty good over here and a a judo Kush O’Donnell and kuwait’s a nice to get beyond of money be
talking not that I’m doing it as
string right now on this topic
and I was trying to do some
tests on a on but, be up online not
tomorrow morning and 8:00 AM
eastern standard time it has won a login on having been over the quaid
other things over and Kuwait and over too wide to buy an
action like to buy quite a bit here and has been a legendary and in streaming and saw some light on it’s
looking good II totally
appreciate you guys a jump in on others john Z R’s john and Ellen terry army of Marines and a greater a ideal and test
testing out the stream for a for
tomorrow of its coming through pretty
clear the side and I’m a retired Air Force
retired taken for your service and lead to one lead you’re
still helping out over there
that’s also an awesome that’s great and a
unlike totally appreciate you
guys login and on I am going to
one and action to shut this down
here i on a changed on a wooded but it
was change my streaming the guys haven’t been on the
channel up before if you haven’t
seen any my videos is Jeff
Woodall report of my typically
do live on and then and I do about RE of
videos posted up throughout the
week, try to start adding more
and more live streams of data vi of dull as you to really get a
better conversation you can
engage a cover the topics and on and
there’s a time to talk about so on any help again a totally
prescient all you guys coming on
a check out the Teton subscribe to the channel
yet go out and subscribed if
you’re if your new on if you get
on some are mourning dove Il
sung a of its really it for now all the
guys have a great night again
pastry of jumping on that help
me of that make some of these
adju a know what’s going on excerpt
he wise in the Middle East up
more flood false flags from
Forbes on Nigerian the crypto
space on on and also I were to talk a
little bit about the by nance a
supporting real estate auctions
and on a number of other things
tha on and actually of excerpt the
minute nine and a number of
others are working on on putting
something together that were to
send over onto a couple of the
of congressional representatives
on til a little bit men of an elevator
pitch up on what’s going on all
within the space and wine
digital assets and and black
chain are off for the U.S. economy and
test overall so any of a that’s it for tonight,
get a preset you guys jumping on
how about on a great night banks