I’m in love with you I love you, and by llama como si fuera ultimately
e’en Sangam Esposito que no se Pumbaa sit opposite the four edits of the water so the phone do you ever look at someone and wonder
what is going on inside their head this next part is my favorite part of
this time is shot gonna do the to stay then cap up if you drive sweetheart it’s
being out when do the whole people ask me who are you
so I say my name is through what you see is what you get
come and meet my bed when it gets to this one part you’re gonna know exactly boy boy boy boy who are you you know not me you yes I am
you are you death no Yu is blind I’m not blind you blind then is what I just said
shut up you yes not you him what’s your name
he’s me and I’m you and I’m not to whoop your old ass man
pat down cross town living like a rockstar spend a lot of money on my
brand-new guitar he’s got a habit diamond rings and Fendi sports bras
riding down all day with my Maserati sports car the cats I don’t be scared