Hey thanks for joining us. RescueTips present 5 Secret ebay selling tips you need to know 1. What’s the best time to list your auction? For best exposure, List new auctions on Thursday evenings. List it as a 10 day auction length. 2. Completely Fill the ebay listing title
field. and include as many important key words as
possible to get the maximum exposure. 3. Make sure your listings stand out from the crowd.
Include add-ons to be ahead of the competition. Or… bundle with another product. 4. Spelling Counts…
Search results rely on correctly spelled words and brands.
If your item is one that is usually misspelled, then include some purposely
misspelled words in the description as well. 5. Don’t just use photos…
include a short video in your description, its easier than you think…click here to
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