– Hi this is Aleksander Vitkin, and today I’m going to explain to you the five mistakes that people make when they get into sales or when they’ve been
doing sales for a while and they’re closing on the phone and they’re closing hight ticket sales, which means $3000 and above. So the first one is time. So it sounds kind of
generic or simple perhaps, but I can assure you everyone
makes the mistake of time. They get on a call, and they don’t figure out if the person they’re talking to is a hurry or not. They don’t figure out if the person they’re talking to has allocated enough conscious available time,
where they’re actually looking at the screen
while talking to you, and making notes and are concentrated. They don’t know this. They don’t have part of their funnel telling the prospects that before you get in the call make sure your internet works well. Make sure that you’re there on time and make sure that I
have your full attention that you’re completely concentrated on what we are doing here okay. People don’t do this because well it’s so easy
to make this mistake, it seems hard to ask people
are you sure you have time? Are you sure you gonna be here? Well the way to do this is with marketing before the sales call. That’s way number one. So you send them the emails
and reminders for a call, which are automated and
tools like Schedule Ones and you make sure to tell
them to be there on time and make time and make sure
there’s no distractions, and on the call itself, while telling them the rules of the call, how the call is gonna go early on and the sales call. Make sure to tell them that this is how long it’s gonna take and make sure they confirm to you verbally that they’re okay with being there for that amount of time. That they’re gonna be concentrated and paying attention to you. This is important to them. Never sell to people who don’t care. If it’s not important to them, they’re not going to buy. And you can tell this in their voice. You can tell this in the way they’re brushing you and stuff like that. So don’t fall into their frame where they’re kind of
just pushing you around. So the second one it is the frame. So the frame that I like to use there’s many names for this. There’s the consultant frame. There’s the doctor frame. I call it the trusted advisor frame. So trusted advisor. The trusted advisor, just like a doctor, you go to someone who you trust upfront. Otherwise you wouldn’t go to them, and they’re the expert. So that is established, and if it’s not established, it needs to be established
as soon as possible. And you’re there because
you want expert advice as a client right? The client is there because
they want expert advice. And a trusted advisor is
someone who is not gonna lie or deceive or do pushy sales stuff. They’re just there to advice. They’re there to teach you how to buy. And they’re there to guide
you through the process of establishing what
it is the call is for, they’re going to get you to learn how to make a purchase like this, ‘cos not everyone knows automatically how to buy everything. And the further away
they’re from the knowledge the harder it is to sell to them. And the more work you’ll
need to do on the sales call. The third one is, you need
to set the rules early for your call. Not only do you need to set the rules, you need to get them to
verbally agree to your rules. If the agreement isn’t there early on, then they’re gonna determine the rules while the call is going. So actually we have some stuff to do. Can we hurry this along? Oh well can I ask you about the price even though the call barely started? Or let’s just do it this way or wo-wo-wo-wo. Don’t let the client decide. They don’t really know exactly
how the call should go. They don’t know all the details. They don’t know how long it takes. They don’t know that
you’re there to honestly advise them or if you’re
some online scammer. They don’t really know that until they speak to you. They have an idea and if
your marketing is good, they’ll have a very good idea. The next thing is people
like to talk okay. Not everyone all the time but people like to talk. You don’t want be the one speaking as the person selling. You don’t want to be
speaking most of the time. So you also don’t want to have the call being take over by the
agenda of the person buying. So you want to be speaking speak less, but on point okay? And this is really hard. How do you ask questions in a way where the other person is talking more but they’re the ones kind of
selling themselves to you. And you’re still going
on the path to the sale. And how do you make sure
you don’t distracted? The secret is, one of the secrets is let the person speak as long as the things that are being said or
leading you to the close that’s one, and providing
you with valuable data and information and opinion and so on, that will allow you to
close more efficiently and give the person what
they actually need and want. So as long as that’s happening, let them speak. When that’s not happening, which should be minority of the time, you should speak and
guide the conversation. So people are on calls to
be friendly and friends, and I’m gonna tell you right now, you’re not on that call
to be anyone’s friend. You are on the call
with a certain objective and as long as you stay in the objective and as long as you have a high close rate, that is okay. The sales call needs to
be done with you being the professional, with you
being the trusted advisor or the doctor, and them
needing things from you and asking you for things with the solution being them buying, unless you’re not qualified of course. Then the solution is not them buying. So it’s very important that you don’t treat the call like this
friendly little chat. There’s a level of rapport and you are talking human to human but you’re a little bit above them in terms of knowledge, in
terms of what you can deliver to them, ‘cos they’re not
gonna deliver anything to you. They’re gonna pay you for the service. So make sure that it’s well established. Very, very common mistake. Very, very common mistake. The best sales guys I
know they speak less, and they can lead the conversation
with lots of questions and they’re not pushy at all. They’ll handle the objections. The way you should do this
is get a mentor early on. Don’t do what I did, which is just years of trial and error. Get there faster and
get the result faster. You don’t have to suffer
and fight and whatever to the degree that I did. You can get there faster. Get the results faster. Actually get paid and do
this as full time sales as soon as possible. Preferably in your own business. That’s pretty much it. If there are any questions, you are more than welcome to hit me up on Facebook on in the comments. I’ll do these videos regularly. So do subscribe on YouTube and follow me on Facebook. And I’ll see you in tomorrow’s video.