But now you guys have probably heard of these things called air pods they’re made by Apple, they’re pretty cool I like them, but I gotta be real with you guys. I’m on my sixth pair of these things I lose them like into dental floss so I take this product called the air nanos It’s made by this company called crazy, baby, and you want to know what’s really crazy, baby. Is they raised 2.7 million dollars on IndieGoGo, so what’s all the hype about so if you guys want to check out the nanos I’ll leave a link down below and real quick on the air pods here So they cost 160 bucks your boy really likes them. I like these things a lot the one problem I have with them is when I put them in my ear Kyle you getting this your dog It looks like a toothbrush is sticking out of my gear and also like I’m the palest kid you’ll ever meet I am so white so you’d think like with the air pod being this obnoxious Looking white that you know it blend into my skin That’s not the case so what I did is I actually spray-painted these kind of like a flesh color I made a video on if you want to check it out right up there Keaton dying from spray paint fumes They should really put a like a warning That says do this like outside and it works pretty Well the air pod still work, but like it doesn’t look the best and it’s pretty much a DIY So that’s where the nanos come in so it’s really cool about the nanos Is there’s ten different colors and these things cost 99 bucks versus 160 on the air pods get those on out of here? So we got the one bet I kind of di wide this rose. Gold kind of flesh color you put these in your ears they’re gonna look like they kind of blend in and that’s sweet the air pods really only come in one color unless you get a Skin you got pink here red yellow you getting this both green I like the bold green a lot like an aquamarine a teal a purple a black They pretty much got any color you want and that’s pretty dope but the ones that we’re gonna be checking out Are the white pills and Loki like I’m gonna stack these up right here drop a like on this video if the stack stays together There’s no way this tower is gonna stay intact With how much I move like we got a two-week supply of these things with my habits Now you guys have probably heard a crazy baby before they dropped the Mars balloon ax and the now that we got the Nano I’m super hyped to a boxes now Before. We jump on into it I got an iPod Nano here, and I’m not saying something, but I’m saying something slow Similar that’s all I’m saying so let’s go ahead and pop the top on this 99 bucks like if they sound good I’m gonna be pumped about it ooh. I like this case already. It doesn’t look like dental floss like hopefully I don’t lose them all right. Let’s see what else we get in the box We got some manuals like you guys know. I don’t know how to read like come on why even include them That’s pretty sweet We got some silicon ear tips you can get that nice tight fit in your ear not everyone’s ears are created equal I would know that especially we also got this what looks like is this like from Kraft macaroni and cheese or like Kady This is the cheese packet yo do they hook it up. Wait wait. Oh they include this for free That’s sick. You get some ear hooks. So these nanos are really gonna stay in your ear oh
No way Yo They charge with USB see that’s the one thing that I wish the air positive get out of your air box You don’t even do that alright, so they hook you up fat with a lot of accessories But let’s try these out, so this is what you get it’s kind of this pill shaped capsule. I like it Just because it’s larger than the air pod case I can’t tell you guys how many times no I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve lost my air pods five Extra times and the worst part is I showed you guys this on snap their pods the only reason I hate them because I know This is not gonna be the last pair I’d behind or just maybe the nanos are that good so they come in this pill shaped capsule whoa I’m diggin it. I’m diggin it so right. There are the nanos These little earbuds Okay, okay, these things are really tiny they don’t look like toothbrushes so my dentist will not approve of this video I’m excited let’s throw these Sahn see how these stay in my dear Whoa? Yo, yo yo? these things They’re not coming out of my ears. I wish Apple included these hooks It’s a nice freebie to put in the box and when you guys aren’t using these you can just throw them back on the case And they’re gonna charge up again That’s pretty sweet now. I want to show you guys one of the cool features about this so I got them out right here But when I put them back in and then you pull them out they’re auto sync to bluetooth and you’re ready to go, so I’m gonna put these things in my ears now I Like them got a pretty competent eataly out the ear hooks They’re not going anywhere, and I got my iPhone 8 plus here, so as you guys can see at the top They are paired which we show you that they’re paired in Bluetooth Suite we got the nanos all paired up here So I guess the only thing left to do is do a sound test, so I pulled up here one of my favorite bands It’s blink 182 votive in the iCard if you guys have heard of them And let me know in the comments what your favorite song is and also in these guys we got a qualcomm Csr chip kind of similar to Apple’s w1 chip in the air pods You know these things are smart at 99 bucks, but you can’t beat it. All right. Let’s play this. I want to hear ourselves Oh, well, that’s pretty good Whoa hey there, buddy, hey there, buddy the Nano sounds pretty good the sound is pretty full I’m like the high end mids. They’re there for sure. I don’t know if I can hear a ton of bass We’ll check out another song as this background of the more the unsuspecting Oh now the unsuspecting victim Literally, I’m at max volume and these things sound great. They’re not too overpowering now I want to check out some of the bass I found this random guy on Spotify known as 22 savage the number one song is ain’t no 21. I’ve learned check out the bass real quick. Oh There’s bass anyone. This is 22 this ain’t 21 This is 22 now the Nano sound really good But there’s actually a few workable features the bottom so the right one is for calls so if someone calls you It’s only to come through the right button I just want to let you guys know that now the left hand controls of music and music both buds so to control them when you put them in yo ears, so I’m playing a track with the left, bud if I just Hit it once. It’s gonna pause the music if I hit it twice it’s gonna skip wait. It’s gonna skip to the next track Why is 21 savages face on? 22 savages album is this him so to get Syria to pop up if I double tap on the right, bud She’s gonna pop up do her thing hey called dad hole just like dad. She’s calling dad Let’s see if dad answers. No way he’s gonna answer. Dude. She’s like two hours ahead. It’s 11:30 at night I’m just not gonna bother him so that’s how these work guys for 99 bucks The nanos are totally worth it Any it got a pretty sweet color which I think’s dope and actually using these for like a few hours battery life is really solid Go comment on the photo on Instagram of these things telling me your favorite Oh as I was saying go comment your favorite color of these on instead make sure you’re following and checking out that insta story That’s where all the behind the scenes are happening. That’s furniture for this video make sure you get subscribed We’ve noticed turned on and I’ll see you guys later peace