I gotta be honest I-I’ve never been much of a projector guy From warm-up time to ambient light issues to input latency The terrible washed-out colors and certainly cost I’ve just… I have never been a fan So, when ViewSonic reached out to me asking if they could sponsor this video I.. I kind of ignored them But they’re a persistent bunch And when I finally looked at the specs of this PX700HD projector… I was pretty blown away. For just $499 You can get a projector that supports 1080p Outputs at a very bright 3.5k lumens which makes doing acceptable in both day and night Has exceptionally accurate color that actually looks good Is 3D capable … if that’s your jam And boasts a 16 millisecond input latency Which is not just fast for a projector but it’s actually faster than most of the TVs released year Which means… non-competitive gaming on this projector is actually… like really good! I-It works great My younger brother got married earlier this year and as any young couple in the middle of college might be They’ve not… loaded And we’re using a very small 32-inch TV So, I’ve decided to hook them up with a better setup starting of course with the ViewSonic PX700HD Now, they’re renting their apartment which means they can’t permanently attach a TV or projector to the wall. So, we built this clever little platform out of wood that is adjustable by this very firm ball head but also stable And, the little ball head is mounted upside-down onto a cheap … I think the brand is “Pyle”? tripod stand It doesn’t look… spectacular It’s not winning any interior design awards But it meet their needs, and as you can tell it perfectly fits their wall spanning to the size of nearly 100 inches. Yeah! 100 inches! Not bad for a $499 projector, eh? Next up, audio. My brother’s a musician and subsequently doesn’t want some dinky little soundbar. Here’s a protip for you: If you’re on a budget, just use studio monitors. Now, sure, you’re not gonna get surround sound … you’re stuck to stereo But if you ask me if we’re talking about audio and I don’t know a lot of things but I know audio pretty well I think quality is WAY more important than quantity. And quality doesn’t mean expensive! For example, these JBL 3-series MKII cost under $300 for the pair. But they sound great for movies, games, and yes, of course music! Now, because studio monitors are self-powered The amplifier is inside and that’s pretty handy But, there is a downside and that’s that.. um there isn’t a way to control volume without a preamp. Which, we’ve excluded for budgetary reasons. However, that’s where this little box comes in. This is the Schiit Sys. Yeah, uh.. you heard that right. But Schiit it is not! It’s actually very high quality! [snickers] That was the most stupidest joke I’ve ever made. The Schiit is a passive preamp which means you don’t have to plug it in. So, we used the audio out on the projector which, by the way, is my one complaint with this thing. There isn’t optical out Which seems a little bit silly But yeah, we used the audio out jack to RCA which then we can plug into the Schiit and the we plug in the RCA outputs which terminates in XLR that we can then plug into the stereo monitors. Now listen to me, audio people this setup is not ideal. I know, it’s not balanced And in theory, with longer cable runs is prone to signal interference. But, it actually sounded really good… And kind of surprised me We didn’t have any interference at all But yeah, if you’re using a projector, really any projector Especially because they’re typically mounted in the sky and don’t have that many source in- uh source options to begin with, You’re really better off getting a home theater receiver. That can handle source selection, HDMI switching, and of course, audio output. I didn’t do that though, because they only used a launch-day PS4 which I actually gifted them for Christmas last year And for normal people, is actually really great Now, the projector supports powered USB so you could use a Chromecast, or Fire TV stick if you wanted But, for less than $300, you can get a box that does Netflix, Hulu, PlayStation TV, YouTube, and oh plays triple-A games So, a PS4 it is. Going from the PlayStation to the projector, we have a 50 foot HDMI cable we got from Walmart for $35 But it’s actually, really high-quality And this low-latency stuff isn’t marketing mumbo-jumbo at all In fact, I was playing Red Dead Redemption II and there was noticeably less input lag than my old, but beloved Panasonic P65V10. It’s a plasma screen, and when it came out it was renounced for low input latency. So, I was pretty impressed For around $1000, my brother, and now sister-in-law have a killer entertainment setup Which honestly I don’t think you can get close to beating for the same price. If you’re interested in any of the gear mentioned you can check it out via the links below. But get stoked for a killer Hackintosh build that is coming in the next video That is actually 40% smaller Yeah, smaller than Apple’s Mac Mini. It’s gonna be awesome so be sure to subscribe and enable notifications for that one. But most importantly, and as always Stay Snazzy.