How do you choose? Maybe it’s like a Harry Potter situation — the strap-on chooses you. No. I mean, like, what do you value? Length? Or girth? Hmm … You know, as the receiver, I’ve always been more of a girth girl. Right. But I feel like, as the giver, which is still a hypothetical, by the way, it’s probably length. Yeah. Hmm. Yep. What about ethnicity? Would you say your member is more African-American? Caucasian? Hmm. The flesh-colored ones are kinda scary. [Jane] Yeah.
[Sutton] Yeah. I think, if I were gonna buy one, it would be this one. Look how cute it is. It’s pretty cute. See, it’s not black. It’s not white. It’s not too masculine. Not too feminine. It’s got these cute little suspender straps, which I feel like would do great things for my boobies. And, um, you know? It’s just right. It’s just Kat. Tiny Kat. Who are you calling tiny?