Orange and pink.
It looks great, right? Just comment if you want
a reservation. We also have these earrings
for that girl you’re courting, your girlfriend,
your wife, anyone! Only P50. I know you’ll like it. And these pants
ladies and gentlemen! Doesn’t that look amazing?
Look at that. You can wear this
with anything. Again, these earrings
are only P50. Seems like you spending more
time on this than studying. I told you, you don’t need
to earn money. I just want you to
finish school. I have to go everyone.
I’ll see you tomorrow. Kuya, I didn’t
know you were home. Just relax.
We’ve talked about this. Until I became a nurse,
I’ll help you and Nanay. And I promise, promise,
promise, I’ll study hard. – Promise?
– I promise. When you’re done with that,
get some rest. You know what, I think you’re
the one who needs rest, Kuya. I know you’re tired.
You want some water? Food? No, I’m good. – You’re okay?
– Yeah. How’s Nanay?