Hello everybody and welcome to Principles
of E-Business, my name is Andy Ohemeng Asare. For this week our topic is on the Internet,
digital and direct marketing. The internet and direct marketing are possible
ingredients in the promotional mix – along with personal selling, sales promotion, direct
mail, advertising, public relations and sponsorship. Together, they form the marketing communications
toolkit for marketers and brand managers. Direct mail and the Internet play an important
role in the execution of marketing strategies. Direct marketing, a term frequently cited
by marketers these days, is a growing tool. Although direct marketing is partly an aspect
of marketing channel selection – in this case opting not to utilize some of the services
of channel intermediaries – there are implications for marketer’s promotional strategies, as
discussed in this chapter. The growth of digital marketing is huge and
alters the rules of engagement for marketers. The uses, characteristics, and strengths and
weaknesses of direct mail are considered. The chapter then explores the role of the
Internet in marketing communications and e-commerce, along with the role of digital marketing. The chapter concludes by examining the manner
in which direct marketing has grown in popularity, with associated implications for many ingredients
of the promotional mix. This chapter will begin with a brief look
at personal selling, its basic steps, the types of salespeople involved in personal
selling and how they are selected. This is followed by a look at the role of
the Internet in marketing, digital marketing and the growing use of direct marketing. At the end of this week you should be able
to Describe the nature and major purposes of
personal selling Identify the basic steps in the personal selling
process Identify the types of sales force personnel
Examine insight into sales management decisions and activities
Assess the role of key account management Describe sales promotion activities are and
how they can be used. Finally you will be able to, Identify specific sales promotion methods Thanks for watching and see you in my next
video. Bye!