Hi guys. This Costa Gara coming to you live from my home. This is the very first video of a series of many videos to come that I will be doing raw. As you can see, there’s not going to be any edits. There’s not going to be any post-production, any fancy effects added to the video, and it’s going to be really focused on delivering good content to you, and sort of what I’ve acquired over the last 20 plus years, in terms of experience, hands on experience. I want to share that with you.
We’re going to be doing these videos on a regular basis. We’re going to share them on all social media, across all the platforms, and obviously you can make comments, ask questions, and myself and the team will be able to help you, and answer some of those questions you have. Really, the focus of the very first video, I wanted to touch on the topic, which is, I think is very important right now, which is the summertime, and when is the best time to build your business in the world of direct selling profession? I call it profession, why, because it’s not industry. There’s no difference than any other profession. Being an attorney, a doctor, of course, and an accountant are all professionals working in their profession, whereas we’re marketers in this direct selling profession. With that said, let’s dive into it, and let’s talk about what’s the best time, the best season, if you will, for building direct selling marketing business.
For me, what I’ve learned over the last 20 plus years, I feel the two best seasons, and a lot of my colleagues who’ve made millions of dollars in this profession, agree with me, I’m positive they agree, the two best seasons, and what we cal the first, Q1, which is really mid January to about, roughly mid April. That’s the toughest, about the hardest and the best times in terms of productivity. Second one, of course, is October, November, December, what I call sort of a Q3/Q4 of the calendar year.
Why those two? Because obviously think about what happens shortly after New Year, Christmas comes around, then New Year. What are people thinking about? New Year, new resolution. January, February, March, everybody wants to focus on losing weight, making more money, paying off their debt, obviously coming right out of Christmas and all those gifts and vacations, all the expenses associated with Christmas. January, February, March, people have extra motivation, New Year, new resolution.The second most important part of the year, which I call the Q3/Q4 is especially mid September to roughly about mid December, just a few weeks prior to Christmas. Why? Because obviously during the summertime, kids are off the school, so they’re at home, so parents have to spend time with the kids, going on vacation. Not as much time to focus on a business, so as soon as kids are gone back to school, what do parents do? Of course, focusing on the business, so mid September, roughly to about mid December are second best time of the year focusing on network marketing and building your business.
In my opinion, and what has helped me over the years become extremely successful is where most people don’t, and I did, and many colleagues do, that are successful, we take advantage of the slowest season in our profession, which is summertime. Were in it right now. Guess what everybody’s doing? It doesn’t matter you live in east coast, west coast, no matter what part of the world you live in, you are focusing on spending quality time with the family, vacation, kids, everything else associated with summer. Those are the moments, those are the times, that’s the season where most network marketers tend to do the same, go on a vacation. For years that I’ve been building in the field, I always focus on working extra harder in summer, because guess what, less competition, less people out there actually recruiting, and are focused on their summertime and vacation, and spending time with the family, so I’m out there every day recruiting. Recruiting more than anyone else, and there’s not a lot of competition. That’s what I love about summer, and I wanted to focus on that. If you really want to build your business, and here we are mid July, almost, this is a great time, about month and a half left of summer, sort of a season, you can get to work now while everyone else is on vacation, and regardless of your down line or up line, no matter what company you’re in, everyone else is on vacation. You can take advantage of that and go to work. By the time September comes, and everyone else is back to work, you’re going into that, or you’re building in momentum already, where everyone is going to start recruiting and building from scratch. You’ve got a momentum already, coming out of the summer. That’s, for me, one of the best advices I’ve always given to people when they ask me, “What’s the best season to work in direct sales network marketing profession?” If you want to find out more about this kind of tips, highly recommend check out my website, KostaGara.com. Also, as you know, I … Most of you probably know, I’ve written a book that became a best seller on Amazon called, Organic Networker, and I cover that topic, plus many more topics in the book.
Again, as you can see, this is raw, unedited, it’s going to be posted soon, and you’ll have the opportunity to comment, and tell me what you think. Again, this is very first video of the series of videos I’m going to be doing over the next few months, and obviously few years, so thank you again for listening, and I look forward to getting your comments and questions. Thank you and have a good time. Bye.