hello everyone welcome to mind-blowing
healthy wellness with Violet today we’re talking about three misconceptions that
block weight loss and as you might know but if you’re new here I’ll tell you
that I’m a psychologist and I have a prior practice in the West Island of
Montreal which is in Quebec Canada and I have a private practice and I see a lot
of clients and we sometimes get on the topic of weight loss and weight control
because it’s something that causes a lot of struggle for many many people I
thought today I would take a moment to talk about weight loss and more
specifically talk about the things that might block us from losing weight and
the first thing I want to talk about is our misconception our misunderstanding
about how weight is gained in the first place so you know dr. Jason Fong he’s a
Canadian sight a Canadian doctor he talks about the idea that we don’t
understand how insulin is implicated and weight gain and so basically and he
explains it very well we gain weight because our insulin levels are high and
therefore because our insulin levels are high our body when it gets carbohydrates
which causes our insulin levels to be high by the way when our body receives
carbohydrates it decides to store the energy because oftentimes we end up
ingesting too many carbs so more carbs and we’re able to use in that moment in
time what this means is that we are regularly saving the carbonyl some of
the carbohydrates but also some of the fats that we eat in a meal so the first
thing that we need to understand when we’re talking about weight gain and the
issues that I believe we don’t understand is that that process of
gaining of storing carbs and therefore also storing fats is being pushed by the
number of carbs that we ingest okay so eat more carbs equals store more
energy regardless of the kind of energy that you ingest whether it’s carbs or
fats so let’s talk about insulin for a minute because I think we need to
understand what insulin is insulin is a hormone and we all have insulin it’s
there to regulate partially one of the reasons is there is to regulate our
carbohydrates in our system we can’t have too many carbs in our system at any
one time if I remember correctly the a regular person so a person has no
diabetic issues whatsoever no sugar issues whatsoever a regular person can
have about a teaspoon of sugar in their entire system at any given time and be
fine like that’s that’s the norm if you have more than that insulin will be
turned like will increase nice didn’t say Turner because you always have some
of them two’ll in your system but interests insulin will be increased and
it will it will work to get the extra sugar out of your system so the extra
carbs so okay so that’s important for us to understand so that’s the first thing
is that insulin is the hormone that regulates how much sugar is being
allowed to remain in your system at any particular point in time okay the other
thing that we need to understand is what a carb is now in a lot of the videos
that I’ve watched about kina jet ketogenic diet about low carb low fat
diet sorry low carb high fat diet a lot of videos that I’ve watched they kind of
used carbohydrates sugar back and forth very interchangeably and I think for a
lot of people we really don’t know what a Karpis and therefore a lot of people
really really don’t know like how to define a carbohydrate so I thought I
would take a moment here because I think this is the other misconception that we
have when our doctor says you need to cut down your sugar and a lot of people
go home with that full intention I’m gonna cut down my sugar I think the
problem isn’t their intention and I don’t think the problem is their desire
or even their attempt I think their true problem is that
they don’t know what they’re aiming at because I think the majority of people
are not aware that a carbohydrate is any food sorry that will basically a
carbohydrate is any food that has carbohydrates in it and the sugar is a
carbohydrate and that carb up like they I don’t think that people understand
that for example bread is a carbohydrate high carbohydrate food grains rice pasta
oatmeal barley I don’t think most people understand that those are high
carbohydrate foods I don’t think most people understand that we’re not just
talking about cookies and sweet the candy and chips and I don’t even know
more people realize that chips are high carbohydrate food again I think when the
doctor says you need to cut sugar out of your diet people go home and they cut
sugar they stop putting sugar in their coffee they stop eating cookies they
stop eating cake okay great but they don’t start eating bread they continue
to eat pasta and rice they continue to eat potatoes they continue to eat things
that are high in carbohydrates without realizing that they’re eating things
that are high in carbohydrates so the second thing that I think people need to
understand when we’re talking about misconceptions about weight loss and
things that block your weight loss is that when the doctor says take sugar out
of your diet what are you really meant to say is take carbohydrates out of your
diet and in order to take carbohydrates out of your diet you have to look wider
than cookies chips and cake you need to also and candy you need to look at like
right like bread you need to look at all the pasta and like it’s a wide amount of
things starchy vegetables they all need to get out all the grains that are that
we eat need to get out of your diet eating a whole grain bread doesn’t
change the fact that it’s a grain and it needs to be out of your diet because
that’s a high carb food so that’s the second thing that I’m gonna put out
there is an idea that I think blocks our weight loss is that we don’t understand
what carbohydrates are and so therefore we accidentally keep eating them in our
attempt to eat better cereal I almost didn’t say that cereal
is a very high carb because they’re made from grains so all cereals milk is a
high carbohydrate food because it has lactose in it which is a carbohydrate so
it’s a sugar right so we need to take all of our all of these things out of
our our diet ok so then what happens well we’re left with what we’re left
with eating vegetables that are low low starch low carb so we have a lot of the
cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens and we have a lot of salads that we can
eat and then of course what the so if again if I’ve taken out most of the
carbohydrates which is a it’s a fuel source so let’s look at that for five
seconds the other thing that we don’t understand is that carbs our fuel source
so if we take all of the fuel sources out that our carbohydrate and we only
leave in vegetables but vegetables are not as high in carb as say bread or
pasta but we need another fuel source right in walks fats so the other problem
that I see is that people do not recognize how important facts are when
we take out carbohydrates you can’t just take out carbohydrates and not replace
it with something if the major source of your food energy was coming from
carbohydrates and if we stop and think about it with all the things that I just
listed there how many of those things were you eating on a regular basis
chances are your major fuel source was carbohydrates I haven’t even started to
talk about how bad for your system carbohydrates are in terms of
inflammation in terms of just making people feel really physically ill and
I’m attempting to touch on that right now if we just look at the fact that
most of your energy was coming from carbohydrates and the doctor is telling
you to take sugar out of your diet because making you overweight then
if I take all of that out of my diet because I’m taking out the carbs what am
I left with all right all my energy is gone I have
to increase the fats I’m eating have no choice so at that point when I started
to increase the fats that I’m eating guess what I do I actually help myself
right I have energy okay so I need to have I need to replace the energy I need
to replace the energy that was coming from carbs with fats so then I need to
understand that fat that come from quality sources are good for me this is
the important part of the story fats from quality sources if I’m replacing my
carbohydrates with vegetable oil I’m gonna do poorly if I’m replacing my
carbohydrates with Crisco or if I replace my carbohydrates is anything
that’s not a quality fat I’m gonna do poorly peanut oil I’m gonna do poorly
what I need to do is replace my carbohydrates with high quality fats
which would be for example the fat that comes along with the protein that I’m
eating so most protein will come with a fat if I eat an avocado there’s gonna be
fat in there if I eat an egg there’s already fat in there if I eat a steak
there’s already fat there if I eat pork there’s already fat therefore it’s
almond there’s already fat there so chicken there’s already fat there if I
allow myself to eat the skin for example so if I look at the first of all first
and foremost look at the food sources that I have in front of me all of these
food sources are coming along with their own source of fat if I need to add fat
then I need to choose a high quality fat and that would mean choosing olive oil
choosing coconut oil choosing have a hot oil and there might be other high
quality oils that you can find I don’t know them all I’m not going to claim to
know them all my point is that you need to do a little research and make sure
that these are high quality oils here’s the thing in order for this to be
successful I need to allow myself to recognize
that there are things that I’ve been told about food there are things that
I’ve been told about carbs so sugar versus fat that we now know are
inaccurate so and then because I have this information I need to understand
that I have been set up to have goals in my head that are contrary to my own
health so one of the things that I’ve been set up to think because of the
culture that we live in and the way that we’ve been treating food lately is that
it’s not possible to lose weight now that’s not true and one of the things
that we do know though is that the weight loss structure that has been put
in front of us for the last 50 years is that if you want to lose weight you need
to eat less move more calories and calories out now what we’ve learned
about this is that yes you can eat less move more and if you do it rigorously
enough you will lose weight you will be hungry and within six after six months
you will likely regain the weight this is what this diet regimen has repeatedly
shown over and over and over again and this is not something that you have to
look far to prove we’ve all either done it or and had friends who’ve done it
lost a bunch of weight on a calorie restrictive diet and then gained it all
back we need to change this mindset the truth is you can lower your
carbohydrates but increase your fats keeping your food intake so the calorie
number around the same just to lower the carbs increase the fat and you will lose
weight and then the interesting thing about that is that at the beginning when
you do the shift you lower the carbs you increase the fat for the first little
bit of time that you’re doing this you’re gonna eat exactly the same amount
of calories you are because well first of all you’re adapting to being to using
fat for fuel and you’re not used to it but the second reason is because at that
point in time what your body is doing in this adjustment is keeping stable and
that’s okay and for most people you will lose water
weight because you’ve decreased your carbs so you’re not actually losing any
fat weight so even though theoretically technically you’re gonna lose weight
theoretically you’ve only lost water so when we keep going for it on this way of
eating though what you will also notice is that your body becomes more efficient
so so actually what happens is that that shift happens and then the the number of
total calories for example that you might need will decrease partially and I
say partially because yes you will ingest fewer calories your body will use
the same amount of calories so one of the things that’s interesting about this
diet is that even though you you decrease the amount of calories you’re
ingesting because eventually when you make this shift and then you’re eating
what’s gonna happen is you’re still eating very low-carb because the carbs
is what pushes you to have higher insulin which pushes you to eat more so
you’re keeping those carbs really low so yes you will eat this low-carb you’re
gonna eat moderate protein because you need to have enough protein to fuel and
sorry to rebuild your body but your fat intake eventually will become less and
less and the reason for this is it’s very simple when you become fat adapted
then the fat that you carry on your body can be used as fuel and so what you
quickly realize at least most people realize this when they’re doing this
program so a ketogenic program when you do that is that when that shift happens
you actually just ingest less fat naturally because you’re not as hungry
because your body’s pulling fat from your system now if that happens then
what you end up seeing and which does happen for a lot of people is what you
end up seeing is that your weight goes down so for the majority of people yes
on a ketogenic way of eating at some point your caloric intake decreases
technically because you’re not ingesting your caloric use stays the same because
your body is using the fat that’s stored on you and we have a lot of fat stored
on us even a regular weighted person has enough fat stored on them to last them a
good few hundred days so a person who’s overweight has even more weight that
they could that’s stored on them that they could use for many many days so
that’s the other thing to keep in mind is that what that that we believe we’re
gonna fail and so we end up engaging in ways that set us up to fail if we engage
this system lower the carbs increase the facts we don’t fail now the other goal
that we’ve been set up to think is going to be there no matter what is this idea
that’s impossible lose weight again I’ve just shown you that is just by what I
just said I just talked about the idea that it’s not impossible we actually can
lose weight and the final sad thing that I think happens is that this way so any
any diet that you start is difficult the idea that I’m gonna eat less and be
hungry is extremely difficult and so most people don’t even start the diet
because they’re so worried about being hungry and not feeling energetic and not
being able to do what they need to do they don’t even start but again it goes
along with this idea that the only way to lose weight is to restrict your
carbohydrate intake and and to restrict your total intake and so therefore
you’re restricting everything and so you’re hungry when we allow ourselves to
restrict cars but increase fats after we get it through the adaptation phase
we’re no longer hungry but do people give themselves the chance to get to
that point often they don’t now here’s another reason that we don’t
do that and it’s sad but it’s the reality is that we’re so worried about
not being able to eat like other people we’re so worried about not being able to
eat fun foods quote unquote fun foods we’re so worried about giving up what we
are so used to eating we don’t stop and think about how we feel today versus how
we could possibly feel so for example if you’re walking around with excess
weight on you and you’re not happy with the way you look I don’t know are the
cookies worth giving up if you were looking walking around today and you’re
not able to do the things that you want to do are the cookies worth giving up so
and it’s not even about giving them up and I say that because that’s how we
think but if you stop and think about it I’m trading I’m trading cookies for
steak I’m trading cookies or bacon I’m trading chocolate cake for pork I’m
trading I’m trading good foods for good foods and I’m trading I’m trading
lasagna made from pasta for lasagna made from vegetables and and you know and and
healthy cheeses and healthy meats what I’m suggesting to you is that it’s not
about giving up it’s about trading and I think before we decide that we can’t do
it we should at least give ourselves the chance to do it and I think the other
thing that you’ll notice when you give yourself the chance to do it and and
it’s hard because I have to try in order to see that this is possible is that if
I decide to do something whenever I decide to do it I’m gonna go in full
force and then once I’ve decided that I’ve gone in full force
then everything I do from that moment on is about seeing how do I feel about this
right I have to allow myself the chance to really focus on how is this making me
feel rather than focusing on what I’m giving up what I don’t have anymore what
I miss and I know I’m not telling you that you’re not gonna miss things
because that’s just silly of course people miss things but when I compare
what I’m missing to how I currently feel then you decide right so if going low
carb high fat or going keto which is even lower because keto is 50 grams or
less of carbs total per day if going where as low fat low carb is 150 or less
but if going low carb or keto is going to be the difference between you feeling
amazing or not then the question becomes well how do I want to feel and when you
dookied oh one of the things that I’ve noticed and person after person client
after client has repeated this is that when you do keto and you really get
those carbs down super low the hunger goes away the cravings go away that you
eat when you’re hungry and then you love what you’re eating because it tastes
great because there’s natural flavor in it so if you really want to feel better
what you need to learn to do is prioritize you both your emotional and
your physical health you need to prioritize and realize that you are
worth putting in the effort to learn how to manage your emotions about eating and
to manage your actual eating behavior you are worth that energy and an effort
whenever we make a change in our life we need to make sure that it’s something
that we can sustain right so the best way to do that is set yourself up find a
way to automate some of this stuff so make it easy for yourself to keep this
lifestyle while having things prepared by buying your groceries in advance by
having some of your meals planned out that way when you do do the diet it’s
gonna feel great because it can be effective you’re gonna have food to eat
you’re going to learn how to train your body to burn fat for fuel and then
you’re good and you’re also gonna enjoy what you’re eating right and if you’re
able to do these things you just think about the fact that you didn’t become
overweight or you didn’t get metabolic issues happening with you in the last
three weeks this has been going on for years are you allowing yourself to see
that maybe what I need to do is give myself the next five months to really
commit to this diet and say okay how do I feel right and after that if I give
myself this period of time to say okay I’m gonna commit to it how do I feel
then I’ll know right and if I don’t feel any different I don’t feel any different
but what happens if you feel amazing one thing that we know is that low
carb low fat loses weight but it lasts for about six months and then you’re so
hungry and you’re so weak that you end up eating and regaining all the weight
consistently it seems to be consistently everybody who’s doing this it’s very
obvious consistently low carb high fat and especially keto numbers Kido
– like less than 50 grams total and high fat equals weight loss that’s
sustainable for years you have to ask yourself am I willing to become fat
adapted so that I can have the life that I want to have so my suggestion is it’s
worth it all right and I can tell you that my personal experience with it is
that it’s worth it and it’s not just about losing weight it’s about feeling
good it’s about not having a hip issue anymore which is what I had that started
this whole process for me and helped me to find keto is that I had a hip issue
and I learned that carbohydrates cause inflammation and so my thought was well
that’s what’s causing my hip issue I’m just gonna get rid of carbs and doing
that has absolutely changed everything because it got rid of my hip issue it
got rid of my circulation issue the possible arthritis that I thought was
starting is completely gone a back issue that I’ve had for years is completely
gone knee issues that I’ve had for years has completely gone so can I say that I
had into some inflammation going on yes I could say that do I feel information
now no I don’t so it’s important for you to recognize that your journey is gonna
be dependent on what you’re trying to solve and that’s fine
solve it that’s that’s the point prioritize you do the things that are
gonna help you to feel better one of the things I want to point out is that we’re
often talking about calories and calories out and one of the points that
dr. Fung makes is that when we eat sugar so whether it’s a cookie where there’s a
piece of cake whatever it is the insulin spike that caused that results
is that those carbs to be stored as fat in our fat cells
that’s one system that’s one pathway when we exercise we use the glucose
that’s stored in our muscles if we’re if we’re not fat adapted we don’t even a
pin to the fat cells that are being stored so the idea of calories and
calories out is two different systems it’s important for us to understand that
if I’m trying to lose weight I need to allow myself to understand what process
is happening what are the things I can actually do to help myself to lose
weight so again these are things that I want you to know because knowledge helps
us to make better decisions right we need to understand that if we if we eat
sugar and our insulin goes up whatever we happen to eat with that meal sugar
protein fat all of it becomes a potential store right our bodies are
going to store what we’re not going to use and if we have high insulin our body
stores it if we have low insulin so if our carbs are really low then the fact
that gets produced or carry sorry the fat that gets ingested gets used all
right cuz our carbohydrates were low that’s super important for those of us
who are trying to lose weight right so knowledge again when we’re talking about
knowledge I really want us to be clear about what we’re trying to accomplish
versus what the world tells us is possible whenever we allow ourselves to to be told what’s our reality we end up
getting hurt so you need prioritize your own health your own well-being above
other people’s ideas the standard American diet which Canadians follow to
the standard American diet tells us that 45 to 65% of our daily caloric intake
can come from carbs actually should come from carbs
it says should and I always want us to understand what that means
if 45% of our caloric intake comes from carbs that’s equivalent to 169 grams of
carbs all the way up to 244 grams of carbs
which would be equivalent to 35 well 34 to 49 teaspoons of sugar per day
when would you ever sit down and eat 35 teaspoons of sugar right the average
adult would never do that but yet in our in our diet if we were to honestly allow
ourselves to recognize that this is the equivalence that are happening here
when you eat rice when you eat pasta and those carb numbers when you do the math
that’s what’s happening because rice in our system behaves the same way as a
teaspoon of sugar so however many teaspoons that is of right in a right
that’s what it’s doing so again let’s be clear we would never sit down and eat 35
teaspoons of sugar we wouldn’t do it so when we think about just the low end of
this if you allow yourself to have 169 out of it this is out of a $2,000 if you
allow yourself to have a hundred and 69 grams of carbs per day you’re already
above low carb like just the lowest end of their diet of their recommendations
puts you above low carb and you’re way way above keto it’s so important for us
to keep ourselves in mind and be mindful of what that means keeping yourself to
less than 50 grams of carbs per day is so important if you want to burn fat for
fuel on a regular basis when we don’t have information we make mistakes when
we don’t know how many carbs it takes to make a teaspoon of sugar we make
mistakes because we look at these these information packages and in the grocery
store and we read and we say oh it’s only you know 25 grams of carbs oh it’s
only that but like we don’t realize that over the course of the day when you
start adding that up and especially on those labels they often don’t give you a
very realistic serving size right there’s certain the serving size on
pack of cook a cookie if you buy a cookie and it’s telling you they often
don’t give you realistic serving sizes right you know it could be like for one
cookie who eats one cookie or it could be for
like you know like a hundred 50 grams of something that’s such a small amount
that you’re probably gonna eat a hundred or even 200 grams so one of the things
we have to be careful about is that even in the recommendations even in the
serving size if I don’t accurately assess okay that’s the serving size how
much am I actually gonna eat and then make that calculation it’s okay so how
many carbs is it really again we are not allowing ourselves to have the
information that we need to make sure that we’re staying within the
carbohydrate numbers is gonna help us to feel better we need to use our
information wisely we need to really focus on keeping those carbs low getting
those fats higher to help ourselves become fat adopted and then once we’re
there once we’re adapted as we eat what we’ll see is that the facts that we eat
do I actually need to eat that much and I say shaded eating low carb moderate
protein and how much fat do I really need to have there to feel like I’m
satiated sometimes especially when we are first starting the process we need a
bit more but then as we’re losing weight we need a bit less and then what happens
when we get close to our goal weight will probably stabilize again add a bit
of a higher number because we need to slow down the fat fat loss and stop
ventually the fat loss we don’t want to disappear so it’s important for us to
understand and know for sure how many carbs were actually eating in a day this
means you need to take the time to learn how many carbs are in what and that way
you can start to accurately assess how much am i eating where’s the where am i
getting my energy from keeping yourself to eating good vegetables and salads and
keeping yourself to eating high-quality proteins those high-quality fats and I
guarantee you that when you start to do this program and you really allow
yourself to plan your and an aim for better quality foods you
will be happy with what you’re eating because it’s gonna taste good and you’re
gonna look and feel great right and the better that you feel
inside the more you’re able to move the happier you’re gonna be keep in mind
again like we said we exercise because it helps us to feel great it we exercise
because it helps us to be able to do what you want to do and we eat well to
feed ourselves nutrient-dense foods to maintain this body so we can do what you
wanted to do alright but we need to be clear on that the food we ate is what
helps us to maintain our weight exercise helps us to be strong I hope this video
was helpful because I really hope that it helps you to understand the
misconceptions that we have about food and if we understand them we can do
better and when we do better we feel better remember this is about
understanding our mind and our body working together so that we have amazing
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