( # Jazz on saxophone ) Just a moment. OK? (Mouths ) Have you decided, sir? Er, yes. Could I have this, please? The steak tartare? Er, steak. Yes. Thank you. Would you like to try
the house wine, sir? Yes, please. Mmm! No, no, no, no. I’m driving. ( # Happy Birthday ) (Mumbling) Everything to your satisfaction, sir? Oh… Mmm. Is everything all right, sir? Oh, yes. Are you sure? Oh, yes. ( # Happy Birthday ) Oh, excuse me!
I do apologise. Terribly sorry, sir. Whatever is going on? (All talking at once ) (Mouthing) It really is
the most appalling mess. ..I really cannot.
Please, do forgive us. ( # Happy Birthday ) (Commentator) ‘And you join us as
the Royal car winds its way slowly ‘to the entrance of the Odeon Cinema
for tonight’s gala performance. ‘The crowd cheers, ‘their spirits undampened
by the light November drizzle. ‘Inside, waiting to greet the Royal
party, are the stars of the film ‘as well as those
tireless backroom boys ‘who really make it all happen
behind the scenes.’ (Mumbling) (Screams ) (Fanfare )