alright guys so today I’m gonna run you
through a new website that I’ve never talked about now this is a website that
I’ve known about for a while and really just kind of got back into using now I
use this particularly for a little bit of a combination of online arbitrage and
retail arbitrage there are a number of ways to do online arbitrage and a number
of ways to do retail arbitrage but I’m just going to share with you what works
for me and how I use this website ok so this is exactly how I use brick seek now
there is a three versions of brick seek ok there’s the free version
there’s the $9.99 a month version and then I think the other versions like 19
or 29 a month I have the $9.99 a month one because that comes with some of the
premium deal access as you see here but I’m gonna run you through and show you
exactly how I vet products how I go about acquiring these products and then
how I sell them back online for a profit okay now if you’re ever interested in
scaling this up and taking this seriously and learning how to multiply
your money every single month with online arbitrage and a little bit of
this sort of retail arbitrage or online arbitrage version that I’m going to show
you didn’t in today’s video first link in the description I will
let two people into the course for online arbitrage Pro at 50% off you can
use the coupon code brick seeker and I will the first link in the description
will actually just be a discount link so if you click that the first two people
to click that and purchase the course will obviously get the course at 50% off
if you go through and it’s just a normal link and there’s no discount then that
means that everybody that everybody that two people have already claimed it and
there are no more coupon codes for that okay so coupon code brick seeker first
link in the description alright so what I do when I go through brick seek is
there’s two ways to use brick see now you can use brick seek for strictly
online arbitrage and finding deals with you know some of the online deals as
you’ll see right here like online electronic deals and online toy and game
deals right and then you can vet them just like any other you know online
arbitrage potential product get it shipped to your house shipping into FBA
or fulfill it you know merchant fulfilled selling it on Amazon or sell
it back on sites like Poshmark Macari and eBay and other sites like that right
so there’s a number of ways to use it for today specifically I’m gonna show
you how to find retail arbitrage deals that are at Walmart
targets and potential best buys near you using bricks seek so I’m gonna save the
online arbitrage for another video because they’re kind of similar but they
are different okay so I’m gonna share what I’ve been doing lately that’s
really really been working wonders for me and keep in mind too when you
actually do buy these products a lot of people use brick seek so the BSR or the
bestseller rank can tank pretty quickly so it’s important to keep that in mind
when you’re actually buying these products now one of the best things
about buying products like this is you’re getting up you know items and
listings when you check them on Amazon obviously like I’m about to show you
here in a second that have really really high sales velocities and low bestseller
ranks okay so even though the bestseller rank can tank a little bit or you can
get into a pricing battle initially sometimes if you wait on a product you
can always flip it for a profit usually because like I said the listing it has
high sales philosophy or in that other case where you get into a price battle
either there there might be you know five sellers on the listing or there
might be 50 and usually when you’re doing online arbitrage the way that I
teach it in a lot of my videos those are listings that you want to stay away from
but because these listings are so you know kind of have high sales velocity
and the best seller rank is so low you can actually afford to if the if it’s
for example selling 50 sales a day on some of these listings or you know 20
sales a day on some of these listings and there’s 50 sellers well then you
don’t need to actually steal the buy box to em and drop your price because other
people have reprice errs as do i and you know you might use the reprice or
whether that’s you know a repricing website or service out outside of amazon
or using the automatic refresh so that comes in seller central everyone has to
repress ur so if you try to steal the buy box on these items right here like
i’m gonna show you you can run into pricing battles and then people just
drop the price and the price tanks so instead what you want to do is you want
to just match the buy box price and then you’re gonna share the vibe rock by box
with every other seller you won’t sell it right away but you still will sell it
really fast if you’re vetting products the way that i’m going to show you here
and everybody wins right because then everybody gets to sell it at a higher
markup and not you know you’re not having that race to the bottom pricing
so enough explaining it let me jump in and show you some products that i would
go ahead and source so what right off the bat what I like to do is
I’ll check some of the premium deals and I’ll see okay is there anything here
that stands out to me that I can make good money on now I could potentially
make good money on this one as you’ll see here that it potentially it could be
selling at up to one hundred and eighty dollars and at my price right here at a
Lowe’s near me is a hundred dollars right so that’s a potential $80 markup
but I like to you know look for products initially where the risk is a little bit
mitigated right so where I’m buying I’m spending less maybe like five to twenty
bucks and then the margin is usually like seventy to seventy-five percent
sometimes fifty if I just want to double my money so let me show you an example
so right off the bat and I actually check this one out yesterday so I’m not
gonna click on it but typically speaking this one would jump out to me right so I
will actually run you through how to actually do this one and then we’ll find
some good deals examples right so this one’s sixty-seven percent off at you
know targets near me or at least that’s what it’s saying here on brixey so what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna open up in another tab now it’s $9.99 at some
targets near me and it sells potentially back on Amazon for 60 bucks so let’s
check it out so we’re going to come in here and we want to hit click check
inventory at some of the Target stores near me now what that’s gonna do is
that’s gonna tell me you know based on my location that I put into bricks ich
where these these you know potential deals are whether they’re at Walmart or
sorry whether that Target Walmart Best Buy
or if they potentially sell back on Amazon and one of the great parts about
brick seek is if it does sell back on Amazon it will show you what it sells on
Amazon for and you can check that information out right so because I’m
looking to potentially go into retail stores by using brick seeks data
purchase a number of these quantity at the low price that they are that’s why
I’m using the website right and then potentially resell them back on Amazon I
real I’m really interested in what they’re selling for on Amazon so that I
can potentially send them into FBA or merchants to fill them for a profit so
what the whole reason I’m telling you this is this is a bad deal right because
it was selling for $19.99 even with the deal and yeah it might be selling
normally at $60 in certain places as you see here with the MSRP but back on
Amazon it’s only selling for 1839 so that is a bad product and one that is
not gonna make me any money okay now I did check that out yesterday I
already knew that but I wanted to give you an example you know I like to give
you guys raw takes and raw examples of how to source their different products I
don’t just like to hop on and be like some of the other youtubers out there
they’re like oh well I just found a great product and that’s the only
product that is source through and like make it look super simple it can be easy
and keep them you know keep in mind that none of this is like super super easy
you’re gonna have to put in a little bit of work but that said there are great
products the deep to find here you do just have to source through them like
any other potential website okay so let me go down and find some other potential
items that I might want to buy for a profit so let me check out this one
right here we’ll check out this one right here and I remember checking out
this one yesterday and it doesn’t have an Amazon listing if I remember
correctly so let’s remember checking out this one right here and let’s check out
this one right here as well so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna come to all three
T’s I’m gonna hit check inventory so it starts to load and remember I haven’t
said any this up I haven’t looked through any of these I’m just sourcing
through this like I would any other potential they show you examples the raw
steak of these products so right here off the bat this is you know I’m buying
it for $4 but you can see and this is an example that I will show you once we
actually find a decent product look there’s four here at the cinnaminson new
New Jersey Walmart which is you know somewhat close to me hits about eighteen
point two miles away there’s three here at the Levittown one
so if this were a good product what I would do is I’d come down and find out
okay where is this selling and I would go pick these up or what I would do is
call instead and this is a little caveat for some of you out there that already
used brick seek but are having trouble finding products I would call that
actual Walmart and have them set those aside for me so that I don’t have to
rush there immediately and go frantically looking for them I would
call and say hey I’m showing that you guys have four of X item in stock
can you set it aside for me I’m gonna come pick it up right now and then they
would and then what I would do is I’d come down I’d call the Levittown one and
I’d say hey I’m showing that you guys have three of these in stock you know do
you still have them in stock oh okay great are they really are they priced at
four dollars ok great can you set them aside for me I’m gonna come pick them up
and then what I would do is I’d have seven of these items that I could
potentially resell for a profit now with that little caveat more revisit
that once we find a good product this is a bad product because even though you’re
getting at four dollars like it said here the MSR
he was about 15 but its selling back on Amazon for 6:45 in new condition so this
is another example of a bad product now this one right here this looks promising
right off the bat somewhat it’s selling for 15 bucks roughly on now
there are seven in the Hatfield one which is seven miles away from me
there’s three in the will Grove one which is three miles away from me and
there’s two and five so there’s a lot of inventory here now keep in mind too that
this one is selling at nine bucks at this one so I probably want to avoid
that because all the Walmarts don’t always have the same pricing so that’s
why it’s important to use brick seat but I could definitely go out and get three
of these right here at will grove which is super freakin close to me and I could
also get where’s the other one right here
Philadelphia eleven of these East Greenville three of these so there’s a
lot of stuff in stock of this potential product it might be a good one if
there’s money to be made here so we’re getting it at four dollars it’s gonna
retail on a Mazar sell them Amazon for about 14.95 that’s the buy box price
right now now is it a good listing now it does have two stars which kind of you
know does jump off the bat for me right away as you know potential indicator of
a bad product and it’s a hundred and forty thousand roughly in toys and games
so what is that actually selling selling about twelve a month and one daily sales
so actually this is somewhat of a low sales velocity and it’s actually hot a
lot of low sales velocity but let’s pretend that I had a good best seller
rank let’s see if we could actually sell it or if we’re gated in this toy
category so I can actually sell this new collectible condition so this would be a
potentially good product if it were selling a little bit more now what I
would like to do next is I’ll check with this online seller add-on right here if
you know what who else is selling it how so how many other sellers as you can see
here there are five but more importantly how much quantity of those do they
actually have because if you look down the list and you know certain people are
selling one or two or three quantities then yeah they’re gonna sell out fairly
quickly and you can load up on quantity knowing that their inventory is going to
run out pretty quickly okay so it’s just something I like to use in another step
and cog in the process that can help you out and really understand and indicate
what’s selling on the listing how many those those actual sellers have so that
you can utilize all that to make an informed decision on how deep
you want to go into this inventory right if there’s a lot there there’s a lot of
sellers and they all have a large quantity chances are you gonna be
sharing the buy box for a while with a lot of people so you don’t want to go in
deep on that inventory you don’t want to buy like twenty to fifty potentially
maybe you only want to buy five depending on how many sales it has a
month right now it’s gonna be you might want to go back and watch this entire
video I’m not telling you that – you know – you know obviously increase the
watch time or anything I’m which obviously would help me so if you do
that’d be great but there’s a lot of little tidbits of information that you
might not pick up the first time the next thing that I’ll do is I’ll actually
use this extension as well which shows me the FBA calculator so I don’t
actually ask the Google FBA calculator every single time right usually what I
would tell people to do and I didn’t mean to hit Chrome extension there I
would just hit FBA calculator and take me to seller central to the revenue
calculator now you can do this every time if you want you don’t need to
download the extension but I like to do is I like to have the extension
installed so I can literally just get all the data right away I say run the
calculator right here and then I simply just type in my product cost and how
much my shipping potentially cost would be into FBA right so my product cost was
$4 right my shipping cost if I buy like five of these or ten of these might be
end up being like 30 cents so what is my net profit margin after all is said and
done well my net profit margin would be negative 1 point 5 negative dollar 56
per unit so this is probably a bad product if I buy it at that price now
the key indicator here is it might be a little bit bigger and might weigh a
little bit more and might take up a little bit more their shelves so if I
weren’t fulfilling this and I could obviously check this on the FBA
calculator as merchants fulfilled if I wanted to and see if I can make money
merchants fulfilling this so what I would do is I would take that as I am
into the FBA calculator to see if its profitable to merchants fulfill this and
you don’t have to merge them fulfill I’m just giving you more you know tools in
your tool belt essentially to make money with this and these are actually
examples of bad products but I’m running you through all the different ways that
I source and all the different things that I go into my mind when I’m actually
doing this to see profitable products so the shit the item price is 1497 the cost
of my product would be $4 so what my net profit margin be before my shipping now
you can put your shipping in here with the cost of seller for film
and just put it into the ship to customer right here so if I’m gonna
estimate that it’s gonna cost me five dollars to ship to my customer you know
based on whatever shipping the options used for merchant fulfilled then I
calculate it it’s gonna tell me that okay if I’m merchant fulfill this it
cost me five dollars just ship it and I priced it at 1497 and I and I pay four
dollars per product that I can potentially make three dollars and
seventy two cents in that profit for every product that I purchased so I
don’t usually merchant fulfill these I usually ship them into FBA but I’m just
giving you another tool that you can potentially utilize to make money if you
want to so next thing right off the bat jumps out to me for this listing that
makes it bad is it’s nine dollars on Amazon so that makes it a bad product
because I’m buying it for 450 so let’s find a good example of a product and
source through some so come down to more deals near me and we’re gonna find a
good example of one I’m going to find one for you so so right off the bat this
Panasonic high-speed toaster let’s check this one out now it is only 40 percent
or 40 percent off but you’re buying it for $59 and 11 percent of the Walmart
stores and it the MSRP potential is ninety nine dollars on Amazon now this
is a little bit of a higher risk product cuz you’re spending $60 per product but
the margin might be like 20 bucks for that so that’s you know maybe that’s
like a what 33 percent return on your investment fairly quickly now there’s a
lot in stock not nobody’s going after this product for that reason so let’s
check we can sell it it does the price at those are sixty bucks so that’s a
good sign let’s see if okay and this is a good example this is why I’m going
through and showing you all of these now there’s nothing listed here for Amazon
so that could indicate that they don’t have the Amazon sales data or that it’s
not selling back on Amazon so you could buy this and sell this back on eBay but
I don’t personally like to do that with brick seek so what I’ll do is I’ll take
that in and I’ll paste it in and look for this so Panasonic high speed toaster
oven Panasonic high speed toaster oven and because there’s so many here I don’t
even want to get involved in this but that’s the process that I do I check to
see if I can find a listing that is exact now since we didn’t find any
legitimate deals there what I’m gonna go is I’m gonna go to into deals right here
and I’m gonna sort for in-store deals on brick seek and that’s
take me to this page where I’m basically just gonna sort through some deals now
this is a good potentially good product but I’ve already checked this yesterday
to find out that there’s nothing in the stores near me because everybody’s
already cleared it out so you’d potentially sell it obviously a lot
higher on Amazon you buy it for 50 bucks so that’s a bad product now this isn’t
actually a good product that I was about to buy yesterday and I got sidetracked
so let’s see if it’s still a good product that I can show you an example
of so you’re buying it for five dollars up you know in 6% of stores so the
inventory might have gone down there was more of this yesterday when I actually
checked it and the MSRP on Amazon is close to 50 bucks so this is a great
example of a product if there’s inventory to get it so we hit check
inventory obviously and the way that I’m gonna do this like I said is I’m gonna
call the Walmart’s and have them set it aside and make sure ahead of time that I
can sell it so it looks like the price has dropped slightly I think it was like
45 yesterday or 44 I could be wrong on that I was doing a lot of things
yesterday for my online courses and kind of putting a lot more into online
arbitrage Pro always improving that I got like five more lectures I’m adding
right after this video so you know I’m not like focused mainly on doing this
but if I was obviously you know on the days that I’m not adding to the course
I’m out there sourcing whether it’s through BRIC seek or other online
arbitrage websites there’s a lot of money to be made if you turn this into a
full time income I only do this on the side maybe you know I don’t know
anywhere from like 20 to 30 hours a week usually it’s probably closer at I say 20
about 10 to 30 hours a week usually it’s closer to like the 10 to 20 range so you
don’t need to do this full-time you can just do a part-time but if you do do it
full-time you can really turn this into a full-time income and make good money
so it’s a good opportunity to here for this product it’s selling 40 dollars on
Amazon can I sell it and what’s the best seller rank now it’s a great best
selling rank so this is a perfect example of something that’s gonna move a
lot of products fast as you see here it’s 767 in beauty and personal care so
it’s selling a hundred and forty daily sales four thousand two hundred and
fifty five a month so this is moving freakin fast so if you can get your
hands on this inventory for five bucks a piece and it’s selling at $40 that is a
great example of a product and there’s only fourteen new sellers on this so can
we sell it and we can sell it a new condition
so this is a good product now there’s 14 new sellers on here let’s see what their
inventory looks like so we click that add-on right there and for the gut for
you guys that want to know this add-on it’s online seller add-on right there as
you can see up in the right-hand corner it’s very easy just download it on the
google chrome store so everybody on this listing looks pretty decent except the
only thing that stands out to me is Amazon when you’re buying deals like
this you do usually want to stay away from Amazon although they will share the
Bible and that’s exactly what I’m seeing right here look so 46 bucks 47 that’s
where it was yesterday it looks like Amazon literally jumped on this listing
and now they’re listing at 40 bucks so they undercut the entire market so
I’d recommend if you buy this deal is just match Amazon’s price you don’t want
to get into a bidding war with them and they have about a thousand quantity
maybe even more that it’s shown here because you can only ever see up to 999
quantity so that said I would still because the margin is so good you’re
buying it for $5 you it’s moving so many so fast remember it’s literally selling
139 a day here on this listing so I would potentially go out and buy this so
let’s look at the inventory so I always stay away from limited stock because
that usually means that it’s just the display model and usually they won’t
sell it for it to you so it looks like there’s three here in Philadelphia which
is somewhat close to me there’s two here in Edison Eddystone which is somewhat
close to Philly it’s not necessarily close to me but it’s close to Philly so
far going into the Philadelphia store or into Eddystone obviously then you know I
would call both of them and get five of those there’s also in Warrington which
is super freakin close to me there’s three to five but they’re not selling
key thing here is they’re not selling at $5 at the Warrington store so that’s
something I would want to stay away from so all these are also in stock but
they’re not selling at that five dollar markdown so the only things that I would
potentially do are I would come in to out call Philadelphia and be like hey
guys I see you I’m showing that you have three of item X in this case it would be
the wall Clippers right okay do you still have them in stock ok great you
still have them in stock ok are they still listed at $5 ok great can you set
them aside for me I’m coming in to pick them up while being in an hour or two
great and then they set them aside I don’t have to rush there to beat
everybody there right same thing with Eddie stone ok you have two of them ok
they’re still in stock ok great they’re 5 dollars set them aside for me I’ll
Bend up being to pick them up okay so I’m gonna run you through the
FBA calculator to show you what I’m gonna make here if I were to pet
potentially get these five right here and call them so the price the product
price let’s drop it down let’s assume we’re gonna lose a buck on it and then
we’ll match Amazon’s price at 38 just just for kicks and giggles my product
cost is five dollars my shipping into amazon cost if I’m buying five of them
we’ll say fifty cents roughly and I’m estimating that guys for a total net
profit of twenty to twenty seven per unit for this actual right here and that
would mean that if I bought five of them at five dollars that would be I’m
spending twenty five dollars to make potentially twenty to twenty seven times
five so I’m making a hundred and eleven dollar profit plus obviously the money
that I’m getting back right so I’m making one hundred and eleven
thirty-five dollars profit by spending twenty five bucks on this listing so
this is an example of a great product that you want to go out and source you
can afford to sit on this inventory for like a week and match the buy box price
because it’s selling so many units very very quickly and the margin is super
good now keep in mind to another locale before I end this video is you don’t
actually if for whatever you know for whatever reason these stores are far
farther away from you so if you saw like right here this is like twenty one point
nine miles which is like forty minutes away from me in Philly same thing with
this one it’s probably like 45 minutes away from me in Philly but they’re like
right next to each other so I can hit both of them at once so you got to ask
yourself if it’s worth your while now for me to go down and drive there you
know if they had more quantity in stock it would definitely be worth my while I
go down to Philly quite often so maybe I’ll have them set them aside and I’ll
go pick them up when I’m down there one time so I mean it can be another thing
that you can do with the margins this high so you’re buying it for five
dollars you’re potentially reselling it for forty dollars back on Amazon you can
afford to get them shipped to you because your margin is higher so keep
that in mind as well you can call on the phone have them set up an order and ship
them to you as well okay so keep that in mind guys I just wanted to give you some
you know valuable insight today on how you can use brick seek to make money
whether you’re doing online arbitrage or retail arbitrage and obviously today we
ran through the retail arbitrage side of it which means that you’re not going in
and scanning a million differ things I never really liked that form of
retail arbitrage because I don’t like playing guessing games and wasting my
time although it does work for some people don’t get me wrong what I like to
do is I like to make informed decisions from my laptop I’m sure you do as well
like this right here where I can find products and then potentially go into
the store to pick those products up or just have them delivered to my house so
hope you guys like this there’s a number of other potential deals on this website
you can source through to do this just the same I just wanted to find a good
example of one product to show you that there’s opportunities here on this
marketplace with brick seek and then you can resell those back on Amazon for a
profit so if you guys want to use brick seek not just brick seek but ten other
online arbitrage business models if you want to learn how to use brick seek but
not just brick seek well thirty to fifty potentially other other websites in the
course first link in the description will take you to a discounted link for
online arbitrage Pro so the first two people to go through the first
description link and grab the course then obviously they get in fifty percent
off if you do and it’s the full price and that means that they’ve already been
claimed so hope you guys like this and with that being said I’ll see you in the
next one