I’ll wake up and I’ll go on my phone.
I’ll check my emails from customers and from the suppliers to make sure
everything’s ok, and then afterwards I’ll go and change it’s my uniform and have
my breakfast and then I’ll go to school. The actual branch e-commerce I do is
called dropshipping which is where you don’t actually physically touch the
stock or you don’t hold any physical stock but you’re taking the product from
the factory and then just bringing it directly to the customer. I think it’s
really important to be financially independent because you learn to take
control of things and you learn how to age have an appreciation for money and
you’re also able to take control of things you really want to do like
traveling or like going out with friends and you’re not at the mercy of your
parents or your parents money. They’ve learned over time now that it’s not a
really big deal and I think when I first told them about it they were like wait
what because they were like it confused about how is the earning the money and
it wasn’t sure if it was actually legal. But now because I’ve told them so much
about it they’re okay of it and it’s kind of like just become a daily thing
like just working a normal job. So when I first start is getting
complaint emails I was like ‘Oh my god this is really stressful.’ but I think you
just have to learn that people people say in an email
they’re expecting they’re talking to like you know middle-aged big call
centers they’re not expecting to talk to a 14-year old. I know these people would
never say these things in real life so you have to respect them still and you
can’t answer back in a rude way so I try to just be courteous You have everything
that you need on your phone and that in our world today it’s so accessible to
start anything with just your phone. Look up on YouTube all the free videos that are out there. While you’re young meet the best use of your time.