Mystery Wheel races! we’ve got our DUPLO
trains out in here! with bubble makers! team white; Toby and Spencer. Team Blue;
Gordon and me, Thomas. team red: yarr Salty and James. and team green;
we have Percy and William who’s this guy? ah I have no idea? you don’t know who
this is? whose face is it? whose name is it? whose
crane is it? is this cranky the crane, except he’s a train? cranky the crane
train. better not tell rocky and Harvey, this isn’t gonna go well. and we have the
bubble cycle here! make us a bubble, buddy! what’s it gonna be? who’s it gonna be?
what color? red! which engine you want? James? white! you pick Toby? Toby
versus James, any predictions? Toby? you guys say Toby, I’m gonna pick James. I
think he’s gonna be the winner. we’re operating the gazillion bubbles bubble
cycle, look at these bubbles! the bubbles are everywhere! hey Liam, are you
ready? oh who won that one? instant replay! and the replay shows James to
be the winner! How you doin’ cranky? cranky the Train?
thank you though I don’t think you’ll fall down at all.
all blue, going Thomas? Thomas versus cranky, any predictions? cranky? I’m with
you always. okay cause if you look at cranky, is leading and Thomas is
following. yeah but he landed on his on his wheels. he’s like a cat. Bubble maker,
we’re getting ready to race get all these bubbles! this is a gazillion
bubbles. cranking Thomas are we ready set go!
oh that was definitely thomas who won that one
I wanted cranky to win two guys but it was Thomas I won that’s for certain
Josie are you gonna spend Josephine pick pick an engine who are you gonna pick
who are you gonna pick oh I think she’s picking salty greed is not going to do well that time
we have salty and Percy any predictions on this race guys salty it’s a sea race
so I think maybe salty might do good bubble bubble psycho here’s a good
battle red and green are you ready well that was a good race but salty are
actually does end up winning that one final race of the first round will show
the classic battle Spencer and Gordon any predictions on this one guys you
guys say Gordon Dodds going with Spencer because he’s sleek and strong gazillion
bubbles bubble cycle ready set go guys I think I was Spencer too I think I was Spencer Gordon gets
eliminated interesting lineup going into the second round Green has been
eliminated we’ve got one blue with Thomas all of our red make it to the
next round and then we have white and Yuma Spencer who’s gonna get the trophy did he break the trophy yeah would you
do that you can’t eat it blow I wonder who she’s gonna pick folks Thomas so uh one who your choice is well done Thomas
versus Spencer any predictions here guys I think Spencer’s gonna win – good luck
Thomas Thomas and spats are ready Warren a
great race that was but ultimately Thomas comes ahead of Spencer Thomas
against everyone else’s predictions makes it onto the final good job for the
number one Tank Engine this means the other semifinal match will be a red
versus red as salty takes on James let’s get ready to race buh-buh-buh holes look at those bubbles
wow that’s a gazillion bubbles are we ready team rad James Wang what do you get are you try
to get salty over there that’s a very salty fish and in the final race it
looks like James and Thomas will race for the Sodor cop we think that Sir
Topham Hatt let’s see more bubbles look at those you show your bubble sustain
game wow look at all these bubbles we’re celebrating the race is here today which
gazillion bubbles bubble cycle okay for the final are we ready James we might
have to go do that nice thing goes James – we might have to go to instant replay
on this one and figure out who the winner is and today’s overall ultimate
where is James at the Sodor cop and the crowd goes crazy making bubbles forum I
love this game isn’t it awesome and look at all the bubbles on this cycle either
makes motorcycle noises much braver love a boat on let’s see it
oh maybe he’s going to Lake Sodor I’ll get him in the boat Oh
horsey cranky raise some more he wants to cranky race to work all right why is
there tophi in the bottom of Lake Sodor going into lakes order to find his old
and Schulte that you love what’s lost okay good luck finding the golden trophy
oh he found it all right let’s get up on some wheels and we have him race sir
topham had in his boat versus cranky the crane train are you ready who’s going to
find Sir Topham Hatt Oh cranky oh I think cranky why not cruising Thomas are
you ready for the best friends battle oh I think Thomas won that one oh that so
here’s a rematch of the tender benders whoa that was fast and furious Gordon coming apart at the seams here
folks Toby and James are you ready whoa I think I was James had time and it’s
the seaside battle let’s see how these guys do I am boy they set go oh nice
supercar I think that boat actually won look it’s day two flow to any way into
the trophy salty how you doing buddy hey guys click here to watch another video
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