bring me Thanos! Wakanda for never Hey guys it’s finally time, I finished
training to kill Thanos, which means it’s time to test our Stormbreaker build.
Stormbreaker! but first… But in case you guys haven’t been following along this
is make it real and I’m your host the Hacksmith, we take fictional ideas from comics movies and video games and make real
working prototypes using our engineering know-how as a way to inspire you guys
into science, technology, engineering and math. Marvel is one of our favorite
sources of inspiration and you might have already seen some of our other
projects, like Captain America’s electromagnet shield, his Wakandan shield Thor’s hammer complete with all of its
abilities, Hulk’s fist and even Iron Man’s arc reactor. We have over 90
episodes in the series Stormbreaker has been one of the most challenging builds with hundreds of hours put into it from designing in CAD, to plasma cutting the
individual pieces, to welding, to grinding again and again and again and again from
sandblasting, to acid etching, to rapping it’s a priceless one-of-a-kind project
that we probably never sell and never make again. A weapon truly worthy of a
God but what exactly do we even know about the lore of Stormbreaker wait what kind of weapon are we talking about here? The Thanos killing kind Well we know that it was forged in the heart of a dying Sun by Tyrion Lannister the dwarf king
of Asgard, it’s made out of Uru and can summon the Bifrost and it’s a weapon
more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet Just look at it deflect the Infinity
Gauntlet full energy before embedding itself in Thanos’s chest. Now if only
Thor had aimed for the head. According to the Russo brothers
unlike Mjolnir, Stormbreaker does not actually need its user to be worthy
although we do know that I am worthy of Mjolnir but Stormbreaker is still really
freaking heavy. In fact it weighs around 50 kilograms or just over 100 pounds. To
demonstrate let’s show some mere mortals attempting to wield it As you can see even though the mortals
can lift it off the ground they cannot wield it effectively and neither could I now unlike Thor, instead of hitting the
gym I spent four years studying engineering, developing my knowledge to
build these awesome projects because knowledge is power Knowledge knowledge
is power. No it’s not, knowledge is not power that’s power. The brain is a muscle. But I guess I was training the wrong muscle and that’s a muscle and that’s a
muscle and they are all muscles This is all muscle so I am covered in brains Which is why I started the campaign #trainingtokillthanos New merch! and if you guys have been following me on social @theHacksmith
you’ll see I’ve been hitting the gym daily since we finished the project. I
put on about 10 pounds of muscle so far and I’m up to 165 but I’m still a far cry
from Thor or even Steve Rogers but thanks to my questionable supplement consumption my unorthodox training methods and our
proprietary Super Soldier Serum Hacksmith industries introduces the new and
revolutionary Super Soldier Serum I think I’m finally ready to wield
Stormbreaker and do some serious destruction Bring me Thanos Side effects may include being irresistible to your superior officers,
running barefoot through the streets of New York, holding down helicopters with
your bare arms We appreciate all the support we get from our viewers and our
Hacksmith channel members on both patreon and YouTube. You guys are the
reason I was able to quit my engineering job, build this team and work full-time
making and sharing these awesome projects with you. I don’t want to waste
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this video by giving us a budget to buy some MCU props for us to destroy. To
answer the question what’s the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Cinematic
Universe. Let’s get started Now before we start smashing those Marvel items we’re
gonna try destroying some everyday objects and to do that we actually have
two youtubers who came out to visit Greek Gadget Guru and Jairusofall This is Jordie’s computer you got tripped right there I didn’t see
that By the power of Spain alright let’s see how much this really
weighs So how much does it weigh? Luckily we
have an extra scale 102 pounds Why do we make all our projects so heavy I like to think of it like Hercules I don’t know if you guys have ever heard this myth but basically when Hercules was young He was given a piglet. Every day he’d lift that
piglet over his head and as the days went on the piglet got bigger and bigger
and bigger until it was a massive big ol porky and he was bench pressing like a
thousand pounds, and I think that’s one of the myths of how Hercules got so
strong so I like to think of our projects kind of like that for me we
just keep making heavier and heavier projects ergo I get stronger and
stronger. Makes sense? You want to waste the skull on me? You better break it Swing and miss No! This happened with the stupid Frostmourne sword too To be or not to be I feel like I’d eat cereal out of that skull James’ second hand milk It’s cream Alright now before we get to smashing
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keep making these awesome projects alright Stormbreaker versus Red Skull’s
skull Decimated! No more red skull alright let’s see what’s in slow-mo. oh
man look at the eyeballs Look straight out like Mars Attacks Let’s do something else all right so if
Thor went bad and attacked Ironman who would win? Am I disappointed they didn’t
invite me to fight with them? No Talk to Thor I have him right here. Oh you can’t right now? Here we go I’ll just start my own team. Team Thor. Of course and it would be me watch your eyes Iron Man no more all right let’s take a look at this That one looked so nice Do it’s eyes light up halfway through? yeah Squish Captain America’s electromagnet shield I’m thinking it’s gonna shatter even
though it’s vibranium clean in two I think we can hit it again it just chops it in half it just slicing through it Alright now the ultimate question
Stormbreaker versus Mjolnir, who’s gonna win It kind of held its own Still hammer-shaped Let’s crush it on the other side too there we go I think storm burger wins again Another! Fine one more on this side that is cool So far we’ve mostly just tested replicas that we’ve purchased. So how would
Stormbreaker do against one of our own creations Our very own Wakanda Captain
America shield now this is the one that we actually shot with a handgun nine mil
caliber as you can see the bullets didn’t do that much, so you guys think this might
actually survive? close your ear holes Wakanda Forever! No Wakanda for never! we peeled up one of the decorative
pieces slightly this part bent and maybe the wings slightly I guess it is Wakanda forever Ultimate power! bye bye pinky finger the middle finger goes all wobbly what’d you do what’d you do Alright let’s do it again bye-bye Infinity gauntlet coming for you Thanos Get these infinity stones out we got one The ultimate weapon! Stormbreaker This is heavy Buy my merch That was awesome I think we
would probably do some more destruction with it though. What do you guys think?
Are there other items you’d like to see us destroy with Stormbreaker? Maybe a
washing machine, a network printer, a whole car? Let us know in the comments
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