Oh, my God! So many clothes! Okay, no.
I already have too many clothes. I can just look. Rs. 1,000 for this T-shirt? Are they crazy? Let me Google cheap
black heels online. Yeah. Oh, shit! Not in my size.
Why does this happen with me? Will I fit into a small or a medium? That’s it!
I won’t buy anything now. I’m done. Oh, wait. These earrings. Oh, my God! Free shipping also? It’s calling me! I have an idea. I should buy this now.
I’ll save next month. I hope they deliver on time
so I can wear this on Cherry’s birthday. Wait, Myntra will have a big sale… …from the 24th of June
to the 26th of June? 50-80% off on all my favorite brands! This is insane! Oh, my God! So exciting! I should download
the Myntra app right now.