Tiger Droppings is a revolutionary, new idea. And it actually all began early my freshman year here at Trinity. So the most exciting part about this on-demand delivery system, is that Fortune 500 companies have been tossing the idea around, but Trinity is the first company to really implement this kind of system for anything that you might possibly need. What’s really exciting about startups, is that they can be nimble and pivot, and move things very quickly, faster than large companies. People may have already heard of the great work that Amazon has been trying to do with university drone delivery, but it really was the students to come together very quickly and be the first in the world to deliver here in San Antonio, this instant drone delivery. It’s something for us at Trinity, we’re very proud of. I am so excited to hear that we’re ready to go live with Tiger Droppings. This is going to make my life is President so much easier. There many times when I’m at home working and I need things from my office, I can click in, get an order, and within minutes, it lands on my doorway. We came up with the idea to start Tiger Droppings because of our own busy schedules as Trinity students. The best part about Tiger Droppings is that not only will it bring assignments to me, food to me, whatever I want to me. If I’m missing a friend, I can let Tiger Droppings know and they’ll bring that friend right to my door step. So this baby is something that one of my cofounders helped to produce in the engineering department. I call her Rajah, you know, from Aladdin, the mighty tiger, you could say. And she is much more heavy duty. Rajah is extremely beautiful in the sky. Almost terrifying, if you will. She’s huge. One of the things we really love about this is that we were really supported by Trinity and we really came up with something that was uniquely Trinity, and also a service that students need and want. The biggest risk we’ve taken, we had a small pomeranian, they shipped her all the way across campus, over one hundred feet in the air. Some people were confused, of course, when you see a little pomeranian barking, you’re looking for it, it’s, you know, in the sky. But it was fantastic. The process of creating the octocopter was really challenging, but rewarding at the same time. We were working with people from the engineering department, we were working with people in the entrepreneurship department. So many late nights in the entrepreneurship office just trying to perfect our design. We are always asking our students, you know, go solve problems that people have, and one of the problems they came to me with was “I need my stuff, NOW! As soon as possible!” So drone delivery seemed to be like the perfect sort of solution for that one problem. This is our Mach-1. It’s a little preliminary. We’re still building and beta-testing it. But it has successfully retrieved my flying squirrel multiple times. It was an idea that we had and it was ridiculous, but it had that stickiness effect, and it did really great in our beta-testing, so here we are. We’re really pushing the envelope. Not only is it a question of delivering products out to people, but we’re thinking about getting admissions, you know, send those letters out to our students right away. During the summer, our new students who are planning on coming to Trinity. Imagine their surprise when the drone comes with their Tiger Dropping right there. One of things I really like is that this is really a sticky idea. Our Tiger Droppings are made to stick. I mean, San Antonio does not know the droppings that are about to be falling from the sky. Like, it’s going to be huge.