‘Salutations to Lord Venkateswara’ What is this? I’m filling up water in
empty mineral water bottles. Normally people would fill
up tap water in vessels or buckets. Why do you fill water from the vessel
into bottles? – That is my speciality. We must tell everyone
that we use only.. ..mineral water for
everything in this house. What is the point in doing all this?
– There is a point. You have three daughters. They want to live lavishly. But I am a miserly type. Children of these days
have very big dreams and hopes. We should be able to satisfy
their dreams at least to some extent. Do they belong to a rich
family to think all that? My name is Koteswara
Rao (lord of billions).. My children also are billionaires. Instead of chiding them
why do you support them? I will answer your question later. They did not wake up yet. Wake
them without disturbing their sleep. Lalita! – Did it already croon? The cocks and crows crooned long ago. Even the food will
be ready shortly. Wake up. Padmini, wake up. Ragini, wake up. Hi, good morning Why don’t you say that to us? You? Yes! – Crap! Everyone wants to see a
beautiful face after they wake up. I’m the most beautiful face in
this world. That’s why I saw myself. Don’t be so proud. For the glamour I have,
this pride is justified. All the young guys in this
world drool over my beauty. Some billionaire will come
searching for this beauty.. And take me in an aeroplane. I don’t have such high hopes. It is okay if he has a printing
press to give me enough pocket money. How much can one earn
from a printing press? 500 bucks a day at the most. I’m not talking about
such a small press. I’m talking about the printing
press that prints currency notes. I will become that
printing press myself. That is a totally different range. Instead of the national
emblem on those notes.. ..You must print my photo there. Normally people have
dreams while sleeping. You are dreaming up
after waking in the morning. It is not wrong for
people to have dreams. But they must be within limits. Stop your sermonising! You won’t realise it now. you
will realise only through experience. Kota, Are you ready?
– I’m coming quickly. Great! Here are your Colgate
brush with Closeup paste. Your Closeup brush with Promise paste. Your Promise brush with Colgate paste.
– Thank you! Here is Bisleri water that
I got for you specially from Goa. Thank you! Wash your beautiful
faces with this cool water. We won’t get the feeling that we washed
our faces without this Bisleri water. Do you use Bisleri water
even for washing faces? Yes. We apply starch
for cotton clothes. But the use only milk powder. Is that so? He may be a watchman but
provides his daughters so many things. It is all show off! What type of husbands
will these girls get? ‘This is the show’ ‘This is the show’ ‘One by three.. This is our formula’ ‘Our friendship has no match’ ‘One by three.. whatever we do’ ‘Nothing will ruffle us’ ‘Like the three eyes of Lord
Shiva and the three tyres of an auto’ ‘We will play the game till the end’ ‘We enjoy everything to the hilt’ ‘Tirumala Tirupathi Venakatapati
are our three names’ ‘One by three.. This is our formula’ ‘Our friendship has no match’ ‘One by three.. whatever we do’ ‘Nothing will ruffle us’ ‘All the three of us
share one Swiss bank account’ ‘We swim in the pool
like three seashells’ ‘We three dine together
in a five-star hotel’ ‘All the three of us enjoy
the company of movie stars’ ‘The white car belongs to three of us’ ‘The Bisleri water
we share one by three’ ‘We share the cool beer’ ‘The three of us and
enjoy everything together’ ‘Cash, cards, food, toilet..
we three share everything’ ‘One by three.. This is our formula’ ‘Our friendship has no match’ ‘One by three.. whatever we do’ ‘Nothing will ruffle us’ ‘The summer vacation to heaven,
the three of us enjoy’ ‘The jackpot that offers riches,
we three shall share’ ‘The throne of the king of gods,
we three shall occupy togehter’ ‘The lovely tunes of divine music,
the three of us enjoy’ ‘We shall share all
the luxuries of heaven’ ‘The plane that god’s use and
the bow of Cupid, we share all that’ ‘The great old movies,
we shall enjoy together’ ‘One by three.. This is our formula’ ‘Our friendship has no match’ ‘One by three.. whatever we do’ ‘Nothing will ruffle us’ ‘Like the three eyes of Lord
Shiva and the three tyres of an auto’ ‘We will play the game till the end’ ‘We enjoy everything to the hilt’ ‘Tirumala Tirupathi Venakatapati
are our three names’ ‘One by three.. This is our formula’ ‘Our friendship has no match’ ‘One by three.. whatever we do’ ‘Nothing will ruffle us’ I came out of my dream but
they are still floating in it. Tirumala! Tirupati! What is it, Venkatesh? – Get up. What happened?
We were rich just a while back. Became like this
when we opened our eyes. You entered real world from
dream world. – Was that a dream? It would be nice if
this dream becomes reality. God created this thing called
as dream so that people like us.. ..who can’t experience things
in reality can do that in dreams. Hey, I am very hungry. Come on, let us go and eat something. This fellow wants food as he wakes
up and sleep once he eats his meal. It has been very long since
we woke up. Where is the master? I am here, little brothers. When did you become our elder brother? First ‘hitler’, after that ‘master’
and now ‘annayya(elder brother)’. Why are you changing
the name frequently? They are the movie names
of my favourite actor.. ..accordingly my name too changes. Hitler, master, annayya and anji. Where is our breakfast? Take it. – Why are you throwing them? Give respect. Mind your
language while talking to me. I will break your teeth.
– What is this? Don’t act too much for
just two idlies. – Stop it. This is enough. – Why are they cold? They are from AC hotel, that is why.
Just have it. Hey, why do you argue with him? He is telling lies
to the owner of the hotel.. ..where he works, and is feeding us. If you say anything to
him we won’t get even this. Eat quickly. We have to go. My duty has changed from today.
– To where? I have been transfered
to a palace like house. Owner went to America
with his daughter. He won’t be returning for a while. They gave me the keys
of that huge bangalow. That beautiful bangalow.. ..will be under my control from today. Till he returns I will be.. ..the watchman cum
proprietor to that house. If any of you have
some urgent work with me.. ..and come to road no.
9, house no.99.. ..Jublie Hills. ‘It is not wrong
to enjoy your comforts.’ ‘You can enjoy your life a bit.’ What is this? Why isn’t this locked? Did anyone rob the house
before I start my duty? Hey, who is it? You?! How did you come here? AP 9 D, yellow colour
bajaj company’s auto.. ..we came here in that. I am talking about
the lock to the gate.. How did you come here? We broke the lock. How did you do that? Don’t speak like a fool. Do you want us to break
another lock to show you? You don’t have brain!
– The is a known fact. Hello, Kota! – Yes, madam? We are talking smoothly
since you are our father. Show us the house. – I will not. No matter what you do,
I am not going to open the doors. She seems to have got fits. Hey, look at this. You have played enough. Come out now. Very very sorry, Kota. By the time we return to our house,
our backs will be broken. We will rest a bit.. ..and think about going back tomorrow. What do you say? – Yeah! – Yes. We have to take rest. Show us the bedroom. What did you say? Stop asking him. Let us look
for ourselves. – Come on. Okay, go.
I know how to send you out of here. Hey! How dare you cheat me! I was kind enough to allow
you stay here even though you.. ..didn’t pay the rent. But you ruined my house.
– Hey! What’s this? Why are you so angry? This shed isn’t some bangalow. Why are you throwing our belongings? Do you want to put
them for display otherwise? Pay the rent before talking.
– Just wait for two months. Our Tirupati will
throw it at your face. If I let you stay here any longer,
you will make me beggar. Hey, you are a owner and be a owner.
We were kind enough.. ..to stay in this dirty
house to help you. – What?! Is this a dirty house?
– Then search for a nice one. Get lost. No need to shout at us.
If don’t have to stay here.. ..after you insult us like this. Why are you still here? – My underwear
is on that rupe. Give it to me. By the way you have
only one underwear. Where did you get this second one?
– Do you need to know that details now? This is the only one I have. That means you didn’t.. – Hey! Is that discussion necessary now? Let us search for a shelter
for us to stay. – Okay. ‘I am a barbie girl
in the barbie world.’ ‘I am a barbie girl!’ Do I look like Susmita Sen
in this dress? – Turn a bit to left. You look like Samanta in this angle. Thank you! – Oh, thank you?! You look like the fox
in fox and sour grapes story. These dresses look like the
dresses of my owner’s daughters. Yes, that is the correct guess.
– How did you get them? Found them.
– Can’t you understand that? They were in the cuboard
and we took them. Why did you wear their clothes?
– Why not? Do they have AIDS? – Stop it. You cannot speak properly at all. But it should be locked. When we broke that
big lock used for gate.. ..can’t we handle
a small cuboard lock? Hello! Till your owner
retuns from America.. ..we are going to stay
here and that’s decided. Yeah! – What do you
think about yourself? You are the daughters of a watchman,
who guards the house. You were allowed to take a look
at the house. Don’t think foolishly. Not going to hear! Madam! Why did you come here? – Hey! She doesn’t like us to enjoy riches. We got a big house for free. Why shouldn’t we enjoy the life? You should be happy for that.
– Listen, my girls.. ..it is wrong to live in illussions. Oh, that again! There is no use! Dear! They won’t listen
to anything we say. We should be the one that
should adjust to their nature. – Wow! You caught our intentions properly
even though you are a watchman. It is a mistake to give birth to you.
– Sorry, dad. It is my mom who gave
birth to us. – Sorry. Yeah! – Follow me. If we leave them like this.. ..they will destroy this house. There is no other choice.
I should give it away. What are you saying?
How can you give away your children? You fool! I am not talking about them, I will rent the upper potion on rent. But this isn’t our house. Did I say that this is our house? We shouldn’t make a mistake. If we did, then do it completely
instead of 20% or 40%. Hundred percent involvement is need.
That’s all. Broker! – We cannot
approach the broker. Come on, let us search for a house
ourselves. – Hello, where are you going? We were going for a walk. Stop it. I know everything, Your owner threw you out
since you didn’t pay the rent. Hey, big bro.
– No, call me ‘mrugaraj’. We will call you Chiranjeevi.
I pray to you.. ..find some rented house for us. Don’t worry, brothers.
The owner will have only one house.. ..but tenents can have as many as they
want. I saw a nice house on the way. Wow! You are really the saviour. Saviour is the name
of Balakrishna’s movie. How much will the rent be? Rent 5000rupees and advance 50,000.
– Five thousand?! Hey, the owner threw us away since
we didn’t pay his rent of 1000rupees. How do you expect us to
pay 50,000 advance and rent 5000? Okay! Okay! Tirupati! – What is it? Why are you standing like that? Finish the balance beating. We don’t have any
money and you know that. How do you expect us
to pay that much amount? We just give them the cheque. We will be bashed up
if something goes wrong. I am not a fool to make mistakes. When this master comes
out with a master plan.. ..that should be a hit.
– Why are we waiting then? Let us go there quickly.
– Okay. – Wait a minute. They will ask you to get
out if you go there like this. Change your appearence. Who are you, sir? What do you want?
– I want to meet your husband. My dear! My dear!
Someone is here for you.. Idiot! It’s me. You? Why did you dress like this? This is the appearence of the owner.
Understand? The Goddess of wealth is going
to come to our house in a short while. Since when is this affair going on? So you have a third house also! Hey, don’t doubt me. I am not talking about another woman. Money! Money! Cash! I told you about renting
the upper portion. Today they are coming
to give us the rent. If you stand here with simple clothes,
they will doubt us. Go inside. They might come any moment. Sir! These are the people
I was talking about. Big shots! Big shots?! I shall find that out. Right from wearing
underwear of VIP brand.. ..To making reservations
for VIPs at functions.. Theirs is a VIP life
from top to bottom. Hey! Are you estate agent
or marriage bureau agent? I asked you to bring tenants. They look like the grooms
that came to marry my daughters. Uncle! Do we look
like sons-in-law to you? Thank you.
– Thank you very much, uncle. Hey, don’t be too cocky. Tell me something. Would you lisen to the
conditions after giving advance.. ..or listen to conditions first?
– Advance?! What’s that? Even the world bank.. ..doesn’t put condition
for giving loans. But I have some conditions.
– Okay, what are those conditions? What are your names/ Tirumala. – Tirupati. Venkatesha. Why did you all have the
same God’s name? Trying to cheat me? Uncle is very funny.
– Hey, don’t tickle me. Don’t underestimate.. – Hi! Who is this kid? Hello, turn your face a bit. Don’t forget about respect. If you don’t talk properly
I will bash you up. Don’t blame me after that. I am Raj. Mrugaraj! Okay. Give me the money.
– What is this? Do we look like beggars? You kept such a big suitcase
as if you are collecting some coins. We won’t give you the cash.
– Then? – Credit card. I am not a postman to accept cards
or covers. – Are you a watchman then? Do I look like a watchman? He has a little bit sight problem. I don’t know about your problems.
Give me the cash. Oh, cash is a problem. What’s troubling him? We cannot give cash
because of IT problem. Then give me the cheque.
– That’s right. I am writing cheque for the first time.
You should really benefit with this. Sir, what is your name? PK. Koteswara Rao, Star sign is Tula.. ..gotram is Pairuballa,
and birth star is Moola. Did you bring coconut and bananas?
– what for? What else should I say? We didn’t ask your name to
make a worship at temple on your name. Simply tell us your name. P. K. Koteswara Rao. P. K. Koteswara Rao. Present, sir!
– Why do you behave like a watchman? Actually his voice reminded
me of my school teacher. This is blank cheque. Oh! – Write any amount and take it. Why is your hand shaking? Cheque is shaking
and not my hand. Parvati! What is it? I took a cheque for the first time.
Keep it in front of God. It is not a wedding card
to put in front of the God. Is she your sister, sir? No. – Is she your daughter?
– Not at all. She is the woman that I married.
My dearest wife! Then where are your daughters? There.. Are they all your daughters? Why did you ask me that? One is in black and white,
another one in Eastman colour.. ..And the third in rainbow colours.. One was born in the morning, another
one at noon and the other at night. Is that true? – Don’t be foolish. Do you thing my wife is a Xerox
machine to produce exact copies? By the way he said
that you have VIP style. I don’t see you carrying
at least suitcases. Where is your luggage?
– We kept it in the lockers. Don’t worry.
Your luggage will be safe here. I am letting you in even
though you are batchelors. That doesn’t mean that.. ..you will start
drinking in this house. Open your mouth, sir. What for? – We have entered here. I just want to give you a sweet. Wow! They look like wealthy people. Yes, they kept their luggage in lockers.
That means they are very rich. We are very lucky. We should make them fall for us. To achieve that, we must make
friends with that little fellow. Boost! Horlicks!
Bournvita! Are they for me? I don’t want them. You can have. Hey, wait! You should answer a question
before that. – Quiz competition? What is it? Do you want to know
the 32nd movie that Chiranjeevi acted? Or the name of the 23rd
heroine that acted with him.. ..or how many dresses
he wore in the movie.. ..’Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari’? Or the records of ‘Gharana Mogudu’
movie. Ask me anything, – Oh, no! I don’t want to know that. – Then? Tell me what he does. – Who is that? The person who looks a bit different
like hero Chiranjeevi in ‘Master’ movie. ‘Sister! Hey, sister!
It seems you fell in love.’ ‘You sure fell in love.’ Nothing of that sort.
Just wanted to find about him. My little tongue is
not enough to describe him. Pull it out long and tell me. He’s a big-time painter..
an expert of modern Art. When his hand gets into motion.. Our necks will start following him. The painters like MF Hussain,
Bapu etc take coaching from him. Is always so high that
no one can reach him. If you want to see him
you must lift your head high. Nonsense. Give me one
of the brushes from the bag. Which one do you want? I now realised the
greatness of your bag. I thought you had expensive clothes
or currency bundles in this bag. But you have brushes in here. Even though I do whitewashing.. ..my specialty is to do
it without soiling the clothes. Hi darling! Take these fruits. You are pampering me with fruits.
What is the matter? – nothing! What is the need for these fruits
if there is nothing? waste of my time. What does he do? – how
do I know what your husband does? My husband?! I don’t mean my husband.. About the man I wish to marry.. Is he the one who looks
like a dried mango seed? You mean him? – naughty boy! How did you guess it so well? Just like a crow likes another.. You are a comedian and will like
another comedian and not a villain. I’ll tell about him. He’s a big music director. A music director? – Yes! He’s the one who taught musical
instruments to successful directors. But I never heard
of such a great person. Never heard of Tirumala
audio company? – No! He is its owner. Not only that.. He himself doesn’t know how many
recording theatres he has in the city. He is so busy.. That he himself does not
know what he’d be playing and when. This recording must have started
a half-hour ago is what I guess. You play it well. What did you do to
get such a nice sound? What do you think of my drum? If I play this even dead
bodies get up and dance. Come on dance! Come on dance! We should not dance at this time.
You must show sympathy. – Is that so? Yes. Why do you pamper me with a betel? You might have put
it directly in my mouth. What is wrong if I do it?
I’m like your sister-in-law. It is not even four
days that I came here.. ..and you already
are my sister-in-law! What is the story?
– I did not come to tell you a story. That slim fair guy.. What does he do? Why do you ask about so calmly? It is a big list to
describe his activities. To say in short, he’s a big doctor. A doctor? – Yes! He has many clinics and branches
in high-tech city. He is never free. He goes from one area to another. He must be an Apollo Hospital now. Mothers..
sisters.. Brothers and fathers! Come here..
Whatever you may be suffering from.. Headache, tooth ache or backache.. ..Or any other type of pain.. Whatever it may be.. ..It will be removed very quickly. Asthma, breathlessness or acidity.. Every disease will be cured instantly.
This is not some trick. This is not some type of sorcery. You don’t need to go to some
sex expert if you have some problem. You just need to take this medicine
from me. Your problem will be solved. There is no match to my medicine. Come here.. Come and buy this. Don’t waste any more time. I’ll take some oil and come soon. Father, mother,
brother, sister.. – Boss! The only can save me. – Not me,
go and beg at the police station. Friend, my name is.. It is Manmatha Rao! – The God
of romance is in name as well as form! What is the use?
my name is that of the God of romance. But I’m not able to do justice to it.
– What is your problem? I’m perfect and everything
except that matter. Tell me what the matter is. Whenever I see a
heroine’s torn poster.. ..Or if I see a torn
sari hanging on a rope.. ..My heart becomes like
a delicious sweet. – That is good. That is a sign of good health.
– What you say is true. The meter that goes till
90 when I see a beautiful girl.. ..it goes down to zero
when I get down to business. If you give me some good oil,
I will apply it to the motor. I will give it for sure. Don’t we recharge when the battery
gets weak. This too is like that. If you use this medicine
at the proper time.. Your night will be full of action. Give it quickly.
Someone is waiting in the auto. These are Viagra balls
that I got from Niagra falls. Give it to me. Give me a hundred bucks
and I give it to you. I only 30.
– Take only half of it then. He is a great doctor!
When I think of all his branches. He must be earning in lakhs. My man is great too. He is the owner of Tirumala audio.. He earns money like the
donations in Tirupati temple. When my man gets into
the mood and paints something.. Even MF Hussain shall
drown in Hussainsagar lake. It is very good that we did
not get married already. – Yes! – Yes! We got perfect husbands. If we get them into a grip,
it will be singing and dance all life. ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘What happened, my dear’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘What happened, my love’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘When your manly form comes to me’ ‘When a beautiful lady pats my back’ ‘Here, there, inside and everywhere’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘What happened, my dear’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘When I saw you,
my heart skipped a beat.’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘When I saw your beauty,
I lost my heart’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘When you wink at
me and pinch my waist’ ‘You play the game of romance hard’ ‘When there is a strange
feeling in both of us’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘What happened, my dear’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘What happened, my love’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘When you smile once, there is
tingling in the body a thousand times’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘When you bend down to hold my saree’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘When you say no to me and go away’ ‘When you get hot
in the game of kisses’ ‘In the mind,
the bedroom and in the garden’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘What happened, my dear’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘What happened, my love’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘When your manly form comes to me’ ‘When a beautiful lady pats my back’ ‘Here, there, inside everywhere’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ ‘The anklets tingle in joy’ Up and down..
Up and down.. Up and down! We heard about inside outside game..
What is this up-and-down thing? It is just another form of it. I am the one who invented this game. Hey, joker is here.
– It’s not joker who is here. The owner of this house. Tirupati!
I think I saw that face somewhere. No need to act! Same house and same face!
You saw me here at this same place. No, we saw you somewhere else. Did you see me at the
gate of Vani fabrics factory.. .. in the Jeedimetla industrial area? Did you see me at that place? We never went to that area. – Then
there is no chance that you saw me. Okay, no need to
think about it so much. We are busy in playing this game.
You can go. To hell with your game. The fifty thousand cheque
that you gave me wasn’t cleared. Which cheque, uncle? Are you talking about the cheque
we donated to flood relief fund? Or the thirty thousand cheque
that we donated to orphanage. Just shut up both of you. It might be the cheque I
donated to the beggar long back. Stop acting now. Bank employees tried to bash
me up when I showed this cheque. Who asked you to take it to bank? You
should have kept it in front of God. What happened? – The cheque bounced. Of course it will
when there is no cash. We give many cheques worth lakhs.
If they bounce, we will give new one. If it bounce again,
we give another one again. We must understand and proceed. Don’t talk about
understanding or underwear. Don’t you have underwear either? So you are my type. – Shut up! What’s your problem? The year in this cheque is.. ..2020 instead of 2000. Oh, I see! We are the fans of Chandrababu Naidu. This is like vision-2020. We always think in
advanced technology mode. That is very nice.
But what about my advance? Take this cheque.. – And
give you another one. Is that all? Yes. – Hey, give me that cheque. Hey, write name and date properly. P. K. Koteswara Rao! – Yes, sir. Yes sir?! This is really doubtful.
– Nothing like that. I must go to the bank
to cash this cheque. If this wouldn’t cash.. – Then
we will give you another one tomorrow. Do you think I cannot
find if you laugh like a kid? You are great, uncle.
He is the one who laughed. Yes. If this cheque doesn’t cash.. Hey, give him what we have to.
Then it will definitely pass. Give it to me.
Open your mouth. – Open your mouth. Why shoud I?
– Just open your mouth. – Come on. What? – Just open your mouth. ‘You are a beauty and I am handsome.’ ‘We are perfect for each other.
Plese come to me.’ – I am here. Madam, I’m not doing
a music concert here. I was creating a new tune. Is it proper for you to disturb me? Oh, sorry for the disturbance. I didn’t come here to disturb you. I came here to clear my doubt. What is it? Do you want
to know about these instruments? No, not that. Can we play Karnatak music with this? You can play Canada, Russia.. ..America, Australia,
Paris and London every music. Oh, great! You know about the
music of so many countries. But why do you play this
cheap local item for your practice? What? How dare you call this cheap?
Music without this.. ..has no real deal. Lord Shiva loves to dance. Did he dance for the
tune of this flute? – No. Did he dance for mrudangam? – No. Did he dance to the
tune of the clarinet? – No! Do you think that he danced
to the sound of jingle? – No! Do you think it was
some other sound? – No! He danced hearing
the sound of this drum. Man likes to hear this drum
all his life. Even after he’s dead.. ..He enjoys this sound only. Do you have any doubt?
if you have do this. Jump from here and die. I will play
this drum and bring you back to life. This drum is mine
and this beat is mine. This drum is mine
and this beat is mine. This drum is mine
and this beat is mine. This step is mine
and this body is mine. This step is mine and
this body is mine. – Stop! You must say sorry
for insulting my drum. You did not go for the recording
today? – what are you talking about? How can I be here when
the recording is happening there. Today we are recording
the scene of a funeral. That is why I am practising seriously. How sincere you are about your work!
your music is great. What is this? Whichever part of your body I touch,
it is making musical sounds. Like current passes through an electric
pole wherever you touch in my body.. ..music passes through it. There are seven wonders in the world.
You are the eighth wonder! Oh my god, a ghost!
– Do I look like a ghost to you? I’m your Padhu.. – What is this getup? Did you become a member of
Omshanti sect? – No, I became a nurse. Yes. If you give me permission
I will join your hospital. Anyone who gets sick can join there. I don’t want to join
your hospital as a patient. I want to join as a nurse. –
Why is my permission needed for that? Because you’re the doctor
for that big hospital. Please keep me as your nurse. If I keep you,
people around will misunderstand. Don’t say that, Doctor. I can do all jobs, please. That is not possible.
Mine is a one-man hospital. There outsiders are not allowed..
It is handed down the family lineage. Friend, first help me
sustain my family lineage. How can I help your family lineage?
– your medicine can do anything. Helping my family is not a big thing. Do you want me to enter
your house directly? It is raining outside.
So I knew you would be at home. What is the relation between
the rain and his staying at home? Because if it rains,
the medicines will get wet. If they get wet,
they will be of no use. – Come here. He means that patients won’t
come to the hospital when it rains. What is the matter? You give me medicine the other day. Enough of your secrets.. Tell me. It worked out well.
– Why did you come again? It is raining outside. The body is hot and
the party is ready. But the engine has broken down.
– I understood.. I will give you. Crash this well,
mix half in milk and drink.. ..mix the other half in oil and apply. This is like a godsend to me. When I smell its aroma.. ..I feel something rising within me.
– Enough of the rising! He asked the medicine
but to give him some leaves. That is.. – Don’t speak like that. Whatever he gives,
it becomes a medicine. His hand is magical. He got a natural defect,
so I gave him a natural medicine. You are really so great..
– It is not simple greatness. He is as great as India gate!
– Here is your fees. I take your leave! – Good. I take your leave! – you may go! I’m coming! – go now! I understood what you are now?
– that I am a quack?! – No! You are a great doctor. Please keep me as
a nurse in your hospital. I don’t mind doing that. I will have to call you
‘sister’ all the time. – Damn! I don’t like you calling me like that. My life is useless
if you call me a sister. Don’t call me a sister
even in your dreams. I go now. You must go to return again.
– Naughty man! Just like the sweet falls into the
mouth, the bird is trapped in the net! I’m observing since when I came. No one noticed this.
I will show my talent That’s it. What are you doing? I don’t like this spot on such
a beautiful wall. So I’m painting it. The creator did not
put a hand to your shoulder. He put a brush. What great creativity! Of course! Do you like beauty so much? It is natural for
beauty to like beauty. I like to eat loveliness
more than normal food. Here is soup for you. – Thank you. The soup is superb. Sorry that I touched you.
– No need to feel sorry. Will I melt down if you touch me? You can touch me with both hands. Mister.. – What is it? Are you wondering why I told
you to touch me with both hands? I am really very shy. Do you know what happened once?
– tell me. I was taking bath in the
bathroom when someone peeped inside. Do you know what I did then? I felt shy and close
my eyes with both hands. Do you know when
this happened? – when? When I was a child. You saved me. Were you about to die? I died when you entered the bathroom.
Your soup saved my life. You silly! Salutations to Lord Venkateswara! Salutations to Lord Venkateswara! Who is playing the music over there?
I’m coming. Hey! Oh lord of seven Hills..
I’m finished! O lord! Hey, get up! I know what to do and when. When I was listening
to such a sweet music.. ..how could you switch off the tape? Feel happy that I stopped at that. Anyone else would
have slapped you hard. Instead of listening to God’s
prayer early in the morning.. ..you are listening
to this death music. Is this a bangalow
or a burrial ground? How can you understand
the latest trends? Even if I give him chicken biryani,
he will consider it stale food. There is a lot of meaning
behind every beat of this music. Really? This is like Bhagavat
Geeta and has a deep meaning. Don’t say that.
I will tell you if you want. Tell me. Those who are born are sure to die. Those who die will be born again. If everyone who is
born lives forever.. Will there be any place
left on Earth for us? Shut up! Hey, she added lyrics
and dance to your tune. What do you think of me?
‘ I am great!’ ‘I can change anything
in favour of me.’ Hey, Ragini!
You look very beautiful in this sari. Nonsense! What do you mean by that? This sari looks beautiful becuse
I wore it. You know? – Actually.. ..you always speak about your beauty. Don’t know what kind of
husband you are going to get. He must be very lucky
to get a girl like me. Remember that. Careful! Oh, no! Just watch the surrounding while
you walk. Thank God you are alright. Thanks, sir! Hey, you always speak about beauty. Did you see what kind
of a man touched you? I will never touch
this sari again. – Yes. She burnt her sari just
because that man touched her. See how prudish she is! Hello, Koteswara Rao speaking. Sir! Sir! Sir! Yes, sir! Hey, Parvati! Parvati! Pack up everything quickly. Why are you shouting like that? Why do you want us to pack the bags? My owner is returning
from America in a week. Okay, let us go back to our house. No way! We are not
going to leave this palace. O God! – Pray to God
to get us out of this trouble. Why? – Don’t ask why. We are in love with the guys upstairs. Whom? Are you in love with
those useless fellows? Yes, We got them
to get flowers for us. Why don’t you get
them to dress your hair? Your mother would have
been spared the effort. Kota! Before your owner returns,
marry these queens to those kings. To get this done so quickly.. ..we should get their concent.
– You have a point. That is the main point.
– Just a moment. Why do you want to
listen to our discussion? Do it. – Kota! You should act that
you have an illness. Shut up! I am tired of acting
like a richman already. And do you expect me
to act like a patient? – Yes. What disease should
we make him suffer with? Shall we say paralysis?
– No, it’s not good. What about cancer?
– It is nice but take time to affect. Yes, I got it. The great PK Koteswara Rao has AIDS! No! I hate to even hear
the name of that disease. I am your father.
Think of a respectful disease. If we say that you have
some superficial disease.. ..they will give a lotion
and close the matter. Yes, I got it. – What is it? Kota darling will get a heart attack!
Heart attack! – Yeah! Heart attack?! – Of course! We are going to attack
them with your heart attack. Shut up! What’s wrong with you? Does anyone behave like
this with their father? No one can stop
vomiting or a marriage. Hello Mrugaraju! Why are you sad? Didn’t you get tickets
for your hero’s movie? It seems that our house owner
is going to die. – What do you mean? Why are you so sad about that? Let us go and find details about it. Hey, get up! Come on! You should be active. Dad! You are handsome
in this getup. – Yes. Get up is okay but it is itchy. Oh, no! Why is he sitting like this? They attached mic set to his mouth. One! Two! Three! Mic testing! They also attached
cooking gas connection too. Hey, this isn’t a time
to crack jokes. – Oh! Should I play band then? Stop it. What is it?
Why are you crying like that? What can they say? I will tell you. Death is approaching. If the heart has a problem,
there can be no repair. I got heart attack! – how
are you able to speak in that case? I will tell you. The attack
is for the heart and not to the mouth. I want you three to promise
me something before I die. Okay, we did. Please marry my daughters
and give them a new life. Should we give them new life? I will give you as much as you want.
Parvati! – Yes. Bring the suitcase! Hey, we are lucky. Uncle wants to give
us a share in the property. What are you discussing about?
Tell me. Will you become grooms
or should I become a corpse? Okay, father-in-law!
Since you are requesting so much.. ..we will agree to this proposal. Cash! Cash! Cash! Here, have this black cheque. What is this?
– Write down as much as you want. This appears to be the
cheque that we gave you. It is your cheque.
I kept it in front of God till now. Will this cheque cash? I shall give you another
one if it doesn’t. Keep your mouths open for a while. You have accepted to married to
my daughters. I will give you sweets. Dear daughters! – Yes, dad? Give them sweets. ‘The jasmines give a pleasant aroma’ ‘What a pleasant moment!’ Is this our bedroom? – Yes. Then who are they? They came here to help us. I have to help you on our first night.
Who are they to help us? It is not that help! He is a big financer. What work does a financer
have on our first night? He’s a big businessman. We may need a priest..
But why a businessman? Just a moment. You read this first. Why do you make me read this now? You only read it. Ok.. Lancer,
Toyota, Benz, Honda city.. Are these the cassettes
to be played on first night? These are not cassettes.
They are cars. You can tick on your
favourite car. – Lalli! You are my favourite.
Let us first tick against each other. A first night will
not come again in life. After you buy a car..
Not just one first night.. We can have a musical night,
star night etc everyday! Don’t worry at all. Let us first finish their
work and then get down to ours. He’s going to provide
the finance for our car. If you sign, he will provide the cash. So all you need is a sign.
I will do it. Come this side. So you need a sign! First you must give me two lakhs. After that you must
pay interest every month. After that I will give you the keys. So you want me to pay you two lakhs. Just stay here without moving. Who is this man wearing the tie?
– he is an insurance agent. He came to give insurance
for the car we are about to buy. Many people don’t
know about insurance. You are a bit short. If you can’t reach the brakes
by any chance and have an accident.. So you are worried that I may have an
accident. Stay here. Who is that man? He is a cell phone agent. You know anything about cellphones.
– Yes, we are fools. If you go out,
you may suddenly get a heart attack. You may get an accident.
– Just of there! You will give me a car
if I give you two lakhs. I may suffer an accident..
or get a heart attack. How dare you come to my first
night and say such things! move aside! Bash you! Hey! Why did you do that? Why did you let them in?
do you have any sense? How dare you say that
I have no sense? – Hey! Why do you shout even before I hit?
– I thought that you already beat me. We will buy the car tomorrow.
Let us and enjoy the night now. Let us enjoy the night tomorrow! What do you mean?! Alas! What is he doing here? Why are you standing outside?
– nothing happened! Nothing happened?!
Shall we take any expert advice? That is not the matter. So you a wife also demanded a car. She wanted a passport. – A passport?! You need a passport to board a flight.
What is its use on a bed? She wanted the passport
to go on a honeymoon. She won’t do anything till then. Why did you come out? Why bother about me?
My story will drag on for a year.. ..but even that won’t be enough. Cry after telling me your story. I see more hell in your crying
than my unsuccessful first night. Do you know what she asked? Am I some soothsayer
to guess what happened? She says that there won’t be bedship
till I get her a car and cellphone. My life has become
like a titanic ship. She tried to beat me without
considering that I am her husband. I even doubt that she beat me. It would be good if someone died. What for? – So that I
can play the drum and relax. Forget that.
At least our friend is enjoying! I am dead! – Saw his enjoyment? Why did she throw you out? Did you do any match fixing? She did not let me do anything.
It got cancelled due to some reasons. I gave oils to many people,
but could not help myself. You spoke correctly.
There is a hotel proprietor. Would he eat in his own hotel?
he may do it in a neighbouring one. In the same way your oil
works for others but not for you. What I understand from this
is that they all teamed up against us. So it means that they prefer
luxuries over first night. They consider show off more
important than their husbands. Let us impose sanctions
against them together. Let us join hands. Alas.. What is this, Ragini? A cock which goes to fight and
a woman who goes into first night.. They must return
in a dishevelled state. But you return like a fresh flower! I told my husband to
take me on a honeymoon flight. He wanted to get onto the bed.
So I threw him out. And I slept alone
on the double cot bed. What about you? I did not ask anything
highflying like you did. I only asked for a car. He said no. I said go! Most ladies would happily
take a bath after.. ..the first night and return
with towels on their heads. But we are still
in the original saris. Let us see if Padmini comes
out with a towel on her head. Padmini! Here also the story is the same. It is shame to shame! What happened? – Nothing happened! I told him that romance will
follow only after my demands. He said, no chance! So I told him to get out. It means that none of us
had a successful first night. You took a head bath and look great! When I see you in the state.. Leave me. – How can I leave you? We had a splendid night. It was great!
– leave me. Sons in law are coming. Ragini! – Padhu! Keep quiet. The goddesses won’t calm
down till the offerings are made. Don’t worry brothers. The first met failure will lead
to the success of the second night. Get lost! – Crap! Drive fast. It is already late. Will we get the tickets? – We will
buy them in black if we don’t get. Why do you talk like
daughters of Koteswara Rao? Now we are wives of billionaires. You should only ask my husband and
he will build a theatre on a flight. What do you think about my husband? People pay lakhs to
buy his foolish drawings. Do you know this? The symbol for the recent
Olympics was designed by my husband. He is such a great modern artist.
– Stop the auto! Why did you ask him to stop it? See your multi-colour
designer up there! Give me that small brush. Why did you attempt bungee jumping? I just jumped to save my life.
My time is not good. Brother! Your husband looks terrific
like a blind painter! You said that your husband
is a great modern artist! You said that people
pay lakhs for his drawings! We realised only now
that he paints walls. Hey, stop it! We must speak the truth. My party is a really
super and sound one! Sister, The recording
session was superb! Your party was really a sound one! The sound effects were superb! Stop it! my mood is not good.
I will go home! If your mood is not good
you must go to a movie. But my husband is different. His route is different! Not just one root!
there are many different roots! One root to unite separated couples. A different root to
help teenagers in love. Come and buy. It is not expensive. Come and buy this great stuff! Please stop here! – Come and buy! Here, take this.
– I don’t have the change. What can we do? – Please take
the change from the herb seller there. Please come here. If you want to be happy with
your husbands, please buy this. It is not expensive. My head is reeling! Your entire body is gyrating! You said that your husband’s
route is different. He’s a really great
Doctor who sells roots! You said that he has
clinics all over the place. Is it this?
it is a really universal place. Please save me! – Don’t act so hard! Stop it! You are teasing me as
if I’m the only one cheated. All the three of us got cheated.
– That is true! Let us teach them a lesson.
Let them come home! Wait there! Why do you sit like a retired Justice?
you recovered from heart attack? The attack is just about to begin. What happened? – Take your hand off! I thought you were great guys
and got my daughters married to you. But you reduced my
fame and prestige to dust! What happened? You ruined the lives of my daughters. As if they are princesses
and this is a royal mansion! We play only indoor games
and not outdoor games, father-in-law! If you address me as father-in-law
once more, I will kill you. We won’t call you like that, uncle!
– Uncle?! If you say that again
I’ll blow your roofs off! We don’t have any homes
for you to blow the roofs off! Alas! You guys!! What is your problem, father in law? Your coming here and becoming
the sons in law is the problem! Did we pray to you for marriage? It was you who got gassed
up and fixed the marriages. We married your daughters
after your repeated requests. You will say that now. You will say anything
now that the marriage is over. The mistake is mine and not yours. I saw your clothes and attitude
and assumed that you are rich guys. Had I known that you are fraudsters.. I would have slapped you
and thrown you out of the house. Hello! Is that so? Ok! Ok.. My husband! Phone call has come
from IG to arrest you. The owner of this house called. He will be here in half an hour. But he said that
he will come tomorrow. Why do you undress like a
snake on hearing about the owner? Are you the watchman? How did you guess that? Is that a great thing? when he said
‘yes, sir’ that day, I realised it. Fold your hands! start trembling! You put a false nameplate outside.. And deceived us. – Step aside. How dare you act like the
owner of the house and cheat us! Move aside! I will take care of him. We played a small
drama but you bombed us! We will bash you! Please wait, sons in law!
past is past! Why do you abuse him? We must think about what to do.
– We have to leave the house urgently. You pumpkin-faced man!
– do I have a pumpkin face? – Yes! You said that you are a great music
director, but play drums at funerals! I thought you were a sound party! I did not realise that
you are a funeral drummer! It was you people who cheated me. Hey! Alas! – Are you a
music director?! I will bash you! I will skin you! You collect change at funerals! I will kill you today and
you can play the drum! – O God! I thought that a very rich man
would come searching for my beauty. I got a husband who cannot
even buy the world map. Why did you marry me? I went after you like a
dog because you are Miss Universe! You only offered me soup and
asked me to put my hands around you. I will not give you soup any more,
it will only be gruel. Get lost! – I will finish you!
– Tomatoes.. oh no! Don’t throw things at me! Stop that! Don’t throw utensils! Why do you repeat the same
dialogue that I married you? You only wanted this and married me. I had nothing for you to steal.
You would have stolen even my ring! No.. I would have put
the ring on your finger. Turn your face this side! – O God! Are you a doctor? You don’t even have
a face to qualify for that! I will set you straight!
– Don’t beat me. I am your husband! You are my husband?!
Just wait! – O God! I will finish you off today!
– don’t beat me! I will cut you to pieces!
just hold this.. – What is this for? I will teach you a lesson. O God! Why did you deceive me? I’ll kill you. Wait! – I won’t – Just stop there! I will finish you! Why do you like a school child
who hears the bell? Get into the auto. Why should I do that?
– Did you see the ad in the paper? They want a new person
to act in movies. I will make you act
and get some money. I can only lift my
pants and dance in public. But I cannot act! Just keep quiet and get into the auto.
I will kill you if you shout. That is the driver’s seat!
– I’m your driver from today. Where is the original driver?
– I cut him off. Now we’re going to film nagar.
Let’s shoot! Let’s go in! Banana leaf productions!
what a strange name! Forget the name. You shall
act and I shall collect the money. How many times should I tell
you that I cannot act? – What?! You don’t know how to act?!
– Yes! – Great! You acted very well to show
yourself as the great music director. That was just superficial. Don’t worry..
Just do a small bit of that here. Give me the money that you get.
– Not possible! That is not at all possible! Did you come in response to the ad?
you are welcome. Who is this guy with a squint?
He looks like a local beggar. Why do you murmur between yourselves?
you come inside! I am not the one who will act.
It is my husband! Him?! – He is a good artist. I will consider it
because ladies recommend! Do you know how to act? Do you know how to act?
– I am the Director! I need not know how to
act but only to direct others. Don’t argue with him.
How much do you pay per day? Ten thousand! – Ten thousand?! Just see how she opens her
mouth when she hears about money! That’s ok.. When is a shooting?
– Come in.. We will start right away. Let’s go in! – you stay here. Where are you going? Why are you eager about it? It is I who has to go inside!
– Go in now! Wait here! – Go in! Ten thousand! Great! Once I get the money I will
buy Diana’s clothes in an auction.. ..and I’ll start looking like Diana! Why do you have a video
camera instead of a movie camera? It is a graphic cinema. I will transfer it from
this and get some special effects. Stand before the camera.
– No need for make up? No need. It has to look natural. Is everything ready? – Yes. Ok, Put the lights off! – in
other shootings they say, lights on! Why do you say lights off?! It is a graphic movie. We have to
shoot it in the dark. Remove your shirt. Why should I remove the shirt?
– Do as the director says! Is it a fight scene? – Yes! It is a WW fight!
you have a nice body. Open your pants! – What is that for? This is something different! I can’t do this! – O God! Is it already over? – Nonsense! It is a blemish on my character! When he said it is graphics in blue
mat, I thought it was something great. I did not realise it was a blue film!
– What is a bluefilm? That’s it! – So what? Why can’t you do it for money?
what sort of a man are you? I feel shy even to take
a bath without clothes. Is it a great movie to act?
it is nonsensical. I can’t do it. Let me go. I don’t know what you will do.
I want money. Forget about my acting
and you getting money. I am sure to get AIDS.
I will go! – My dear! No problem if he’s not there. You come to act, I will
give you ten thousand more. – Hey! What did you say? I did
not expose even before my husband. But now you ask me to act
before the camera without clothes! I will call my husband and
making play drums for your funeral! Come hear music director!
– what happened? He wants me to act
in a blue film! – O God! Do you want her to do that
since she wears a blue sari? – Yes! I will bash you! – Beat him! – O God! He’s not fit even
to watch the blue film! Let us go now. What is this? – it is
mineral water for the children. Their lives are ruined. But you still
are out of your senses. – Keep quiet. We are cheating because we are poor. Those who came are even worse.
– Stop it! Our sons-in-law have changed. But our daughters are
not giving them any value. I’m worried about their lives. Is that so? Don’t worry. I’m not a simple watchman from today.
I will be a good father. Father in law! We never wanted to cheat you.
– Don’t worry about your daughters. We will earn money and
manage our families from today. Please keep this money
for any requirement. Lalli, We are ready
with the plates for food. What are you doing inside? How long do you want us to sit here?
come and give food. Get lost!
you think I have no other work? Padhu.. come and serve food. I can’t do that. Where are you going? To feed the dog! We are three men sitting here..
But you want to feed the dog! Is it greater than us?
keep that aside and give us food. Wait.. Why did you
give the dog’s food to us? For the pennies that you bring.. Do you want us to
serve chicken biryani? You’re not worth even this! ‘Money is everything’ ‘It rules the heart and soul of man’ ‘The only truth is that
money controls everything’ ‘It drives the universe’ ‘From the moment of birth
till the moment of death’ ‘Entire life is driven by money’ ‘From the moment of birth
till the moment of death’ ‘Entire life is driven by money’ ‘This is not the case
with animals and birds’ ‘Nature and the five elements
are not concerned with money’ ‘Money will make friendship
with you and ruin your life’ ‘Money is everything’ ‘Money is everything’ ‘From the moment of birth
till the moment of death’ ‘Entire life is driven by money’ ‘All relationships are based on money’ ‘Even husband gets his
due only if he earns money’ ‘See what all things
people do for money’ ‘Marriages are maintained
based on wealth’ ‘O lord Venkateshwara,
what a strange thing’ ‘One needs money even for a funeral’ ‘Money is everything’ ‘Money is everything’ ‘From the moment of birth
till the moment of death’ ‘Entire life is driven by money’ ‘One can’t buy a
mothers love with money’ ‘You can’t beget a child
in 10 days with money’ ‘It is not wrong
to give money it’s due’ ‘The problem really is
if money controls your life’ ‘O lord of Tirumala,
give your verdict’ ‘When will people realise this truth’ ‘Money is everything’ ‘Money is everything’ ‘From the moment of birth
till the moment of death’ ‘Entire life is driven by money’ I will use this white striker. My husband is like this black coin. Just see how I will send
this black coin into the hole. You said that you will put your husband
into the hole, but fell yourself. Not just me, all the three
of us fell into the holes. It is more than a week
that sons-in-law left. But they are not at all concerned. They are in the prime
of youth but what is the use. They are distancing their
husbands due to their adamant nature. Why would any man stay
if he is not given respect? Kota, If you talk about
them again you will be bashed. Shut up! Where would our sons-in-law be? Why would they suffer? They will return with
hungry stomachs after two days. They will return of themselves. If they return with empty hands, we
will treat them like trash. – Correct! They returned in cars
but carry their useless bags. They must be the
drivers of those cars. Correct.. They are not
worth even a drivers job! So much money! Fantastic! You asked for lakhs
but we got billions! They are all bundles
of 500 denomination! I never saw so much
money even in my dreams. Where did you get all this money? You need not be concerned about that. Yes, Why should we
be concerned about that? All we want is the money.
– Why do you keep staring at that? Let’s take it all inside.
– Hey, don’t touch! It is all currency for us. You should not touch it now. If you do as we say for 30 days.. That is when you
will get this billion. Tell us what we should do from today. Do you want us to walk like models? Don’t play your pranks!
I will make you walk on fire! You must do as we say for a
full month. Will you do that or not? We must first vacate this house.. ..And live in three separate
houses in one colony. Is that okay? – Ok! Why is it okay? It is not proper for
you to leave us and go. Don’t object to this. You will
be the watchman for our three homes. What a strange thing! The prices are shooting up. That rail factory man
chided me for bargaining. Rail Factory. Where does
a rail factory exist in Hyderabad? There is only a cigarette factory. I came from that side. The factory in our place
lets out smoke like you do. The train also did the same thing. People are getting out of it in shifts.
That’s why I called it a factory. What a great brain you have! The fool! Apply some oil to your hair.
It will work well like mine! Where is Birla mandir? It must be somewhere. I ask you where Birla Mandir is. He would get into a lift if needed.
Why into a temple? It seems he doesn’t know.
Tell me where is my wife’s house? How can I know where your wife lives? What is this strange
luggage that you carry? Don’t call me a joker of Gemini TV! These are powerful brothers
that came out of my wife’s womb. I must take them to their mother. I will take them.
it will be a quarter above the meter. Is it that cheap! – only for you! Why do you love within yourself? I’m taking a powerful person like you.
So I’m very happy. Get in! I came to get in. O lord Shankara!
You are the god of music! ‘You are the epitome of Vedas’ ‘O lord Shankara!’ What a great singer you are!
Better than the original! But why do you use that
drum for such a class song? That is very made the mistake.
it is not the drum suiting the song. It is a song that was
made to suit the drum. Okay! What is there in this packet? did
you get some new sticks for the drum? They are not some new sticks. After entering this new home.. ..I did not bring even
a sari for your daughter. I brought a gift for our family. In the beginning
you got halwa for me. Will you give Gulam
Jam to my daughter? Wait and see! – Ok! – Lalli! Lalli! – Yes! What is it? Who are you addressing in singular? Sorry, I thought
that my father called. Where is the nuptial in your neck? I put in the fridge
so that you live long. You put in the fridge? – Yes! Why don’t you sit there?
You will have a cool life. Take this! – What is this? Since he’s a billionaire he must
have got you some expensive dress. I realise that your
heart is so sweet.. ..and that is so soft, I learned
only after receiving this packet. Now I’m very happy! – Just wait! Are you happy? Open that and see. Your happiness will
vanish and BP shall rise. What is this? why are there
so many holes in this sari? Take this! Normally one would give a bed sheet.. ..or pillow as a gift
when one buys a sari. Why did you give her a begging bowl? Do you want her to sit
before some temple and beg? You got my concept correctly. I will make your daughter wear
that sari and beg before a temple. Do you want me to beg? I’m only used to throwing
coins at beggars. But there is no question
of my begging.. Understand?! How dare you raise your voice and show
me your finger? I’ll cut you short! I fixed your slot from 9 am to 1
pm at the temple of Lord Venkateswara. You must sit there and beg. I will not do that come what may. I will not let you die so soon. There is a lot more
that you have to experience. I cannot do this! – you cannot? If you want the billion,
you have to beg as I say. Or else you may go to
the kitchen and clean utensils. Don’t say that. After you affectionately ordered
me to beg, I will do as you say. Begging Is not a new
thing to ladies at all! Long ago sister Savitri
begged to the god of death.. ..for the sake of a husband’s life.
Your sister.. ..Soorpanaka begged
Lakshmana to love her. What great examples you got! Shut up and go inside. Go and attend to your work. You worthless donkey,
why are you sitting here? I’m calling you since long. Don’t
you know you have to come when I call? I had a demon to appear
as soon as you call? Why are you raising your voice?
I will slap and make your face red! What? – You will get the
believe only if you do what I say. Otherwise you’ll have to remain
empty handed. – Please don’t say that. I will do whatever you say. Did you make the sweet dish? I tried very hard but could
not make it. So I came and sat here. Did you do it like I said? – I did so. Did you put milk? – I did. Did you add semya?
– I added a full packet. Sugar and cashew – I added them. I added cardamom also for taste. I added raisins as well. But the milk did not get cooked. It did not become the dish. Did you not do anything else? I swear by my father
and did nothing extra. Did you light the stove?
– but you did not tell me that. I’m dead! – I see that
you are still alive! – Hey! Like the Stove and
make some dosas. – Ok! Did you light the stove?
– I did and made the batter too. Did you put the pan? I ask you! – I did it. Did the pan get hot?
– check it for yourself. It seems to have become quite hot.
– Will you believe me now? I will believe you.
The smell is good too! My king will come today! ‘My moon will come today’ The tunes that you
hear will change soon. Father, you seem to be very eager! Did you get in a quest
to become a TV anchor? I don’t have such good fortune.
– What is it, then? The elder daughter was made a beggar. The second one was made a cook. I was worried what
you would be made into. But when I see you showering flowers
and dancing like in some TV program.. I feel very happy. Kota, you should not jump in this age. See us and enjoy! ‘There is a curve in the waist’ ‘My heart lost its
balance on seeing that’ ‘The young heart is set on fire’ ‘The burning heart became blind’ ‘Don’t give any excuses’ ‘Come and serve me your beauty’ ‘Shall I give you the green signal’ ‘Shall I come up and close’ ‘I will come to you
and touch you all over’ ‘O my young beauty’ ‘Shall I heat you up and give my love’ ‘O my god of romance’ ‘There is a curve in the waist’ ‘My heart lost its
balance on seeing that’ ‘How to control myself’ ‘How can this hunger be satisfied’ ‘This is how’ ‘This is how you
hunger will be satiated’ ‘Look straight into my eye’ ‘Come to my tight embrace’ ‘Come to make love in the dark’ ‘Drink from the cup of my youth’ ‘My fair Lady, seek a boon’ ‘Come to my arms’ ‘Shall I offer you my beauty’ ‘Come and enjoy yourself’ ‘There is a curve in the waist’ ‘My heart lost its
balance on seeing that’ ‘What a fantastic beauty’ ‘You are my lovely rose’ ‘You are my beloved’ ‘Come at night and enthrall me’ ‘The heart is full of love’ ‘Your body is like sweet nectar’ ‘Your love invites
me with a sweet tune’ ‘The love bug has bitten us’ ‘Entwine me and share your beauty’ ‘Sing the tune of love’ ‘Fill me with kisses
and grope all over’ ‘Let’s play the game of love’ ‘There is a curve in the waist’ ‘The young heart is set on fire’ ‘My love, Don’t give excuses’ ‘Shall I give you the green signal’ ‘I will come to you
and touch you all over’ ‘My dear god of romance’ Kota, You have enjoyed enough.
It is time for my husband to come. You must go now. You give more importance
to your husband than your father. Am I the son-in-law here
to stay even if you ask. I am the father-in-law here. Are you teasing me? One minute! – Ok! I made hot biryani for you. Why did you get so much respect
for your husband all of a sudden? These are your tricks for the billion! That is not the case. They say that a husband is like God. That is why I wanted to serve you. I don’t need your services.
There is another man who needs it. You came like a rich man..
But sat amongst us! It is a business without investment. I wanted to save some money. You are cutting into our profits. Our business is getting affected. I did not come here to beg.
– What for then? I came to reserve
a seat for my daughter. Is this the railway station
for you to book a seat? Why do you walk slowly like
some Saint leading a procession? Take this off and do as I said. We are not used to
begging in our family! That is why I asked you
to do it in front of the temple. It seems that these people
did not take bath for many months. In a few months they will have
children who will come to beg also. I will not sit among these
people to beg. I will sit over there! My mother came to my
dream last night and said.. ..That you should
sit among them and beg. Go and sit there! Father-in-law,
release that seat for your daughter! Sit there and take this bowl! Start begging! Please give me some alms! Start begging! Madam, He is asking me to beg!
Sir, he’s asking me to beg! Who asked you to beg? – You did! If I beat you,
your face will become discoloured! Start begging! Madam, give me alms. – That’s better! Sir! Why are they all staring at me?
I did not come here out of penury. I came here just for time pass!
– Don’t give excuses. Start begging! – Get lost! Why are you raising your voice? If you don’t do as I say,
the billion is gone! He’s repeatedly saying
that an taunting me. What are you murmuring? – Nothing! I am praising you, my king. Start begging now! Chorus! ‘Madam, I am hungry’ ‘Madam, I am hungry’ What is this? You are singing out of tune!
do it properly. That is better! Food offered to god! Where are you running? She is off! Son-in-law, she became like
a real beggar on wearing a torn sari. I will return shortly.
– Where are you going? She is my daughter after all.
I want to give her company. Your family is one of beggars! Get down carefully! You made me go all over the city. This is the only house
remaining in the city. Do you think my wife
would be in this house? If she’s not here,
then you don’t have a wife at all. Give me the money. Where is the meter? Here it is! – take this! Why did you put a quarter? You only said that I must
give you a quarter over the meter. Do you think I’m a fool? I spoke with the CM
directly in a program. If I give him a call
you will be put in prison. Idiot! What is this? It is tea! You only want to boil the tea well. I’ve brought what is
left after boiling well. How should I drink this?
– Eat it if you can’t drink. It is harder than the lotion
that I give. Do you want to kill me? I am not so lucky. Get me another cup of tea. Who is there? – will you
come out or should I come in? I will come to open the door. Who are you? I am not a beggar
for you to shout loudly. Why are you dressed up like this? I’m a master of all. Can’t you see this.
Two kids in one shot! They are love brothers.
He is Luv and that one is Kusa. Did you bring them
to admit in school? – No! I brought them to join
them in their mother’s lap. Who is their mother? – don’t you know? How can I know who their mother is. Can’t you make it out
even after my answers? You may use a lifeline.
– What question and what lifeline? The question is,
what is a woman of higher race called? A. Padmini B. Hastini C. Chittini D. Sankini.. A. Padmini! – I am coming. Who is he? I am the husband of your mother’s
husband’s brother’s wife’s niece! It means?
– it means that I am your husband! I will slap you.
It is only Tirupati that married her. In the same Tirupati temple,
I married her. After that she got pregnant
and these were born. Why is he talking like this? You shut up and feed these infants. Feed them my milk? Why do you gape.. they did
not have mothers milk since a year. Did you hear his blabbering? He says that I should feed these kids. Would a father feed the
kids instead of a mother? Hey, who are you? You can directly asking for milk.
Is this a milk booth? I did not come to buy milk. I’m asking their mother to feed them. Did you hear this? he says that
he’s my husband and these are my kids. Your real husband is by your side. Why do you call him her husband? I gave a lakh in dowry
and married your daughter. I gave a discount to the dowry
since she’s a girl from the city. You are from the village? That is why there is
so much distance between us. If you don’t go out immediately,
your face will become a cabbage! I came carrying these kids
not to go away just like that. I will take my wife with me. You are claiming
my wife to be your wife. Do you have any proof? You want proof? Is this enough? Why are you so shocked? It is a photo that was
taken on the day of our marriage. They must have given
you six copies also. Shut up. I got such photos
made up movie heroines. If I claim any heroine to be my wife.. Her husband will slap with his shoe! Forgot about his beating.. If you don’t send my wife with me,
I will beat you with this stick. Why do you stand and gape? Give them milk and make
some hot water for my bath. Father! – My child! If you don’t go out immediately
I will beat you. – Stop! If you touch me, a phone call
will go directly to the Supreme Court. You will get the summons. You mean brass vessels?
– No, iron things! They will come with cudgels. If I make a phone call, the
police will come to throw you in jail. Son-in-law, this man seems
to be of a different type. The problem is not with him.
It is with you and your daughter. I swear! I don’t know anything. He came in the wrong route.
– I came in the correct route. You want I will get all the
other proof by tomorrow morning. Return tomorrow morning then. – Why
will I leave my in-laws home and go? I will settle here
till my matter is resolved. My boy, Luv, stay calm.
I will settle the matter! Sit here! Ragini! – I’m coming. What is it? – You were eager to serve. Your desire will be fulfilled.
You must serve him from today. Serve whom? Damn! I told you to serve him.
Why did you come here? I’m not Mother Teresa
to serve beggars and lepers. Don’t speak nonsense.
Who do you think he is? Is he a god? – he is higher than that! He is my uncle who
raised me since childhood. It is my duty, and yours also
as my wife, to take care of him. If you feel so much responsible.. You may put him on
your head and serve him. But don’t order a young
and beautiful girl like me.. ..To serve beggars and lepers. Stop praising your beauty. Princess Diana who was much more
beautiful than you served the public. She did not sit in a palace
in the name of her beauty. I don’t have the
time for your sermons. If you consider him a god,
I’ll give you free advice. Take that leper and admit him
to some old-age home or orphanage. If that is your final stand,
listen to mine too. If you want the billion, you
must keep him at home and serve well. If you don’t,
I will admit him to an old age home.. ..and donate the billion there! My dear.. just wait! Let your uncle stay here. I will take good care of him. I will make people more forget
Mother Teresa with my service. Go and sit there! Why did you make me wear
these yellow clothes and sit here? It is for a promise. You must make the offering for that.
Why make me sit here? It is a promise made
by my mother to God. Your mother’s promise? – Yes! My mother promised God
that she will walk on cinders. But she died without fulfilling it. Before she died she
called me and told me.. ..That I should get the
promise fulfilled by my wife. That is why I made
you dress like this. You can’t play these tricks on me.
Go and get some other person for that. You don’t want the billion? Why do you get angry? I will do anything
you want for the billion. You will do, right? Sit there. Pour water over her and drench her. Drench her completely! Salutations to mother Durga! Son-in-law! Who is this lady
slithering like a fish? See properly.
It is your favourite daughter! Oh.. is it?
The charcoal is burning over there. Is someone going to walk on it or not? Kota, You are not my father.
You are my nemesis. It is a promise to God.
There is no escaping. Come, let’s go. Don’t struggle like a mouse in a well! Alas! – Walk! If I walk over the cinders,
my feet will get blisters. Let’s do one thing. Let’s write the word ‘cinders’
on the ground and I’ll walk over it. I too will do one thing. I will write the word ‘billion’ on
a note and give it. Now start walking! Son-in-law, did your mother
promise that she will be made to walk? Or did she promise to
make a roll her body over them? Hey! She promised that you too
should be made to walk on the cinders! My feet! I am finished! Victory to the goddess! Victory to the goddess! Was it some running competition
that you pulled me along? Why did you encourage him to
make me roll my body over the cinders? Why do you tell him like that? Do you think I enjoy doing all that? I thought that if
we heeded his advice.. And hoped that my daughters
would become billionaires. Let me lay my hand on the billion. After that I will teach
you and that half man a lesson! I removed my hand long time ago. Thanks.. What is it, father-in-law?
– You hit hard! You seem to have organised
the quiz program here. It seems that Amitabh Bachchan
took 12 crores for that program. Tell us the solution
for our leg problem. Don’t worry. I already
ordered two pairs of wooden legs. I used to wear high heels
and prance around like a pony. You made them become
like the legs of a bed. Are your promises fulfilled?
did your heart calm down? Son-in-law.. I feel that there is some part
of that promise still unfulfilled. There is something. I promised that
I would make her walk till Tirupati. I don’t have legs to walk. You have your knees.
You can walk with them. Did you promise to make you walk from
Hyderabad or from below the hills? You got the concept correctly. I promised to make a
walk right from our doorstep. I can’t do that. I can’t walk. If you object to
doing whatever I say.. The billion proposal
will be cancelled. Isn’t that so? – Yes, father-in-law. I will use the dialogue
myself from now on. – Proceed! My child! What is it? – I’m feeling hungry.
Please give me food. Can’t you wait for some time? Why do sit royally at the
dining table as if it were your home? It is better for everyone
to be in their limits. You must know your status and behave. Go and sit in the corner.
I will give you alms. My husband may have
invited you to this house. Why should you come wagging your tail? It is my misfortune that
you are my husband’s uncle. Don’t know how long
I will have to serve him. You should not just eat and leave. After finishing your meal,
you must wash the utensils yourself. I’m not a servant
to clean them for you. Why are you washing
your hands with dettol? I gave food to that leper.
That is why I am washing them. You sinful woman!
how arrogant you are! You scorn about giving
food to a patient. You must wash those hands
with acid and not with dettol! You and my husband may say anything.
You will know if you have to do it. From the moment he came.. ..I hardly got the opportunity
to spend time with my husband. I hardly eat a square
meal or sleep well. I don’t have peace of mind. Hey Venkat Rao! What is the news there?
did the cow deliver? Take care of the cow. Preserve the cheese.
I have to give to my wife. I will go even to Supreme
Court to bring her. Stop crying. I’ll call you later.
The kids are giving me a hard time. ‘My boy, who beat you’ Do you have the sense to understand
that the kids need mothers milk? It is your husband’s birthday
and he applied oil all over.. ..And is waiting to take bath.
Don’t you understand? Hey, what is all this? What is this oil,
the cigar, the cellphone and the kids? What is all this ruckus? You came at the right time.
handle this kids for some time. Should I handle them? I will take my bath and
go with my wife to some park. What is it? – To the langa-voni park. Its name is Lumbini park.
– Whatever, handle the kids properly. You want me to handle the kids
while you take my wife to the park! What do you want? Don’t keep saying that
she is your wife. I get enraged. I have the full right over her. I am her real husband. You only tied the nuptials.
– I tried the cradles too! You will make us built a toilet too! Don’t make nonsense.
You showed a madeup photo.. ..Settled in this
house and create trouble. Show us some better evidence
and we will believe. – Ok! If you hear the evidence
that I’m going to give.. You will know who is the real husband. Ask us. – First question.. Padmini has a small mole on her thigh.
Where is that? A. Right and front. B. Right and behind C. Left and front D. Left and behind What is the answer to this question? Why ask me? we got married
but did not complete the first night. How can I know where it is? You know the answer. Why don’t you say anything? What should I say? – How will she?
I will give the answer. Option A is correct. Right and front. Tell is that what he says is a lie. I will prove that it is true. Show it to them. I’m your
husband and tell you to show them. You don’t need to order her. If this man says with such authority.. It means that it is beyond doubt.
Now I begin to suspect. Do you suspect me? He left without even informing me.
What should I do? You must have said something.
That’s why he left. Good riddance! – Damn! You are only concerned about
money and not about human values. You wouldn’t behave like
this if you know what affection is. No, my child! I don’t want
to create differences between you two. That is why I left that house. You don’t even know how to lie. I am not so innocent to believe that.. ..my wife didn’t say
anything rude to you. Don’t keep these things in mind. You don’t worry. I know how to teach her
a lesson and bring change in her. Who is she? Hey, I will break your
teeth if you disrespect her. She is my second channel. Second channel?! Yes. Darling, if you don’t get
the signal for one channel in radio? We will search another
channel’s signal. If watching ETV channel is boring./.
– Then watch MTV. What if we don’t find water when
we are thirsty? – We buy cool drinks. What if first channel is boring? You will open a second channel. What do you mean by that? Listen, first channel!
You should do as I said for 30days. No matter what I do,
you shouldn’t question me. If you don’t do that, then
you will have the title as wife and.. ..one crore will be
given to second channel. That one crore should be mine. Then move aside. Let’s go, darling. Darling! This is our bedroom.
How is it? – Wow! It is very nice. Who are you and why did you come here?
– My daddy. Oh, your daddy? – Son-in-law! I am the father of
your second channel. Do you think I am a drunkard? Believe me, I am for sure. Hey, stay away from me. Son-in-law!
If you encourage my purpose.. ..my daughter will
co-operate with you. If you ask for a kiss or anything,
she will oblige. She will become red label in bedroom
and green label in the bathroom. At night she will get all
over you like an intoxication. Daddy, Can’t speak anything
without using liquor related words? I cannot stay here when
my daughter question me like that. I will buy a full bottle
and fall unconcious to forget this. Give me money. Darling! My daddy can live
without food but not without liquor. If you give him some change,
he will silently leave this place. Of course that is true. – Get lost! Thanks, son-in-law!
You are my world bank for now. I will come to ask for
money when I feel like drinking. Give me some money then. Okay! Okay, go now. You dad took the current
with him it seems. Darling! I am scared of darkness. Don’t worry! Don’t worry! Hey, first channel!
Bring a candle here. What, darling? Your face is shining
even in the darkness. Darling!
I feel shy in front of strangers. Hey, didn’t you hear?
Go out and close the door. Hey, darling.. Why are you sitting here, my child? Nothing, mom. There was no current. So I came out for some air. I know everything. Your husband brought
another woman with him today. Take care that she do not
enter his life in your place. Otherwise you will
not have this place to sit. ‘The God is one!
Omnipresent God is one!’ ‘Let us sing and dance in devotion’ Son-in-law! – Yes? Who is this bald head,
which looks like a Tirupati laddu? Who else, father-in-law?
It’s your daughter. Yes. When her hair was being shaved.. ..looking at that long,
thick and black hair.. ..movie actors like Saundarya,
Raasi and Rambha came there.. ..to have wigs made
for them out of that hair. Of course they will. She spend
half of her time grooming her hair. In any case, she looks splendid
like some heroine in this bald head! Then ask for it’s rights. You can remake that movie in Telugu. What are you talking? My wife is already tired. But you didn’t think
about giving her some rest. Sorry! I can see sweat on
top of her head too. Okay, take her inside.. ..let her sit under the
fan so that her head cools off. Okay. O Lord of seven hills, Venkateswara! Govinda! Govinda! Govinda! – Come on! – Govinda! Lalita! Lalita! Welcome, sis-in-law! How are you? How is my bro doing? He is thinking about the
ways to give me one crore rupees. Oh, what brings you here? I didn’t see Lalitha since a couple
of days. That is why I came here. Lalitha likes this flowers a lot. That is why I brought them. Thanks! Why are you putting
those flowers on her? This is your sister Lalli! What is this, Lalli? You look like a
scarecrow. What happened to your hair? Not a scarecrow. She gave her hair to Lord
Venkateswara. Fold your hands. Yes, he said that I will be giving half
of my hair but when I went there.. ..he clean shaved my head
and threw me into the temple pond. It’s alright, Lalli. You look like fashion
TV model like this. I am not worried about
the lost hair since.. ..I am about to get one crore rupees. When I get the money.. ..I will make a wig out of gold. Quarter! Half! – Do it! – Half and quarter! Full! Full and quarter! Full and half! – Wonderful! When you do exercise
on my back like this.. ..I feel like flying in air, darling. ‘You are sweet like
a laddu and soft like a bed’ ‘I like you.. you pinched my heart’ ‘You are sweet like
a laddu and soft like a bed’ ‘You are sweet like
a laddu and soft like a bed’ ‘You touched me and made me hot’ ‘You captured my imagination’ ‘I salute your manliness’ ‘This damsel became your slave’ ‘You are sweet like
a laddu and soft like a bed’ ‘I like you.. you pinched my heart’ ‘I will show you my
style and attract you’ ‘I will let you play
with my lovely curves’ ‘I will show you my beauty
and give you rights over it’ ‘I will let you enjoy
my beauty to the hilt’ ‘Shall I play the
game of love with you’ ‘Shall I play music
over your slim waist’ ‘Shall we lock our lips right now’ ‘I am your wife who
will show you my skill’ ‘You raise the pitch within me’ ‘You pierced my heart’ ‘You are sweet like
a laddu and soft like a bed’ ‘I like you.. you pinched my heart’ ‘I will give you a sweet
look and mesmerise you’ ‘I will jump into the
inner and take you to ecstasy’ ‘I will give you a hot
kiss and teach you romance’ ‘I will make you
get used to my company’ ‘Shall I swim merrily
in the pond of your youth’ ‘In the Garden of
romance we shall enjoy’ ‘I will come like the
kiss and melt like a raisin’ ‘I will come to you and drive you mad’ ‘I will become the swing for you’ ‘I will send you the lullaby of love’ ‘You are sweet like
a laddu and soft like a bed’ ‘I like you.. you pinched my heart’ ‘You touched me and made me hot’ ‘You captured my imagination’ ‘I salute your manliness’ ‘This damsel became your slave’ What is it, darling? – Oh! Darling! My back is paining. Your back is paining because of exercise
and my head because of drinking. If he gives me money, I can
bring balm to you and liquor for me. Your greed for liquor never ends. How could you say such words,
son-in-law? I cannot tolerate this much of grief. Tell him to give me money so that
I can drink till I lose conciousness. I will hit you..
– Hit me with a full bottle.. Darling! Daddy is like that. He doesn’t hesitate
to ask money for drinking. Give him some money. – Okay. Here.. Thanks. – Welcome. Darling! My back is still paining.
Please give me a massage. Okay. Hey, first channel! My darling is having back pain. Bring the oil so that
I can massage her back. Why are you staring at me like that? Go. You will get the
money only if you do as I say. Okay, I’ll bring it. What are you searching for, my child? For oil, dad. It is here. Thanks! – Give it to him. You cannot make him touch you anyway. Let him enjoy his life at least. By the way if you work
for ten more days as he says.. ..you will get one crore.
What will you do with that? Foolish dad! I will buy cars. – And? I’ll buy bangalow. – And? Saris and jewelry.. – And? What else? – Foolish daughter. You can buy anything with
the money son-in-law gives you but.. ..can you make him call you.. ..dear or darling with love? Can you give birth to a
child and make him call you mom? If you live only for money.. ..you might lose your
place in your husband’s heart. Hey, why are you crying like that? Where is your dad? I am here. What do you want? Where did you go leaving them here? Did you go to an orphanage? Why would i think of orphanage
when can stay in this big bangalow? I went out for the sake of my kids. Where to? – One minute. Registrar Mr. Raghavendra Rao! Registrar Mr. Raghavendra Rao! Greetings, sir. Mr. Sankarabharam Sankara Sastri!
Mr. Sankarabharam Sankara Sastri! Greetings! Who next? Kamal Hassan
from Swatimutyam movie? – No. Dr. Chakravarti! Dr.Chakravarti! Hello, sir! – Hello! I didn’t call you.
Why did you come here? I came here on casual visit,. Who are these people? I am coming to that point, He is registrar Mr. Raghavendra Rao. He is the man who legally
performed my marriage with Paddu. He is Mr. Sastri! He is the one who performed
my marriage with your daughter. That too traditionally. He is the doctor who was incharge.. ..of delivery of my Paddu and provided
birth certificate to my twins. Son-in-law! Your opponent
brought so many witnesses. I think something is really wierd. If you, her father,
start to doubt her.. ..then why shouldn’t I doubt her?
– What are you saying? Do you believe in that lair’s words? How do you expect me to believe
you after seeing so many witnesses? Why would he bring these kids here
if there is nothing between you two? No! I cannot take it anymore.
I will apply for divorce tomorrow. You better give her divorce
soon so that i can marry her. Why are you drinking coconut water?
Is there any health problem? Will you shut your mouth? I will not try to protect my health. This is the month of kartika.
If I drink during day.. ..then women coming
here might feel bad. That is why I poured liquor into this. Are you drinking liquor from coconut? Yes. I am always like this. When I am in VIP meeting,
I will make it look like lemon juice. I will add tea powder to
rum to give it black tea look. In childhood, I mixed toddy
with jackfruit crush and drank. Do you know? – Wow! What a talent! Do you want to have some
to give strength to your heart? Hey, son-in-law! I am ashamed
that you are his son-in-law. What for? – What for? He don’t want to drink coconut water. He doesn’t want to drink black tea. He has reached this age but.. ..never tasted liquor.
What kind of man is he? Will you shut up?
– Will you pay me if I do? Here, keep this. – Go! Hi! – Hi, darling. What is this, darling? You said that you will be coming back
at night. Why did you come home early? I cannot stay without seeing you.
– Really? – Yeah. Darling! I am boared
staying alone at home. Let us go to a movie then. Wow, which movie? ‘Intlo Illalu, Vantintlo Priyuralu’. Okay. Coffee! Mother-in-law!
Is there something that.. ..that will strengthen
the bond between a couple? Wife should keep quiet
when her husband drinks. Husband should stay calm
if his wife drinks. – Dad! Sorry! Am I interrupting something? It seems I have no place here. Get out. – Okay. Worshipping Lord Satyanarayana
will bring good to all. Is that so? Then make
arrangements for that. – Okay. ‘Aswini! Aswini! Aswini!’ ‘The protector of hair.’ ‘It is the boon given
by heaven to earth.’ My child! Here take this wig.
It costed me 3000. Don’t worry about 3000, Koteswara Rao. When I get that one crore.. ..I will give you
any amount you ask for. What do you think? Your husband is making you do
so many things for that crore rupees. Not even Lord Vishnu
took as many forms as you did. ‘For whom did you wear a white sari?’ ‘Jasmines..’ – What is it, son-in-law? You are happy and singing. What’s in that cover? It is a gift this husband
brought for his wife. You are blowing our
minds with your gifts. First time you brought
torn away sari and made her beg. Second time made her wear
yellow sari and walk on fire. Don’t know what you are
planning to do this time. Just wait, Kota. What is it? Sari! – Is it a silk
sari or a designer one? The sari that is
shining like sunlight. White sari! Give it to me. I will wear it. Stop there. That white sari has a lot of history. If you want to wear
it even after listening.. ..to what I say, you can wear it. Lalita! A woman wear white
sari three times in her life. First time in her marriage
while groom ties the nuptials. Second time on wedding night,
when starting a new life with husband. Third time, when she becomes
widow after her husband’s death. You value money more
than your husband. Currency notes are important
to you than love and affection. I am your husband for name sake
but you never behaved like a wife. You don’t need me anyway. So go
and wear this sari and become a widow. I will give you one
crore rupees you want. What he said is true. All you want is crore rupees. Wear that sari and get the money. After that you can buy
any number of threads like these. And purchase as many
husbands as you want. Break the nuptials that
he tied and wear that white sari. My dear! Please forgive me. I will do anything you ask me to. But dont ask me to wear this sari.. ..remove my vermilion.. ..break my bangles.. ..and remove my nuptials
to live like a widow. I don’t want money. I only want you and nothing else. I want just you. You! Why are you trying mango
leaves at the doorstep? Why would I tie mango
leaves to your wife? I am making arrangements
for the naming ceremony of my sons. You are a great father. And a naming ceremony
for your twins. Move! Please come! I was thinking
about the guests just now. Go and bless them. How are you, sir? I am fine. Please go in. Let us go. There is a tent here.
That means some function is going on. I am already drunk.
All I need is some food. Without eating,
liquor might cause inconvinience. Hello, uncle! Please come in. Did you call me? – No, the moon. I was calling you. What do you take? If you give from your heart,
I will take Moghul Monarch. If you give it royally,
I will take Royal challenge. If you give angrily,
I will take Kingfisher. If you live happily,
I will take Ace King! First go and enjoy the feast. After that I will give
you pesticide with love. Son-in-law! – What a shot! Match is very interesting.
Why did you switch off the TV? That fellow is making arrangements
for the naming ceremony. And you are watching TV
enjoying chips and Thumps-up. Go and throw him out of the house.
– How can I? Even if I don’t believe his words.. The words of the priest who claims.. ..That he perform the
marriage himself. Is he lying? Is a Registrar lying when he claims
that he wrote your names himself? Is Doctor lying when he says that he
conducted the delivery of your kids? These days girls go to any
extent to leave their husbands. How can I believe you after
he showed all those evidences? What are you saying? Truth! Let bygones be bygones. Don’t reject those kids for money.
I cannot bear that. You said the correct
thing though you took time. Paddu! Come on, let us start
the ceremony before it is late. Leave me.
Now I understood why you came here. There is no relation
between you and me.. But now I realise why
you claim to be married to me. What did you understand? You found that I was going
to get one crore rupees.. ..and you wanted to steal that money. That is why you entered
this house as my husband. I will give that money to you.
Just leave me. I am giving that to you
so that you can live happily. How can you think of
giving it to someone else? Are you out of your mind?
– Yes, I am really mad. I cannot leave my
husband just for money. I don’t want any money. I want you.
I want to spend my life with you. Please believe me. I will kill myself if
you don’t believe me. – Sister! Why are you surprised, sister? Is it because I called you sister? This is really how I feel about you. To bring this change in you.. ..your husband,
your dad and I acted like this. Yes, Paddu! He is my friend. We sell our lotions
at different spots. I asked him for a lotion
to cure you of madness for wealth.. He came directly to cure it. Some times drama has to exceed limits. Don’t mind it and please forgive me. Excuse me! Do you have water? No, sir. Why are you still standing then? Go! I don’t see water
anywhere in this house. I took raw and my stomach is burning. I need water to mix. Where is it? Flash! Coconut!
It contains water in it. If you drink, it mixes well. What happened to you? Is this some kind of problem
like indigestion or hangover? I did not get the kick
and I’m trying to mix it inside. Go and sit in the grinder.
You will get mixed thoroughly. Why? – Do you live only for drinking? Why do you point out me when
you are doing it? – What did I do? You drink fresh sugarcane
juice or grape juice. I drink its fermented version. You drink it fresh
to improve your health. I drink it late for the kick. Instead of talking to you.. ..it is better to wash
my legs with drain water. Sir, it is time.
Ask the couple to come. Hey, you are very
beautiful in this sari. Though you didn’t
agree for first night.. ..your husband is doing the
worship with you. He is a good guy. Sister! People say it brings good to
the couple if they perform this worship. You are very lucky. It seem time for the worship. Priest is chanting the mantras.
Let us go. Who are you to slap me? Who are you to slap me? How dare you sit next to my husband? What right do you
have to sit next to him? He is my husband. This worship is something
done by the couple. Woman like you don’t understand that. Did you remember now
that I am your husband? Didn’t you think about it when you.. ..threw me out of the
room on our first night? Wasn’t I your husband then? The day when you abused me.. ..why didn’t you think
that I am your husband? Now I have money,
so you are showing love for me. Had you know that I am
just a painter before marriage.. ..you wouldn’t have
talk to me at least. Why do you need me? What you want is money.
Keep the money next to you.. ..and perform the worship. Riches are not everything in life. If that were the case,
Shiva who has only ashes.. ..and goddess Parvati
who has lots of wealth.. ..they wouldn’t have become
united as half-man-half-woman. Sita wouldn’t have followed
Rama to the forests.. ..if money is only thing in life. No matter how many
riches a woman have.. ..what she seeks the most
is a place in her husband’s heart. A woman’s life becomes
wholesome not by her jewelry.. ..she wears but by
the nuptials she wears. You are concerned only about money. It is the only relative you have.
Go and live with it. No! Dad! Why are you standing silently? What can I do now that
everything is finished? Parents responsibility for
the daughter ends with her wedding. After that it is wife’s
duty to handle her life. Ragini! Money is needed
to run the family.. ..but money isn’t everything. If money is everything,
then 80 percent couples.. ..in this country.. ..would have approached
court for divorce. If that’s the case, may be your
mom and I wouldn’t have been together. You say something, mom. What will you do
if you are in my place? Why would I be in your position? I followed my husband
at every step in my life. I educated and raised
you in the meagre salary.. ..that he earned as a watchman. You were proud about
your beauty all this while. Did your beauty help you to
build strong bond with your husband? Did it gain you a place
in your husband’s heart? Being born as a girl is beauty. Growing up and getting
married is a kind of beauty. Bearing the child in
her womb for nine months.. ..and becoming a mother is beauty. That is the real beauty of a woman. Ragini! Money is needed
to run the family. But money isn’t everything in life. Sita wouldn’t have followed Rama.. ..to the forests if
money is only thing in life. How can you hate to give food to a
person just because he has some illness? Wash your hands with
acid and not dettol. Please forgive me. – Child! What are you doing? Get up! I don’t have the right
to seek your forgiveness. I should have treated you
like a father, but I scorned you. God has punished me for my sins. I felt proud about my beauty till now. By the time I understood
what real beauty is.. ..my husband is getting ready
to invite another woman into his life. He is not listening to anyone. He will listen to onlly you,
his uncle. I am like your daughter. Please protect my marital life. Please protect my marital life. Wonderful! I have waited
all this while for this day. That girl and I do not have
any relation as you imagined. I wanted to bring change in you.
This was just a drama. My dear!
I understood what my mistake is. Please forgive me. You should seek the forgiveness
of your father and not me. Why are you looking surprised?
That man is your father. What are you saying? – Yes. Then what about him? Are you talking about Koteswara Rao?
He was duplicate but he is original. Dad! Your mom too was greedy
for money just like you. She tormented your
father since he was poor.. ..Eventually she got ill and died. Your dad handed you,
his little child, to Koteswara Rao.. ..and went to foreign
country to earn money. My child! I was angry about
your mother’s behavior.. ..I kept on earning money neglecting
my health till became like this. I came back to see you. But the only condition
that I didn’t want you to be in.. ..I saw you exactly in that condition. You hated me for touching
you when you didn’t know who I am. If you come to know that I am your
father, I thought you would be shocked. That is why I didn’t
tell you the truth. To bring this change
in you he gave me 3 crores.. ..and brought me to this state. The cash is gone. – What happened? The girl that you brought..
– The second channel! Her father brought
three goons with him. He bashed up your
father-in-law and took away.. How dare he tried
to cheat this Tirumala? We shall donate that
money to Tirupati temple. We must catch him somehow.. ..and donate that
money to Tirupati temple. If not don’t call us as Tirumala..
– Tirupati.. ..and Venkatesh.. Come on! – Let’s go. – Yes. Hey, did you see three people
who shaved their heads completely? Just now they went that side, sir. Is that so? Stop! Stop! Stop! Hey, where did you find this vehicle? Why do you want go for details now?
Get in now. Okay, let us go. Hey, come on! Get in! Catch it! – Stop the bus! Hey! Hey! Stop it! Come on! Climb up! Hold it! Be careful! Stop! Stop! Stop the bus. Stop it. What is this?! My God! Everyone is clean
shaved their head here. Dear devotees!
I really feel bad to tell you that.. ..there are three
thieves hidden among you. Who is the real devotee.. ..and which one is that theif, I don’t
understand. – Let us check them all. Their heads?! No, their bags. – Okay. Come on! Tirumala! You check this
row and I will check this row. No! ‘Sanskrit Chant’ ‘Sanskrit Chant’ Govinda! Govinda! Snake! Snake! Snake! ‘Sanskrit Chant’ Govinda!
Govinda! Venkataramana Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Venkataramana Govinda! Sorry. Hey! Hey, attack! How dare you? Idiot! What am I seeing? It is better to runaway
otherwise I will be in trouble. ‘O Lord of seven hills,
Lord Venkatesa!’ ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Srinivasa!’ ‘You are the ruler
of the three worlds’ ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Srinivasa!’ ‘Oh lord of seven Hills’ ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Srinivasa!’ ‘You are a romantic God’ ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Venkatesa!’ ‘O husband of Alamelumanga’ ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Srinivasa!’ ‘O lord, Who is always smiling’ ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Venkatesa!’ ‘O lord who fulfills wishes’ ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Srinivasa!’ The money that belongs to the Lord.. ..no one can steal that. The money has reached
its true destination. It is the divine play of the Lord. ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Srinivasa!’ ‘O lord You are the
protector of dharma’ The devotee who takes refuge
in the lord will always be happy. What is surprising thing! the Lord
himself arrived to collect his money. He’s the king of collection! Tirumala.. Tirupati..
Venkatesha.. – Salutations to you! ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Srinivasa!’ ‘Your greatness is sky high’ ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Venkatesa!’ ‘You rule the entire world’ ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Srinivasa!’ ‘You are the lord who pays interest’ ‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Venkatesa!’ ‘You drive away sins..
‘Govinda! Govinda! O Lord Srinivasa!’