I had Mark Frohnmayer from Arcimoto lay down
a challenge To make a drive system gearbox made out of
solid aluminum I’ve got a 4 1/2 inch 18×18 piece of billet Again the right tool paths the right tools to run this machine at 100% of it’s absolute
load I got the HSN the Autocad Software for High
Speed Machining And the tool paths here are amazing And what we’re doing is we’re doing a constant
engagement To make it so the tool doesnt keep poppin
up and slowing down It just has to run fast and hard and get all
the metal out in a hurry And we gotta know that time is money And when we start running the parts the way
the machines are capable of running Not the way we think their capable But they way that they were designed to move
and run When we have that agressiveness that’s when
we are competing That’s when we are making money That’s how America is gonna compete Alright so I just finished programming operation
#2 So we’re flipping it over and we made a special
plate To match up perfectly with this part so as
we come over we slide it It’s like 10 thousandths of an inch it’s just
snug fit to get it over We’re locking it down then we’re cutting it
away I’m gonna run this simulation right now I can zoom in and see where I’m at right over
here Alright I just wanna touch base on why I run
certain parts dry And why I run certain parts with coolant The simple reason I want to show the audience
exactly how the machine Is cutting the material so you can see the
chips popping off And see how awesome machining truly is So the tool’s right here and it And you see all the 5 axis working I just cut all the grooves on the RC Moto
gear housing Creating the bores right now chips are just
popping up I can see exactly where my tool’s going And making sure it doesn’t go somewhere it’s
not supposed to go Keep my spindle low down keeping the heat
out of the aluminum So it doesn’t heat up melting the aluminum
to the tool Break the tool and cause damage to the machine Part looks awesome looks like everything worked
perfectly Absolutely perfect Yeah thing is pretty much on the money Get this thing delivered up to Oregon make
it happen Good job man Welcome to Arcimoto Well I saw the car coming in so this is like
version 4 So yeah this is our fourth generation prototype It was really to prove out the platform The vision of the company is to develop a
vehicle that anybody can afford and drive Oh yeah matches the blue on the Arimoto logo I got the picture we tried to match it and
hopefully it came out to spec Titan quite often when we are talking to people
about this vehicle We’ll refer to it almost as Model T meets
laptop How do we get you from point A to point B But do it in a radically different more efficient
way Wait that’s my part right there That is beautiful You did a great job Wow really is the backbone of the drive train Both loaders mount to that single gearbox
chassis This is that last piece of the whole product And it is a very compact dual motor gearbox
that splits the torque out to the two wheels The idea of sustainable transportation only
works if people can buy the product You can own a fully electric vehicle that
takes you around on all of your daily driving trips Is incredibly fun to drive it can go on the
freeway it can go on the expressway And it sets you back $12,000 I am so amazed at this vehicle that you made
right here in Eugene Oregon It’s just an incredible thing With the continuing falling price of automation It just makes more sense to bring production
here verses shipping it all over seas So if we want to actually really rebuild American
middle class It’s gonna require actually building things
here domestically Good paying jobs year around rain snow or
sunshine And you can manufacture products doing it
right here The idea that we are somehow just a nation
of consumers I think really misses the point that we are
a nation of builders Absolutely hats off to you and everything
just doing it right here Putting people to work right here in Eugene
Oregon great job Thanks man When Titan came up that was exactly right
the first time It’s that kind of a relationship that actually
allows us to succeed Arcimoto American built right here in Eugene