Here are my top 10 most useful websites
ever. Number 1 – Wayback Machine. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is a
website set up by a nonprofit organization that scans and stores
billions of web pages. You can type in something like It shows you the entire history and you can pick a date like 2006. Scroll down and select a
particular day and it shows you what that webpage looked like back then. You
can even click on some of the sub menus and see what those look like. This is a
useful tool if you want to go back in time and see what websites looked like.
Number 2 – Account Killer. Account Killer is a website dedicated to removing your
accounts from a variety of different online services. For example, Facebook
which is listed here in white is an easy way to delete your account. Skype is gray.
It’s a little more difficult and you’ll see ones that are black like Netflix
which is very difficult to delete your account. You can click on any one of
these choices and it gives you simple instructions for removal with direct
links to the place on their website where you can remove your account. It’s a very simple method to clear any account that you need to get rid of. Number 3 – is a great site to check your Internet speed. All
you do is open it up and hit the Go button. It scans through your Internet
connection to make sure that you have a good ping speed, checks your download and
your upload and comes back with a set of numbers to tell you how fast your
connection is. It gives you an indication of how terrible or how good
your internet is like mine which is terrible right now.
Number 4 – You guessed it, gives you information about times and dates. You can take a
look at the current time, you can click on time zones, do conversions, look at the
current time zone map, and it shows you various locations around the world, what
time zone you’re in. You can even get weather information worldwide. You can
see what the sun and moon or eclipse times are and you can even do stopwatch
timers and countdowns as well as calculators to convert dates
and other types of information about date and time and you can even select
free clocks to add to your own websites. For all things time and date go to Number 5 – If you’re like me you spend a lot of
time on hold waiting for a customer service rep. makes that so much better. All you have to do is type in the name of a company like Comcast,
select them from the list. It gives you all kinds of phone number information
including the main 800 number, a video showing you a fastest way to get a
customer service rep on the phone, what other customers have done for calls
recently, an 800 number, information about that number, what their hours are, average wait times, and a whole bunch of other information. One of the best things in
all of this is this link up here where you can click to skip waiting on
hold. Put in your phone number and will contact you when a
customer service rep answers that call. So they’ll wait on the line for you. It
is a great tool. Number 6 – imgflip is a meme generator. You can
select a popular meme or you can load your own images, type in the text, choose
your options, and click the Generate. Click on the social media link of your
choice or you can copy the appropriate link and post it on a site yourself.
It’s one of the fastest ways to create a meme, then share with your friends.
Number 7 – helps you install programs on your
computer. All you have to do is select from a list of all these different
applications. I’m gonna pick Chrome and iTunes and Java and PDF
Creator and Dropbox and Net 4.7.1 Come down here and
choose TeamViewer, Google Earth, 7-zip, Spotify and when you’re ready to go
click the “Get Your Ninite”. It comes up with an automatic installer. You can save this
or you can click Run. When you run this program it actually installs all those
applications on your computer or another computer if you just copy the exe file
and it skips all of the advertisements and the junk and gives you the basic
minimum install. One of the nice features about this tool is if those applications
get updated it will install the latest versions even if you use the same exe
file at a later date. It’s a great tool to save you a bunch of time installing
some of the basic applications that you need on your computer.
Number 8 – is a similarity search engine. So if
I want to find a website similar to the one that I just looked at, you just type
the name in here. So if I type in ninite, click Moreofit, it comes up with other
websites that are similar to that one. Once you click on one of those it goes
to that website and finds other ones similar to it. You can also select from a
list of advanced filters to choose more details about the sites you’re looking
for and it’s a great way to find similarity in other sites. Number 9 – gives you a way to
check websites before you actually click on the link. What you can do is come in
here and type in a website, do Check it Now, and it’ll comes back with a trust
rating. In this case this has a low trust rating. You can see that on the risk
scale it is high and when you look at the details it shows it’s from Canada,
and the number of days that it’s been in existence. The owner country is hidden which is a red flag and you can look up information
about the domain registration. It’s a great tool to check those websites
before you click a link to anything. Number 10 – This
website collects a massive amount of data breach information and it will
check your email address to see if you’ve been pwned. All you have to do is
type in an email address, click the pwned button, and it comes up and tells you if
you’ve been breached. And in this case there has been one breach and it shows
that this website in 2016 33 million individuals in corporate America were
exposed online and this email was in that list. You can also click on this
Notify me when I get pwned. Put in your email address and notify me of future
data breaches. An excellent website to double check and see what breaches might have affected you. Hey, if you want to see more videos like this one please
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