Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet! I am your most amazing host, Rebecca Felgate
and today we are back with the Top 10 Mysterious Websites You Shouldn’t visit! You guys loved part one so much, I am coming
at you with a part 2. Before we get started, I just wanted to let
you guys know that we have brand new merch for sale at Most Amazing Shop.com! We have brand new colours available, and my
new favourite is red! If you buy anything from the Most Amazing
team and send us a picture, we will post it on our Most Amazing Instagram. 10 -Staggering Beauty
I have no idea what is happening here other than there is a blinking little black worm
who wants to be my friend. When I say wants to be my friend, I mean that
it follows my mouse and wiggled about in kind of an enjoyable way. I don’t know if I like how much it is staring
with me. But, oh, if you don’t want to have a seizure,
don’t move your mouse too fast, that is when this worm takes a dark turn. 9 – endless.horse
So, Endless.Horse showcases a baffling text created image horse….who’s legs go on
forever….and ever…and ever…and ever….and ever. How. I scrolled for five minutes and couldn’t
get to the bottom of the legs, then I lost all hope and interest and sadly scrolled all
the way back to the top. What is the meaning of this? And why is the horses eye a 6? 8 – Untitled.com
It looks simple, but what is going on here? Untitled.com is a maintained site with a member
area you can login to. If you don’t have a login, you can apply
by submitting information to [email protected] …although they say you should already know
what information is needed, if you don’t they say don’t try or ask! What an enigma! I have no idea what is going on behind closed
doors here… also, that must be an expensive domain name to maintain
. 7 – Bury Me With My Money.com
WELL…I mean…is this some kind of social commentary ?! Bury Me With My Money.com is
a strange website indeed. The words “Bury me with my money” flash
across the screen, accompanied with a grainy old man voice….then a man falls with a sack
of money to the bottom of the page…and then that happens over and over again until there
is a pile of dead cartoon men with their money all across the page. 6 – rrrgggbbb.com
Despite this list being the Top 10 Mystery Websites you shouldn’t visit, I actually
really think you should visit this site, it is a treat. Every time you hover over the giant letter
r, b or g, you get a robotic voice singing the letter at you and your screen changes
colour accordingly. Here is a little demo…. I mean, any fan of Kraftwerk will love this. What it means, I don’t know…. Do I care…. Not really. I am also kind of here for this too, but I
am in to weird. Next up, at number 5, we have Metaphors of
Infinity.com This gets weirder as time goes on, and I am
fully here for the sound. It is like some surrealist creature running
on a geometric body, gradually getting bigger as things drop from the sky. If you press the red circle, more things fall! It’s pretty strange and chaotic….but some
part of me loves it, even though its probably an artistic expression of evil. 4 – Move Now Think Later
Ahhh….anxiety! What is happening on this website and why! It is all black and white and looks like a
chess or checkers board…then little circles start bopping around all over the place. If you listen with sound on, too, it is pretty
stressful! It’s very pingy! 3 – Zombo.com
What the fresh 90s comic sans hell is this? This site is all about the sound….the baffling
baffling sound. An man with an African accent welcomes you
to Zombocom…over and over again. He then says stuff like …”You can do anything
at Zombocom, anything, the only limit is yourself. “ – there is some pretty kitsch music playing
in the background, too, while a rainbow colour wheel spins. 2 – YYYYYYY.Info
That is 7 ys…. But I have more than seven whys in my line
of questioning regarding this site. The sound, too… I think it can be different each time you
load the page, but mine was a rising whirr that never stopped and I felt it was trying
to populate my brain. It seems to be a weird collection of data
and images from the internet displayed on one page… it’s chaos in its purest form. Finally….I don’t know…I get a weird
murder vibe from our number one, we have Cleanupwv So this is a Youtube Channel….and I have
no idea what the heck is going on. The channel is filled with mysterious CCTV
style footage and it all seems to feature parts of the same clip. It’s all silent too….which…I mean…creepy. The mysterious collection of 430 videos seem
to be shot in Japan and their descriptions are non sensical. I googled some of the words in the description
and it was like Raw non-tax mud? Den….whatever that means. It’s a mystery… but it feels sinister. So! That was the Top 10 Mysterious websites you
shouldn’t visit! Let me know if you visited any of them against
my better advice and it there are any more I need to know about.