Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if you are new here, my name is penny I am the master esthetician of Portland, Oregon and I’m excited that you’re here with me today you guys cuz we’re gonna talk about Masking I get asked all the time my favorite masks and today I just want to share with you four sheet masks that I really really love and I Have chosen these four out of lots and lots of masks that I own and I have tried Because each of them kind of fits a different purpose. I have one. That is great post-treatment So if you are someone who microneedles this would be good in the days following if you cosmetic needle this would be good Immediately after and same with the Nano this would also be fantastic post dermaplaning– so you kind of get the idea Then I have one that is kind of your monthly Sort of if you’re the person that does facials at home and you just want to take it to the next level I have a sheet mask for that and then I have a couple That are super super affordable that are perfect If you are someone like me that likes to mask regularly, I usually mask probably four to five times a week I don’t miss that many days. So I really do like to have a very inexpensive option with good ingredients Of course that I can use regularly that won’t break the bank something I definitely want you to take away from this video is the ingredients in the mask that make it special and as soon as you start to really recognize ingredients you can look for them in other things in other masks and know why certain things work for certain skin conditions So we’re definitely going to go through key ingredients in each mask as well Today’s video is in collaboration with my friend Jen from the channel Jennifer Joyce Beauty She is the makeup artist and a hairstylist in Southern California you guys and I really really appreciate Her skin care recommendations, but more than anything she and I have the opposite kind of skin she has a lot of oil and she’s 47 years old and I am Dry like the Sahara and I will be 46 next month So we have the same age and the same kind of anti-aging concerns, but we have different skin types So we figured that coming together Would help you guys if there are people out there who you know are somewhere between the two of us You’ll get some good ideas for different masks. So I want to get right into it We’re gonna start with the most expensive But it’s also the one that you’re going to use on special occasions. And this is a mask that is in my opinion Perfect post-treatment and that is the peptide aqua gel mask now this one Like I said, it’s good post-care. It’s good for post chemical peel post needling post laser post microderm This is going to reduce swelling and reduce redness. It is great to keep in the fridge. It’s perfect for that There’s only five in here and it is $60. So it is definitely expensive but this is not the mask. You’re gonna use everyday It’s not that kind of mask I really do think that this is the kind that goes right along hand-in-hand with those bigger treatments, you know if you dermaplane once every four or five weeks, this is awesome post derma planing if you Cosmetically needle and you do that once a week Maybe every other week you could use this mask if you medical needle this mask would be great Several hours after you medical needle or the next morning you kind of get the idea That’s what this mask is the best for in my opinion. Now the ingredients in this one are seriously impressive second ingredient in this one you guys is acetyl hexapeptide eight now that is also known as Argireline now That’s what they call Botox in a bottle and I don’t know that I necessarily buy any of the Botox in a bottle part But it definitely does work on the muscles that create those Wrinkles from repeated movement. Obviously, it’s not as potent as Botox but the reason why I really like this post procedure is that Usually if you have dermaplane if you have microneedle, if you’ve cosmetically needled any of those things chemical peel you have you know disrupted the barrier you have Given your kind of given an entrance with micro needling or cosmetic needling with derma planing You’ve removed a micron of skin So if you give this mask even better penetration opportunity and you’ve removed some of the obstacle between the mask and your you know Into your skin the better Perfect. Perfect post treatment the other ingredients in here that are really stellar We have hydrolyzed collagen, which is a moisturizer and it’s a humectant and if you don’t know what a humectant is It gives your skin a drink of water think of water when you think of hydration Humectant that kind of thing and this one also has glycerin which is a superstar ingredient. It is a skin identical ingredient That is an amazing humectant as well. This one also has portulaca Portulaca, we’re gonna start seeing more and more I’m predicting this in lots of skincare because it’s an incredible antioxidant and it is also Super soothing now. These masks are great If you keep in the fridge if I didn’t already say that and some of these super soothing ingredients Combined with a cool mask are just great post treatment. So I think that this mask is Amazing if you are somebody who does those kind of treatments at home and you want to step up your game? It’s a great one. Okay, the next mask that we’re gonna talk about you guys is by the brand eben L This is the same brand that I actually use at home for my lidocaine when I do micro needling and you know I really like some of the products from this brand. This one is 10 of them for 12 bucks It is definitely on the other side of the price spectrum So this is one of those masks that I will use regularly I can use it three or four times a week It’s such a good mask. Now the ingredients in this mask. Are we have some aloe aloe. It’s the second ingredient here And of course that is super soothing and hydrating it also has glycerin, which is your superstar ingredient sodium higher Lani Which is just a humectant. This one has as its fifth or sixth ingredient That acetyl hexapeptide eight. So that Argireline is in here as well. We the XCore Bukh acid It’s down the list a little ways, but it is in there and that is a great antioxidant super star ingredient hydrolyzed collagen Hydrolyzed collagen when you see it I know a lot of people probably think it’s like collagen in the protein in our skin Hydrolyzed collagen actually in skincare serves as a humectant and a moisturizer, but it’s a very very good ingredient But as a humectant and a moisturizer and then it also has that portulaca down towards the bottom of the list But it’s in there and that again is a soothing antioxidant ten of these for 12 bucks this is a great mask for everyday use if you’re the type of person like me that likes to wear a mask several times a Week, this is a good one. Okay next mask. We will do another Inexpensive mask this mask you guys if you are one of those people that likes the snail mucin if you’re into that This is a great mess. This one is snail moisturizing hydrating essence mask It looks like this now this one has glycerin again We’re talking, you know a skin identical ingredient that is hydrating it has Niacin amide. No niacinamide In case you don’t know is the vitamin b3 that is great for your barrier. It is great for your pores it actually helps to synthesize ceramide in our skin which helps with our barrier function niacinamide is just to me a Superstar ingredient, it can help with brightening and pigment just really really great This also has sodium hier Lonnie that’s a drink of water for your skin. And then of course this has the snail Mucus in it and that is soothing and repairing to our skin It’s an ingredient that I used to turn my nose up to I used to think that the whole snail secretion thing was kind of Gimmicky the more and more. I have studied it the more I really can appreciate that ingredient and I think it is a very valuable Skincare ingredient. These are also inexpensive. I’ll put the price and how many of them you get into the description box But they’re very very reasonable as well So this is another one that is fantastic to use regularly and it will not break the bank I would say that this is actually for all skin types You don’t have to be dry and it’s okay If you’re oily it’s a good mask that will feed your skin on a regular basis. Okay, the next mask and Probably my favorite sheet mask that I own and that says a lot you guys it is not cheap but I suggest that the mask is used as if you were maybe once a month going to do an at-home facial or You want to do a treat for your skin a special occasion that kind of thing That’s how I treat this mask and it is by limb you and it is their bio cell now the ingredients in this one are Absolutely impressive. But what I like about this one the best is that when I use it, I feel Definite effects the day I use it obviously, but my skin feels better four days after I use this mask I definitely feel like I see positive effects in my skin from this mask Longer than just the day that I use it. But again, it is expensive. So it’s one of those special occasion masks I want to tell you some of the ingredients and this one because it’s chock full of good stuff First of all, we have our higher Lunik acid or our humectant we have white tea, which is an antioxidant That’s a great ingredient. It also is soothing it’s antimicrobial antibacterial white tea is such a good ingredient we also have that acetyl hexapeptide eight that are zero lean that Six amino acid peptide that is in there towards the top of the ingredient deck have a Penta peptide Which is another cell communicating ingredient. We have magnesium a Sorbo phosphate That’s also listed a lot of times in an ingredient deck as map ma P that is a version of vitamin C that is less Irritating than Ella sorbic acid and it is also longer shelf life. It has more stability to it. I love magnesium s normal phosphate it is one of my absolute favorite versions of Vitamin C and it is in this mask mulberry extract which is skin brightening Chinese school cap Which is soothing antioxidant antimicrobial antibacterial and Alan toen which is also very very soothing a superstar Ingredient just all the way down to the bottom though One of the last ingredients is glucose, which is also a great ingredient and it is a moisturizer and a humectant This is just a fantastic anti-aging Special occasion mask so if you haven’t checked this out, this is definitely one worth looking into there are no bad ingredients in it What so another thing I do like about the Lemieux mask, not only this one but the under eye mask Which is a favorite of mine as well is that they recommend that you use their TG fe booster with these masks? They’re under eye or with this one so you can actually put that serum on your face and then put this mask on To kind of bump up and give your skin a dose of that transforming growth factor also for collagen production I love it with that. I love the under eyes with that I actually will tell you that I think that that’s a great trick in general whether it’s Lemieux or Any of those kind of serums would be fantastic on the skin first before you put on one of these sheet masks I think that that’s a great tip and it’s a way to take them to the next level I hope you guys are having a fantastic week. I cannot wait to check out Jen’s video. I know she’s gonna have the best Recommendations so I hope you’ll join me over there. Tell her I said hi Have a great week and I will talk to you guys again in my next Skincare video. Take care