hey everybody today I wanted to talk
about my favorite five things that I bought on Amazon that helped me become
better at sewing so the first thing I wanted to talk to you about was this
book it is called building a block dress and it is a sewing pattern alteration
guide it basically goes through the whole process on how to make the basic
dress and then it goes through and teaches you how to make alterations to
make like hundreds or thousands different dresses based off of this one
so it looks at the sleeve and how to make a different sleeve the neckline
changing that the length of the dress or if you wanted an a dress so if you want
to address with the bodice and things like that so it’s really awesome book
and it was really helpful and inspiring to help me get better at sewing dresses
for my daughter okay the next thing I wanted to show you guys is this book it
is called pattern cutting for menswear it is really awesome as well it’s kind
of hard to find patterns for guys out there if you guys are guys it so or
women that so for guys clothing you’ll know that already but it’s really
difficult to find patterns for that but in this book they really go into a lot
of detail on different styles of clothing and how to create your own
patterns based off of it and it’s really exciting it’s giving me kind of more
courage to do more stuff in the menswear area of sewing so yeah that’s why that’s
my recommendation for my second pick for the top things that I bought on Amazon
okay so the next three items that are on the list are tools that I use that make
things easier faster and better for me when I’m working on creating things
through my sewing the first thing I wanted to show you guys are these little
bad boys they are let me see get a little bit more clear there they are
clips and instead of pinning most of the time now I use these clips it makes
things so much faster for me and I really enjoy using as the
clips so this is my number three pick on my favorite things that I’ve found on
Amazon for sewing okay so my number four pick is these awesome fashion rulers
they came in a pack of ten and you have like long French curves of different
types you also have like this that helps you create shoulders and things like
that we have a nice long straight edge and a whole bunch of different types of
rulers I’m really excited and kind of experimenting a lot with making my own
patterns for your clothing so this kind of helped me get to the next level where
I’m starting to create my own designs and things like that so that’s why this
is my number four pick okay so the number five pick my final pick is kind
of my favorite it is these shears if you’ve been
watching my channel you’ve probably seen these me using them they are so fun to
use they I like huge they like 12-inch scissors or shears and they just cut
amazing maybe a little bit big sometimes it becomes a little bit unwieldy but it
makes me like have a lot of fun when I’m sewing and that’s kind of part of the
fun of sewing for me is just like making things just more exciting and stuff I
kind of feel like a knight and this is like sword or like this is a Excalibur I’m
King Arthur or something and I’m tailoring I don’t know why King Authur
would be tailoring but it’s just so much fun for me whenever I bring these out
and I’m able to use them another thing that I found that I kind of been using
these a lot for because they’re kind of hefty is when I am tracing patterns or
working with patterns I kind of use it as a weight and I place it on top of the
patterns to make the paper not move so that way it’s a little bit easier for me
to work with so I hope you guys enjoyed my list let me know what you guys have
found on Amazon as that was kind of like an amazing buy that made your sewing
experience much better write it down in the comment section and
I’d love to hear from you guys also please don’t forget to Like share and
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