There are five trends that are going to be
shaping e-commerce in the coming years. The first trend is going to be touch commerce,
so basically, we’ve already seen that shoppers are using their tablets and their mobile phones
a lot more. The user experience is better and the shoppers
actually like that because the conversion rates are higher. We’re going to see more and more responsive
design websites. We’re going to see in-app purchases, so that’s
going to be pretty big. Another thing that’s going to be big is going
to be virtual demonstrations, so things like using augmented reality and things like that
will be pretty popular. The second emerging trend is going to be location
based commerce. We’re already seeing the beginning of that. Basically, people are going to be shopping
on the go using their mobile phones. They’re also going to be shopping for location
specific products. They might be receiving location specific
deals. It’s going to be all focused around location,
where you buy, what you buy and you’re also going to be paying with your mobile phone. That’s emerging trends, mobile wallets are
not there yet, but we’re going towards that. The third trend will be online to offline
integration, so small businesses are going to be using the technology that we’ve been
using forever with tablets and folders and stuff like that. Basically, the experience of the consumer
is going to be a lot quicker and a lot better. We’re going to see things like virtual merchandising
with their tablets in store, instant checkout to make the experience quicker. On the back end, there’s going to be a lot
more gathering of hard data. Where the customers are going in the shop,
what they’re doing, and as well as basically communicating with those customers when they
get in store and when they’re trying to leave. That’s going to be an emerging trend. The fourth trend that we’re going to see emerging
is demand side signaling. With the explosion of e-commerce and social
media, we can know a lot better what customers want and what they like. Brands and retailers are going to be using
that data a lot more to try to anticipate demand and create, actually, the products
that the customers are going to want in the future. The last trend that’s going to be emerging
is the customization of the products that you can buy and the curation of your experience. First of all, there’s going to be more and
more independent retailers that are going to be online. Then, you’re also going to be able to personalize
the products you buy. Adding your name, adding information, there’s
a lot of new software that can basically plug into different e-commerce solutions, to basically
customize everything you buy. Then there’s the curation of experience. Every experience you get will be tailored
to your own personality, to your own likes, to your wants, to everything you do. It’s going to be a lot more of a sexy, personalized
experience for you. That’s going to be the last trend you’re going
to want to look into. To recap, the five trends are number one,
touch commerce. Number two, location based commerce. Number three, online to offline integration. Number four, demand side product signaling
and number five, customization of products and curation of experience.