(thunder rumbling) – [Announcer] After the delay the sun is down and
the lights are on. (engine revs) Sebastian Wheldon from Hot
Wheels with a sizeable lead with only two laps to go. Oh no! (engine revs)
(heavy rock music) – [Narrator] See that
kid going really fast? That’s Sebastian Wheldon. He’s been racing since most
kids were in their diapers. – [Woman] Lean forward buddy. – [Narrator] And now
at just nine years old, he’s racing for Hot Wheels. (engine revs)
Sebastian’s dream is to race in the Indy 500,
just like his dad. (engine revs) – [Race Announcer]
Dan Wheldon, winner of the Indianopolis 500. – [Narrator] To get
there, he will have to become the best racer he can be. Hold on tight, see
if you can keep up. This is Go Fast Sebastian! (engine revs) (heavy rock music) Today’s the big race
Sebastian’s been training for on his home course, the Ocala Gran Prix. (multiple engines revving) Alright who do you
guys thinks gonna win? – Me.
– Me. There can only be
one first place. – No you’re going last. Sorry brother. – [Narrator] To get ready
for the race Sebastian’s reviewing data with Coach Chris. – See the green line
it’s before the red line. – [Narrator] Those fancy
lines on Chris’ computer, they tell Sebastian
when he needs to slow down and speed up. (heavy rock music)
(engines revving) – Can you go full speed
through this corner? – This one right here? – Yes. – Yes sir. – Okay.
(heavy rock music) – So instead of
taking your foot off throttle as long as you did, just leave it on and
drive around the corner that’s how you went
that much faster. (heavy rock music) – [Narrator] Now that
Sebastian’s race ready, back to the track! Sebastian’s already been through warm-ups and the qualifier. Now his goal is to make it to
the final in pole position. Which means, first place. – [Track Announcer] First
up we have the Micro Swiss featuring Hot Wheels
own, Sebastian Wheldon. (engines whiring) It looks like a
beautiful day of racing, but a storm is building. (funky jazz music) – [Narrator] Nice,
thanks Oliver. And it’s time for Semifinals. (traffic light rings) Lets Go! (intense electronic music) – [Track Announcer] Coming
down the straight away it’s the number 59 car
with Sebastian Wheldon in pursuit as they
go through showcase. (intense electronic music) – [Narrator] Sebastian’s
holding his line nicely down the straight away. – [Track Announcer] It’s
Wheldon taking inside line. Wheldon grabs the lead! – [Narrator] Oh yeah Sebastian! – [Track Announcer]
It’s Wheldon with the lead with only
one lap remaining. – [Narrator] Hang on Sebastian! Defend your position! (intense electronic music)
(engines revving) Eyes on the prize,
finish strong. – [Track Announcer] And it’s
Wheldon from team Hot Wheels who takes the checkered flag! – [Narrator] Nicely done! He just secured Pole Position. That means he’ll start
first in the next race. – Did you see that
wonderful save I did when Nature passed
me at the three turn? I slammed on the breaks – [Narrator] Oh you mean
this turn Sebastian? – Yeah. – [Narrator] Yeah
that was pretty sweet! And with Pre-Finals
out of the way there’s nothing that
can stop Sebastian now. (thunder roars) I may have spoken too soon. – [Track Announcer]
Here comes that rain we were talking about. It’s
drivers choice, if you want to run the Slicks or
the Treaded tires. You only have 20 minutes
to get back to the Grid. (intense violin music) – When it’s your turn you
have 20 minutes to put on the rain tires and we
have to go really fast. There was like hundreds
of times in the rain. (bolt cranks loudly) It’s not scary
it’s fun actually. – I feel so good. Just so good. (heavy rain)
(intense violin music) (electronic music) – [Narrator] The weather’s
gone from bad to worse. Even though Sebastian
likes to go fast, he’s gonna have to wait. (electronic dance music) After the storm passes,
night has fallen and the track remains wet. Atop of that
Sebastian hasn’t been on the track since morning. So this next race will be
more challenging than most. – [Track Announcer]
After the delay the Sun is down and
the lights are on with the Micro
Swiss on the Grid. – [Narrator] If Sebastian wins, he’ll add another trophy
to his collection. (intense violin music)
(engines revving) – [Track Announcer] And
after one lap it’s Wheldon taking a lead through showcase
tailed by the Ray car. – [Narrator] You can literally
cut the tension with a knife. – [Track Announcer]
It’s getting stacked, Wheldon takes the inside
line through showcase and he’s by the
Number seven car. Wheldon breaking away, Sebastian Wheldon, from team
Hot Wheels with a sizeable lead with only two laps to go as
they head into three turn. (tires squealing) Oh no! Wheldon is Out! It looks like his night is over. (electronic music) – [Narrator] Sebastian is safe. But unfortunately
this race is over. Find out why Sebastian’s
race ended early and see more of Sebastian
Wheldon’s journey to Indy 500, on the next episode
of Go Fast Sebastian! (electronic dance music)
(engines revving)