Earlier this month, a website called Tox Map
put out by the federal government using data compiled by multiple different uh, and departments
in the federal government, but mostly from the EPA was shut down. December 16th. The Tox Map was totally shut down, retired
as the administration called it. So this information is no longer available. Okay, so you’re probably asking you at this
point, what kind of information was this? Why should I care about Tox Map? Well folks, Tox Map was a resource interactive. You could clip anywhere on this map of the
United States, go to any city, any part anywhere and see the pollution. You could see how bad the air quality was
for that area. Up to the hour. You could see all the pollution coming from
nearby plants coming from all the nearby manufacturing facilities coming from the local power plant. Everything was right there on the map. And it even included all those toxic super
fund sites that could also be radioactive. So you could go anywhere and say, Hey, I’m
thinking of moving to this area. Let me go check Tox Map to find out if this
is a safe place to live, and now you can’t. Now the administration claims that most, most
of the information is still available. You just got to go to each individual department’s
website to know exactly what you’re trying to find and then navigate the website and
hope you can find it. Although of course some of it obviously is
not available anymore. We decided to retire some of that information
about pollution and how it affects your health. This is just the latest assault on science
launched by this administration and this is nuts folks. This is pure total nuts. It makes no sense. It’s not like they were hemorrhaging money
off of Tox Map. It’s not like it was actually harming the
public. No, it was letting them know. If you go here, expect to have an asthma attack,
and now it’s gone and nobody noticed and most people don’t even care. What this is is a massive gift to corporations. No longer are you going to have the public
looking over your shoulder to see how much you’re polluting their hometown. No longer will the federal government be offering
the public all of this up to the minute data about how bad you really are. That’s what this is all about. This is going to harm public health. People could very easily die as a result of
removing this website, but hey, if it means corporations don’t have to worry about us
looking over their shoulders, then heck yeah, that’s a win for this administration.