so everyone, fucking Iraq niggas yeah Isis niggas
fuck your Isis niggas they kill my boy big fuck wait a minute I know a night I toss the turn like you should
say my mind line I can’t wait till I get you Wow slow the Kiku neat new joke
Oh Hungry Hippos you people know a lot about trucks speed bump guys say Colorado put that candy back I’m not twice people are wackos and say the stupidest
things because I’m Austin and Ally
olivia holt from a moment of your very warm welcome to Jurassic what do you
want it’s not that simple what do you want oh
yeah what was the name dan slow do you doubt very often
sometimes two years old if this is my highlight a ugly mob guess what appreciate it
guys say Colorado beep hey Trent you want some ice cream watch that video you die yeah that’s a
lot of baloney ever wondered what real poverty looks
like for just over a dollar a day you’re a gift providing food and clean Oh