You know research shows that the average
one-year-old has heard the word no 400 times a day.
That’s kind of scary right. It could just be a “No” or it could be “no, no, no, no don’t
do that.” You know from well-meaning parents from
maybe siblings who love them we want to stop them. Stepping outside of a comfort
zone. By the time their 5 they’ve heard the word
“No” over 200,000 times. Isn’t that incredible. By the time they’re teenagers they’ve
heard the word “No” over 400,000 times. By the time they’re adults they’ve heard
the word know many, many, many, many, more times than they ever have heard the word
yes. And so you would think wouldn’t you that we would all be used to hearing the
word “No”. Wouldn’t you comfortable with it? Happy with it. No problem. No fear. Doesn’t
worry me, but the reality is for most people and
for me that when we start out on our network
marketing journey our biggest fear, our biggest challenge, something that we
have to overcome in order to achieve greatness, is learning how to handle the
word “No”. Two tiny letters that can stop somebody
dead in their tracks. They may have all the dreams and the
desires and the focus and the energy and the passion but if they hear that word
“No” too often that passion can begin to dry and fizzle out. And questions and
doubt starts to take its place. One of the things I had to understand
was how to turn the Nos in to a Yes. Tt was the yeses that was going to allow
the business to grow. So I took a step back and I thought what am i doing that it’s not allowing me to
move forward? And I realized at that moment it was all
about the conversations. It was all in the communication that I was having with
other people. It was the way I was interacting with them. You see initially
I made it all about me. I made everything about me. My
business, my opportunity, my journey. Well, I didn’t realize it should be nothing
about me and everything about them. And I really began to look at how I began to
communicate with others based on how I would have wanted someone to speak to me. And that talk took a little bit of what
I call honesty. You know if it is to be it’s up to me.
There’s no point blaming anybody else. But I realized that I had to build
relationships with people.I had to find out what was important to them.
I had to be more caring. More aware and have to understand that it’s not a
one-stop shop. Sometimes your conversations whether
they be face-to-face, online, it’s not the first conversation that bears the
results. It could be many conversations down the line. And what I realized is is that when
you start communicating with people, this for me this little bit I’m sharing with
you now was a game-changer for me, is when I started picking up the phone,
having a chat, asking them how they were what they were doing, how the kids were,
how was work, did they have a great holiday, what are
they got planned for Christmas, when I really got into them,
I began to realize people opened up a lot more. Then the end of the
conversation I just drop in why I was communicating with them, what I was
passionate about and why I would like to have a get-together with them and here’s
the key thing. If at that time before this moment they said no I put the phone
down and that was it. End of story. No more communication with them.
But at this stage now because of my paradigm shift. Because of my realizing
it was more about them and not me, I actually was looking for the Nos now. I
didn’t mind. I was ready to embrace them. If I rang up my friend and she said well
you know what Jane it all sounds great but no, no, no, no, not now and I would just
go Chris thanks so much for that. Thanks for your honesty. I really appreciate it. However I’m really passionate about what
I’m doing and whilst the time might not be right for you at the moment
can we keep in touch? Can I give you a call maybe in a few weeks time. Update
you on what I’m doing and maybe find out a bit about where you are in your life.
And guess what they said? They said yes.
In a heartbeat, in a conversation, just by reversing the “No” and say that’s okay. I
turn the No into a Yes but not right now in the moment. Maybe in a month or two months time, but
that no became a yes. And what was absolutely fascinating for
me is suddenly my diary was filling up with yes after yes after yes after meet
me, have another call, get back in touch with me, let’s touch base, let’s see
what’s happening, tell me where you’re at. It was phenomenal. Now sometimes I call them back
as arranged on the exact day and time that I’d arranged. I give them a quick
call hey how you doing? You know we spoke a few weeks early and the timing wasn’t
right for you and we agreed that we speak today. How’s things? How’s it been? I’d
always make notes of our previous conversation that I could refer to
and sometimes they would show great interest. But they say Jane you know the
timing still isn’t right. I go hey there’s no problem. This opportunity I want to share with
you is too important for us not to get together. So why don’t I give you a call
maybe in three or four weeks time. So every single No was turned into a
yes one way or another. Sometimes I could ring them up four or five, six times. On
the sixth time they say No and I would say some you know what I’m never gonna
stop calling you because this opportunity is too
important and I think too much of you. I don’t want you to miss it.
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