Now,what kind of a reason
is this to get married? But son,Big Billion Days
comes only once a year What does that mean? Just because shopping would be
cheap I should get married? No son,that is not the only reason He now has a total of three white hair Two are white the third one.. You don’t understand
half of the things I say And Aunty do you get
a referral bonus for getting prospective brides? Every day you bring at
least five contacts Do you get a bonus or what? What are you saying brother? It’s unconditional
service by me. I’ll take a Banarasi
Saree this time Let him agree to
get married first Jeetu,Vermaji’s
daughter is so cool that she parties every
Friday like you Half the people party on Friday,aunty Should I meet everyone? What do you young people
keep doing all the time? Ummm..uh..”chill” Not Just consider it to be
a date and meet her He is a kid what does he
know what happens in a date? Uh Jeetu,do you know
what happens in a date? No,I don’t know what happens That is why It is time to teach
Jeetu everything Papa Hello Aunty? Jeetu, you don’t worry at all Your dad right here is hero kind of a man Arrey Tinny, stop kidding He’ll teach you
everything, just listen Jeetu, son… listen carefully Son, for a date, You need to get a gift I know Oh..okay gift? Yeah, even I gave your mother, When we met for the first time for a date Along with our families In the Hanuman temple I was also there No, no Were you there? Yeah, you were there Wearing that kurta with big prints Wow, you still remember? How amazing Jijaji Those days were something else Oh Jeetu listen What will you give your date? Listen to me, give her this floral kurta, it is really pretty Aunty, it is a date, not a baby shower Tinny I knew he would find our thoughts old fashioned That is why I called his
Aunt who lives in Kanpur Bubbly Aunty? Yeah, I talked to her She stayed in America for a whole month Yeah her elder son is there right? Yeah in Silicon Valley Hold son, don’t cut the call Dad why did you have to involve Aunt Bubbly? Hello Jeetu? Yeah Aunt Namaste! Stay blessed son Namaste Sister It is Tinny, the
younger sister-in-law Yeah okay, Tinny Okay listen, abroad they
give toffees and flowers They don’t give toffees, they give chocolates How do you know? Bunty keeps going for
dates so he told me Listen carefully, stop
hanging out with that Bunty I don’t like him at all But why do they give chocolates? I don’t know why they give chocolates These are marriage related issues If he is not sure, sweets would be better Sweets, really? Chocolate
is what works these days Bunty keeps going he was telling me Girls like chocolate, it feels right What is right in that? That is a personal choice Jeetu Like you mother likes Okra Yeah when we were
newly married, I used to get Okra every other day My mother used to get so angry,
she used to blast with me off Gajju, why do you
keep getting Okra My sister doesn’t keep praising
you for no reason, huh? Arrey, Tinny… Yeah so I’ll do one thing pack 2kg okra Wrap it up and gift it to her okay? Perfect idea No, no don’t give Okra, it
is really cheap these days They’ll think that we have bought
the cheapest thing for her She is right You want to give her something
that girls like, right? So, Give her a doll The Barbie one Yeah, nice. Also get a hair dye for him We can’t take a risk for the date
Yeah great idea Gajju, buy a nice pair of jeans for me I’ll wear it for Jeetu’s wedding Haha, Jeans in your age? Oh Tinny, keep quite In America, even the older women wear jeans Everything will be done Didi She is increasing the
expenditure for no reason No,no I’ll be shopping
during the big billion days I’ll get a lot for very little Then get an expensive pair
of Jeans and a top as well Pink in colour Yeah so get those leather sandals for me If it is so cheap, buy something for me I’ve been asking
for a home theatre Bua ji, you owe me an Xbox Send that too. After marriage you’ll need a double bed We’ll buy you that as well Oh and also buy a T.V set for Jeetu When the husband and
wife fight for the remote, their love
increases, I have seen it And also a DSLR camera They’ll click pictures of their honeymoon and post
it on Facebook I’ll like and comment on it too “Cute couple” Yeah aunt Bubbly,
we will take our vows too on FB. I am
keeping the phone Wait wait wait.You leave everything incomplete in a hurry Son, life doesn’t work that way. Just a gift won’t be enough You need to make the date romantic too
What? Do one think, recite a lovely couplet for her Shouldn’t it be a poem? Remember the first time I
went to my in-laws place? All you sisters were
there.To impress everybody I recited Madhushala. Yeah, Bachchan sir’s version, right? There is a song in America,
Waiting for tonight Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello sister. I got cut.
Her call got disconnected Jeetu hold Aunt Bubbly’s
call got disconnected I have asked your
Uncle from Meerut, Brijmohan, for help as well Oh Jeetu, he is an expert when
it comes to dating Do you know He went to watch DDLJ in a
cinema hall back in 1995 alone with a girl from the neighborhood He is a very brave man Hello, Sadhu sir? Yeah you do remember the
Kurta that you had promised for Jeetu’s
wedding right? I am the older Sadu,
am I his father-in-law that I will have to
keep giving him dowry? Yeah, yeah it will be done Okay, so Jeetu, Listen Oh Sadhu sir, can we change
the kurta to Sherwani? I am about to give him
a very crucial tip Yeah, yeah it will be done Okay, okay. Yeah so Jeetu, listen The only way to a
successful date is Candle light But Brijmohan it will feel
as if the lights went off Let’s keep Diyas instead.
It will feel like Diwali celebrations But that will attract insects, Papa We will shut the windows and keep then Or light the mosquito repellent incense sticks You can use a mosquito net too It has the danger
of catching fire. He hung up.
You told him about the mosquito net, he felt shy You got a message? Yeah Oh Vermaji convinced his daughter for
the arranged date What are you saying? How? Same standard,
your grandma isn’t keeping too well
these days stuff Brij, Just send me the measurements
of your Sherwani Arrey, my size is the same 30-30-30 Okay, thank you This guy wants a
gift for everything You will stay back and repent,
when I won’t be here any longer The tavern will still remember,
the tavern will still remember Oh amazing! How painfully enchanting See you people find Rafi’s songs really old fashioned listen to this latest song for you, gift Oh, this is for me? What is this? Lungi? Papa Oh okay No problem You feel romantic, right? Yeah Are you comfortable? Yeah Where is your mom? Mummy, She is inside. She has
taken a vow of silence to make the date successful.
She is a little religious Really? How sweet is that? Drink Na, this is gooseberry juice.
Go ahead Cheers Yeah go ahead, we drink it regularly Do you like Okra? Do you have Okra? I mean.. Nnnnoooooo… Oh, didi
Arrey, Jeetu’s mom, what happened