Hi guys! it’s Daisy Brown here! So as you can see, I’m pretty dirty right now, because I’m, uh, playing with dirt. I’m gonna make a video on um, repotting this cool plant that I found. Um, this was just
sitting outside by… (Doctor?) This was just sitting outside, uh someone left it outside by a bag of groceries. It was on the sidewalk, just a few meters away from my house and so I was, very surprised that someone left me this gift, um it was very nice of
them. Uh, I looked at the bottom of it, and the roots are very tight in there, and so
I’m gonna be repotting it, um, into a bigger pot so it can be more comfortable and
grow bigger! So, today… So a lot of this dirt is still a little bit frozen, cause of the cold weather, but I did my best and we’re gonna- *Faint voice* Daisy (Doctor, before you go, the skin around my hands is cracking and peeling, ) (Could you take a look at them?) (Doctor?) Daisy… Come here… (“Please move Lithop. I’m leaving.”) Come here. (And you’re taking the little one with you? Why?) Daisy… (“What did I say about questions?”) Come here…Daisy. (I’m sorry Doctor, but that one’s always been troublesome. Just be careful.) No way. Alan? It’s… me. You can talk? I can now. Are you happy? You moved over here all by yoursel- Answer. Are you happy? Y-yes! I’m… so happy too. Talk… hurt before. Does it still hurt- Do not touch… me. Do not… sew my skin. Did that hurt you Alan? Is needle sharp? Uh, yes. Sharp… hurt me. Alan, I’m so sorry, I’ll never do that ag- *Groaning sigh* (“Goodbye Lithop.”) (When will you be back?) Tired. I need… sleep. In, in dad’s bed? Yes. In dad’s bed. Alright, yeah, that’s… That’s fine, okay. Oh! Um, do you have anything you wanna say to the people on Youtube? Cause, they’ve all been really worried about you. Hello, people. I am Alan. I am happy. I am healthy. I am growing. Don’t worry about me. Uh, alright, thank you Alan. (*Slam*)