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NightlyPower here bring you back with another GTA 5 video in today’s GTA
online video I’m gonna be showing you a super dope money glitch which you guys
can do in GTA online after all the latest patches this glitch will make you
millions upon millions of dollars in GTA online so if you guys do happen to enjoy
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said let’s get straight into the video so to begin with this money glitch
you’ll need an arena workshop with the Benny’s mechanic upgrade you’ll need a
friend and you’ll need a free ology and finally you’ll need at least $900,000 to
begin this money glitch so now in your arena workshop you want to get into one
of your free elegies and you want to press right on the d-pad to modify the
vehicle once you have enter the workshop with
one of your free allergies if you want to scroll down to sell and you want to
press a twice now it should ask you are you sure you want to sell this vehicle
you want to hover over this option now you want to tell your friend to start
off any Rockstar created job now you’re gonna press Start
you’re gonna go to players and you’re gonna go ahead and join your friend
you’re gonna wait for the first alert you’re gonna tell your friend to back
out of the job and then you’re gonna quickly double tap a you’re gonna get a
second alert now you are wait five seconds on that alert before accepting
it if everything was done correctly when you accepted the second alert it should
kick you back in the same lobby and you should be sitting in your elegy in your
workshop from here you want to go ahead and press R on the d-pad next you want
to go ahead and hover over the Benny’s upgrade to change the elegy into an LED
retro custom now you want to go ahead and press a twice it should ask you are
you sure you want to upgrade to the LG retro custom now don’t worry it’s not
gonna take any money away from you now you want to go ahead and press B three
times to back out then you want to go ahead and select exit the workshop it
should put you in a black screen and then after you come out the black screen
it should pay you for the retro upgrade for free so as you guys can see the game
paid me almost a million dollars for that free elegy so if you guys want to
make more money all you have to do is rinse and repeat the steps and you guys
will be making millions upon millions by doing this glitch so if you guys enjoyed
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