It’s time for a tattoo Hi guys! Welcome to river danube We are a little late today Because Roland was tattooing us And after the tattoosession we decided to go fishing together We speak a little bit english today So we can understand each other better We try to catch a zander today Season start for zander! We hope we can show you a fish today It is the first time here in Grein We launched our boat in Upper Austria But we fish on the other side in Lower Austria We hope there will be a change next year But until then we buy our fishing licences in Lower Austria Petri Heil!! That strike!! What’s going on? A catfish i think! Very strong Shit! He is taking line.. Oh man.. This start This is a seasonstart… The Westin W8 vertical on the limit Shadteez 14cm in ”slime curd” I hope he took the single hook on the jighead.. not the treble.. Those headshakes 0,10mm braided line 0,40mm fluorocarbon There it is! What’s going on.. Awesome!! A verticalcat.. We fished this spot 10 minutes Then this megastrike! Cool fish! They are spawning at the time It is very hot, catfish weather 1,10m Let’s release her Perfect release with the current There’s the bait Shadteez, 14cm, slime curd And the new tattoo is fucked up already.. UUPS.. Awesome!! Danny, whats up? Since the catfish I hadn’t got a bite Roland too We fished 3 spots now But I think we change the spot once again But it’s very hard now Look at this zingel.. i haven’t caught very much of them On the Shadteez, 10cm, ‘fireflake” Cool! Greedy fishes, those zingels.. Very cool! What a hard day, we stopped fishing now, it’s 6:00 pm Normally we fish longer But it was so brutal hot The beer has become warm So we decided to stop For a few hours fishing, very cool day Very high water, brutal current But it is what it is But very cool day See you next time! Let’s see where we fish next Roland, thank you again! Thanks for the Tattoos and showing us your fishing spots! See you! Petri Heil!