before I put it in ice my – I would
never go along, let’s touch the sky I’m gonna change
your life I’m involved with the shape of you we put some pole like a magnet dude
although my heart is falling to come in love with your body and last night you
were in my room let’s touch the sky boys with their legs
you can’t catch I’ll do it am i right damn damn boy damn boy
boy that’s a thick ass damn oh girl shave how boys shave how dare you I don’t know alrighty so a bunch of you
nerds keep commenting saying that I look like PewDiePie so this is my best
impersonation of Peter back here we go what you’ve never played super simulator
yeah a ah yah I may be blind but at least I’m not
black all right so I made the video quality really shitty just so I could do
this thank you place that you never see surely if you come with me thank you KFC
I let you drink goodness to me sorry if you come with me working and failing
working and failing failing and worshiped and and working stupid and
down stupid and down I got failing grades I would never go love but we’re just friends we just friends rule number one if it’s about me at me
some oxy Oh another toast harsh it didn’t cost me two don’t believe I got
anything I got anything when you’re actually Michael Jackson’s son Oh breaking one more time do the XS do
that except Oh my main goal is to blow up and then I
don’t know buddy Jack I want you to draw me like one of
your french girls wearing this wearing only this