All right everybo….hmmm So one of my subscribers asked
me about this video. He said Guga you have to try this
you’re you know you do everything with that has to do with dry-aged. So I’m
gonna link the video in the description down below then I’m watching it so that
they don’t claim this video here. But this is what they claim. Put the steak on the cheesecloth! What! Is this is a
joke? We’re gonna test it! And these are the steaks I’m gonna be using for
today’s cook They are two beautiful Australian Wagyu marbling score 7, one
of my favorite steaks to eat. Once it was removed from the packaging you can see
that the marbling is amazing. That my friends is heaven on a steak. Not much to
be said but Wow. Going along with the video I saw I’m gonna be using
cheesecloth. The experiment is pretty simple. All you have to do is to wrap it
in cheesecloth and put it on your refrigerator and let it dry. And as the
video claimed it will be as good as a dry aged steak. Dry aging takes time and
the fact that this will only be taking a few days I’m very skeptical. But once it
was fully wrapped all there’s left to do is to put it on a cooling rack that way
the air will circulate all the way around. Now according to the video I saw,
all I have to do is to put it on my refrigerator and let it sit.
There’s nothing else to do but wait. Once the time was up I quickly removed
the cheesecloth, took everything out laid down on my cutting board and this
is what it looks like. It does some way somehow looks a little
bit dry-aged. For a better comparison I’m gonna put a fresh one side-by-side. And
here’s what they look like. This is actually looking promising. But there’s
only one way to find out if it’s gonna be good and that is to taste it. And for
that I get my seasoning simple with only salt and freshly ground black pepper. I
made sure to season both sides including the edges. To make sure we’re really
gonna taste the flavor of this beef I am not using garlic powder. And when I do
that you know it’s serious. To go along with our steaks I also decided to make a
very easy side dish. It’s called tortilla Española. And here’s
my take on it. I started with large Idaho potatoes. And the first thing we need to
do is to peel them. Once that was done I cut them in fine small cubes. The
important thing to remember is to make sure that they’re all the same size. That
way everything will cook evenly. On a skillet you want to throw in olive oil.
Then under medium-low heat throw in your potatoes. Season it with
salt, freshly ground black pepper and cook it until it’s nice and tender. On a
separate bowl I cracked 5 eggs. Using a whisk I beat them up. Then I throw my
potatoes right inside, mixed everything round – everything was combined.
Once that’s done your base is ready. As you can see my potatoes are extremely
tender and that’s how I like it. The next step is very crucial, you have to use a
nonstick pan. I first started by coating it with a little bit of olive oil. Make
sure all my edges are coated. Then I threw in my mix, followed by mustard
cheese and ham. I’m using jamon viejo. It’s basically an old-fashioned ham. The
only one you want to avoid is the sweet version. To finish it up throw your mix
right on top. It is important to keep it under low heat. You want to slowly cook
the eggs that is the key of finishing it up. When the egg has set you want to
brush some oil on the plate and lay it right on top. Then carefully flip the
skillet and as you can see it was perfectly cooked in one side. To cook the
rest just throw it back in the skillet and let it cook under low heat. Once
everything is cooked all there’s left to do is to remove it from the skillet and
you are left with a beautiful tortilla española. And that my friends tastes
amazing. And it will go perfectly with our steaks. cutting a little piece of it
you can clearly see that it was cooked to perfection. And even though it’s only potato, eggs, ham and cheese the taste is amazing.
And it goes well with our steaks. Talking about steaks I’m gonna be using my
wireless thermometers to make sure I get the exact same temperature. I’m first
gonna be putting a beautiful sear on them and then cooking them in indirect
heat. I’m shooting for our final internal temperature of a hundred and thirty five
degrees Fahrenheit. But now that we have everything ready I say it is enough
talking and it is time to grill some amazing steaks. So let’s do it! Alright everybody we have our beautiful
steaks here. We have our tortilla española. Are you ready to try it? Is my
version of a tortilla española alright everybody might not be a hundred percent
authentic, but it’s something I love to. So it might not be too Espanola.
Yeah it might be something else. It might be Guga Ola. And there’s an animal being
annoying today so if they disturb the video I apologize. Go for it. Cheers! That’s good
mm-hmm I can eat it for breakfast lunch dinner
and what else any time. Okay so we have an experiment with our steak we have A
and B. They’re slightly different even though they’re nice beautiful wagyus. I
want to know which one you like best. Sounds good? Which one should I go for? Let’s go for
this one yeah. Wow super soft tender. Now Let me say this real quick. This steak is
the experiment steak and for whatever reason it wasn’t the exact same
temperature as the other steak. But as you can see there’s less moisture level
and if overcooked the edges a lot more. That is kind of interesting for me. So
Angel go for it. Tell me how you like it.
Cheers buddy. It’s good. It’s a nice experiment right here. Yeah it’s a nice steak it’s good I think I was expecting more. I was expecting
something else. I don’t know it’s an experiment I don’t know what I was expecting. I
don’t know you’re comparing it to right okay. it’s not bad. Let’s try the second
one Angel. let’s see this one go for it. Hmmm. I think this one was a little bit
more juicy. I agree with you 100%. Is this like a dry aged steak Angel? Not
really. I want to know your honest opinion. I don’t think so. Not even close
everybody. What I can tell you is that this steak here has lost more moisture.
Does it has a beefier more concentrated flavor? Not really. I think if you’re
gonna dry age it, dry age it man. If you’re really thinking about having the dry
aged experience you have to dry aged it for real everybody. It’s just not the
same thing faking it. It’s you can’t fake it. Plus
there’s no funk, there’s not that dry aginess flavor, there isn’t. It’s just
moisture lost nothing else. But uh anyway whoa. You gonna take the whole thing. Dude. Okay anyway guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you do enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs up. I you’re not a subscriber be sure to
subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re interested in anything I use
everything is always in the description down below. Thank you so much for
watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one before this guy finish the rest of the good wagyu. I got, look I got the smaller one.