or I got don’t go so bad today today
we’re gonna be a washed up to par38 you guys don’t forget to Like share comment
look at this right butter and yeah we to do gameplay ecards heckled challenge
required felt turkey microchip you still improve the a card and you fuckin shit
should do that trick alright guys let’s roll the intro hi guys we’re here let’s
go all right before that oh I just like let’s go up
again but now it’s just you tell me got the velocity chip oh yeah don’t let
me finish it is all thing readings engineer your compliance is appreciated well okay now we gotta go super far away
– you saw you there guys all right all right all right guys
we’re here let me just go and walk on this having this motorcycle for almost
me five boom we’re here okay let’s get off this
walk to mr. Danner this race is for all the marbles Marcus let me Adam it’s a
one-shot deal you’ve got one chance to bring down the big boys once and for all
here goes all right guys we’re gonna win this thing okay quick chart what’s that all right we need to win maybe this tie oh boy what the hell
cheated come on what up oh my what’s happening girl what the speed of the car super fasting
from how to handling the maybe of this repetition violent ixuy okay we got one alright sing with
regular one I really wanna win but not everything
you can get or maybe a key
we don’t relax here’s a few account we cannot go alive okay all right Oh tough luck is all sorry Taylor I gave
it my best shot that’s all anybody can ask you compete
it well it’s been a pleasure racing with you so long Taylor alright guys thank
you so much for watching hit the like button
it doesn’t cover them and doing the finishing unification about them if you
don’t have any videos and documentaries signing out let’s roll also fuck this
shit I’m out fuck this shit amount of no thanks don’t
mind me yeah imma just grab my stuff and leave scuse me please fuck this shit I’m
out no fuck this shit I’m out alright then I’ll know what the fuck just
happened but I don’t really care I’m gonna get the fucker Perry he is shit
I’m out