what’s up guys today we watching talks
to Matthew today we’re gonna play what’s up – there we’re gonna play this machine
called a court challenge yeah it’s called complete the first acre
channel trailer has faith if you need to beat it those rich kids in the race
sorry so yeah and we’re part 28 guys yeah 28
guy so don’t forget to Like share comment and let me go grab it and
texting market signing up peace I’ll see you there in the arcade all right guys we’re here that she was
all about that we can do time machines every kind of machines okay yeah so
thank you I’m just going to give up what’s wrong I’m a student at Oakland
advanced tech we entered noodles ECAR challenge and we just keep losing we
can’t seem to beat the fancy schools especially Stanford they’re backed by
big companies with all kinds of tech we’re just Oakland it’s hopeless
Hey Oakland’s got energy and grit Oakland can get it done man I’m from
Oakland I like the way you think you want to be our driver you kid it
somebody asked to count me in my name is Marcus good to meet you Marcus I’m
Taylor good luck on the first race I’m clapping if you want talking about we
can look for a machine side machine main machine okay guys you can booze
so we need to win we can cheat by using guys come on gotta cheat with with like
cheater games cheater for cheating for life he tried to all right man I don’t want to go to
second place brah brah am I gonna win I guess yeah no okay just three
we’re on the second lap probably all you guys gonna say oh you’re a cheater
well yeah hit it it’s only a game is done real live my new life I ain’t no
cheater with that you know I’m I’m cheating on you just for the contact you
know like the video I want just make you interesting or surprise you know I’ll
catch it in the film I’m winning I’m gonna win because I believe I believe in
except you know okay bye by the way I’m gonna continue on so about that I’m
gonna start to make side missions you know and all kind of mission of watchdog I can’t believe we won the race
that never happened before look if you get yourself a decent battery it would
help a lot getting off the block yeah makes sense I’ll see if I can find
some more because this is the time I should sign big machine the whole time
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signing out let’s roll the outro